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buy nice clothes, at last

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ms. walking on sunshineJust...

bought that lovely makeup bag. :)
And it was an absolute bargain. 8 years ago

MarieStardustA Guy Laroche corset...

So beautiful.
Worth more than one month’s salary.

Got it for, well, basically, the price of a carton of cigs. Yay. I love going shopping with GothNoodle. 8 years ago

ms. walking on sunshineBought...

a couple of really nice things last week.
But still haven’t found the boots I am looking for. 8 years ago


Last week I went to a high-fashion store and bought two shirts, on clearance, and they cost me $25. I think maybe I’ll do this every couple of weeks. This way its gradual, but I can still feel good about updating my wardrobe. =) 8 years ago

MarieStardustYesterday's shopping

was such an important step I consider the goal Done. I’ll do it again, of course. 8 years ago

MarieStardustI have something to say.

I just spent some money on clothes.
Not much money.
Some spare change. A few coins.

I lie.
I spent 600€.
But, errrrr, it’s couture. It’s designer clothes, from a secret spot that sells them much cheaper than their real price.

I now have some sort of cloak, very weird, wool and cashmere, black with a bright pink lining and embroideries in vivid colors.
I now have a dress that must have been made for me. It’s heaven in fabric and lace. It’s kimono-like, it’s long with long sleeves, it’s very original and unconventionnal. I’m in love.
Last and least, I now have a very 50’s, old-lady dress so unfashion it’s terribly trendy. 8 years ago

ms. walking on sunshineSaw...

this purse today.
I’d so buy it if there was any way to get it here. Just love it. 8 years ago

ms. walking on sunshineWill...

go shopping in two weeks time. After I have been paid. ;)

Would like to get leather boots that resemble riding boots and a nice new bag. One that is close to the one pictured. 8 years ago

MarieStardustI just noticed,

reading the previous entries for this goal, that I always bought pink stuff. Which is funny, because I’m not a very pinky girl – or so I thought -, and I own very few pink items.
But I take it as the sign of a new trend. I’m allowing myself to wear girl stuff, at last. 8 years ago

MarieStardustClose, but not cigar...

I didn’t buy clothes. I bought lingerie. Why is it so much easier to buy lingerie than clothes?
Pink satin and black lace. Pretty. 8 years ago

MarieStardustNew shoes.

Cheap & nice. Pink salomés from André, 30€. How could I live without pink shoes? 8 years ago

MarieStardustNice first step.

Wonderful pink dotted dress by Doria Salambo.

Shamefully expensive, got it for nothing (I mean, litterally nothing: a ridiculous 30€, and anyway my godmother paid for it). She bought some wonderful stuff for herself, too.

I mean, Xuly Bet dresses for 25€, and Sadio Bees to die for (see above) at 40.

Why must I be broke just this month? 8 years ago


... though I can’t really afford it. Not with all the shrinks, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychawful & so on I quite litterally spend my life with. 8 years ago

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