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Amy JAlmost done!

I’m super close to calling this complete. Seems like the only thing stopping the “everything” element, is that we’re not composting. Otherwise, at this point, there are only two very small trash cans in the apartment. One is a recycled large Nancy’s Yogurt container that has been deemed the kitchen trash.. that’s right folks.. very small trash container!

Most everything else goes to places like Goodwill, the recycle bin, or my box of “Do something with this”.. which I’m actually starting to use! 4 years ago

amoromaEverything? Everything!

I am not sure this will be possible in a city like Rome where recycling is not offered for many things. I want to try to give my organic waste to a friend in whose area they are collecting it, and also want to make sure that I recycle energy saving lamps, thermometer, broken mp3 player, used olive oil and other things that need to go to a special site. And the best “recycling” is of course not creating waste, taking my own bags to the supermarket etc. 4 years ago

Amy JGreat resource!!

K y’all.. this might be really obvious, but this site is a really good resource for recycling ideas!

Check it out!! 5 years ago


Amy JPortland certainly makes this easier!

Wow.. what a difference it makes to live in a very pro-recycling city! They offer more recycling bins than trash cans for curb side service! This of course is making my goal so much easier..

What helps this goal though, is another goal of mine, which is to eventually turn just about all reusable items and materials, into some sort of usable treasure or good of some sort. 6 years ago

arch_mosaedHi , everyone

i am so exciting about recycling ,, but i do not know how it could be?
or what is the way to do it , so i choise to be with you and see what can we do together?
i wish be in touch and send a new things about recycling,met you there recylclers 6 years ago


I’m going to start sorting and recycling anything and everything that is able to be recycled. 6 years ago

Amy JMaking my own paper

I found a couple of helpful pages on the Internet today with instructions on how to make my own recycled paper!!

It looks relatively straightforward and easy to do. This should help greatly with my quest to recycle everything and waste nothing.

Trust me, I have a long way to go. A lot of times it’s just too easy to not bother with things. But I figure with more creativity and craftiness, I’ll start to see other uses for things. That’s the biggest challenge!

But having my own custom paper will be a blast. And cheap!! 6 years ago

Amy JMuch like not tossing things...

Recycle everything in so many words also means not throwing things away. So one of the things I decided to start doing is take inventory of my food stock.

My goal is to have all my pantry and freezer items in a spreadsheet so that I can easily plan meals around them. It makes for a more efficient use of my food and reduces waste.

I’ve also been keeping a separate list for the fridge (as things tend to go faster in the fridge), so I just keep that list on the outside of the fridge door. I also write the date the item should be used by.

This helped a good deal yesterday as I was able to choose sandwiches, vegan potato salad and kale as dinner instead of the oriental dish I was toying with making.

As a result, I was able to save the bunch of kale that was in the fridge. It wasn’t bad, but I could tell that if I was going to wait too much longer that I’d probably have to toss it. No tossing required! yaye7 years ago


I want to increase the amount of stuff I recycle. When I live in the UK, it is easy as the bin men collect glass, paper, plastic bottles. Here in GVA, I need to make more of an effort to take stuff to work and recycle. Strange as I would have thought Switzerland was ahead of UK on that. 7 years ago

Marianna PapadopoulouBesides, beer cans and glass

I recycled…clothes. Old clothes. I sent them to the nearest church, for someone else to wear them. And I keep on recycling beer cans and glass.
And during christmas time, I thought about it last. I recycled an old pair of jeans. I made it a tote. Oh well, it looks like a tote.
So much for paper… hum… I think I will start being creative. All I need is a formula, to put it on and then paint it. 7 years ago

bobbybobbybobbybobbyWe use so much paper at work!

I see so much of it going into the trash instead of the recycle bin.

This month in the Atlantic Monthly there’s a great article about China. It said that, pretty much, the two biggest (only?)things that the US actually exports to CHINA are scrap metal to be recycled and PAPER to be recycled. 7 years ago


It was kind of a silly reason to start recycling more items, but last winter my city raised the price of garbage bags used for city trash pickup. They became so expensive that my fiancee and I decided to challenge ourselves to make each trash bag last at least 2 weeks.

We started re-thinking all of the things we throw away that could either be recycled or could be replaced in the future by re-usable things. It was amazing how much we reduced the volume of trash that leaves our home – and it wasn’t hard to do at all!

We started using cloth napkins at meals and old cut-up towels to clean with instead of paper towels. We used cloth bags at the grocery store when we remembered to bring them, and returned the plastic bags to the grocery store for recycling when we didn’t. Along with the plastic grocery bags, we put in any kind of plastic wrapper that came with anything. We started composting our food waste. We started using pine pellet cat litter, which can be composted. Overall, we made a ton of little changes that were easy to do, and it has made a huge difference. 7 years ago

need2cryGuess I Can Take This Off

I am recycling everything I can now. I think I can remove this one from my list.

Yeah me. 7 years ago

need2cryPlastic Grocery Bags

I was just reading in the newspaper today about how much trouble those plastic grocery bags are when they are not recycled. They blow all over the place, get stuck in trees and on power lines, and they can even suffocate birds. They also don’t decompose for a long time..years even. So I am going to take them back to the grocery store from now on. 7 years ago

need2cryDoin' It

I signed up for curbside recycling and they picked it up for the first time yesterday. I’m feeling pretty good about that. I even called ‘em up today and asked if I could put paper egg cartons in my mixed-paper bin. Yes, I can.

I figure my garbage has already been reduced by more than half. 7 years ago

need2cryLate But Not Lacking

Yep, I AM going to recycle. I used to do it. My mother always did it. I don’t really know why I quit doing it. But it’s time to begin again. Curbside recycling is available in my city, for crying out loud. I have no excuse. Global warming really bugs me and makes me angry, but here I am not even doing my part in my own little neighborhood. I can and I will. Starting now! This is good for all the earth, but especially good for my children to see. 7 years ago

speedylentilI hate how everything has so much packaging

I get so mad that I quit buying stuff with packaging I know I can’t recycle. 7 years ago

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