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watch less tv

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Angelica Anarchy 2 days ago

GirlyMcWhirly 1 month ago

GirlyMcWhirlyThis goal is going really well.

For the last week I just haven’t switched the TV on at all in the evenings. I don’t miss it and I’m amazed what I can get done of an evening now I’m not wasting so much time.

I usually turn the TV on as soon as I get up and I watch the news while having my fist coffee of the day. I was loathe to give this up because I’ve always found it such a relaxing start. But now I want to try meditating first thing in the morning in addition to my usual after work session. So if I can keep to this habit all of next week and not switch the Tv on at all on weekdays I shall consider this goal done. 1 week ago


ALLthechocolateKeep Busy

I found the best way for me to watch less T.V. was to work towards gaining skills that I’d been meaning to for ages, such as creative writing and learning how to hand sew my torn clothes. 2 weeks ago

ALLthechocolate 2 weeks ago

la_peace 2 months ago

Patsy246 2 months ago

jtgura 2 months ago


Greenbee12 4 months ago

zkeelan 3 months ago

criellen 3 months ago

cashw50 3 months ago

MonsterMaker 3 months ago

manetheo 3 months ago

Bethany Ridenour 7 months ago


I never watch TV unless it is at my mother’s house, then I remember how much I don’t miss it! 4 months ago

larali 4 months ago

camillice 4 months ago

mlarmaladeTime Management

I tend to fall into the dark pit that is Netflix, and I find myself procrastinating like crazy. I’d like to limit myself to one episode (of whatever I’m watching) a day.
It’s not that I think tv is a complete waste of time, it’s just that I could pretty much spend a whole weekend in bed binge-watching stuff, even though I have a lot of projects going on right now that I’m really excited about. 4 months ago

mlarmalade 4 months ago

ClocksDeclaring 5 months ago

sunnisea 2 years ago

sunnisealast movie to watch on tv

and less tv working…only watching Sleepy Hollow, 1/2 news and some sports but no movies and tv shows. Last movie to watch on tv is Some Like it Hot 5 months ago

PhilosophicalBanker 5 months ago


Compared to most people, I really don’t watch a lot of tv. Well, I go through spells where I will if I have a TV series I am into or something. Where I ‘waste’ my time is on the Internet. 5 months ago

polivysu 6 months ago

maxskyfan 6 months ago

bex124 10 months ago

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