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AlienmartThe Most Important One

Remembering to forgive yourself. That’s important. It’s not an excuse to give up or anything like that, but relizeing that no one is perfect, and that there is always hope is the single most motivational factor in my life. I go through low spots many times, where after a period of success, something changes and everything sort of just flops. It haunts my nightmares on occasion, but I’ve learned to have a fighting spirit. One that doesn’t let those dreams tell me that everything is always going to be this way. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you there is no way out of dispare or mistakes or fuckups. Unavoidable and avoidable tragedies happen in everyone’s lives. It’s ok to feel down sometimes. It’s ok to have a bad day or week, but as long as you don’t give up you can remember that everything changes. Doors open and close. Remember we are all in this together. 1 month ago

AlienmartThings That Helped Me

I felt pretty good exercising and eating healthy. Less meat, more veggies, and occasionally dark chocolate.

I felt good when I looked at all the possibilities for the future.

I Started drinking Stackers2 B12 shots. They have a bunch of vitimns and crap that improved my mood and my energy. It got me out of bed.

Hanging out with people always got me in a good mood. For the sake of being a part of a community I joined a church and became involved. They were very welcoming.

Volunteering, and helping people with their problems made me feel proud and accomplished.

Listening to upbeat music.

Dark Chocolate (but only like an ounce, eat too much and your good time just turns to guilt.) 1 month ago

Alienmart 19 months ago

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