have a pet cicada for a day

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Matt Maldreoh snap

With little to none cicadas in the city of chicago, I would have to get one from the burbs, and time is running out, so I’ll have to let this one go. I wouldn’t want to kill the poor sucker just for my entertainment. I already feel bad for trying to grab the lightning bug last night that was in my lobby and accidentally killing it. I was trying to grab it to bring it outside to be with its buddies. :-/

Here’s a one-line ascii art for a cicada: <,//,**6 years ago

Matt Maldrefun!

At work we’ve been talking a lot about cicadas. It seems the general consensus is that city chicago people have not seen them! I gotta find one and bring it into work. My work environment tends to be very conservative, so anything like this will rock the house. It will be like back in the day when we had an ant farm at work. :o) 6 years ago

wembleyheadsBy happenstance

a cicada flew into the car window of my office mate on his commute this morning. After some fluttering around, the little bugger settled into the passenger seat cupholder for the rest of the ride. Since I have not yet been a party to the cicada invasion this summer, my office mate brought it in for me to see. There are no cicadas in my neighborhood, so I’m sure if we take him out now he’ll die alone. So, we found a bug box in the education department and he’ll catch a ride back to his suburban family at 5 o’clock.

In the meantime I’ve kept him at my desk all day. He doesn’t fly away or roam very far. He doesn’t make much noise unless he falls upside down and needs a hand to right himself. It’s been pretty fun! He sure is a climber. His native instinct is to climb to the top of a tree to mate, and that translates to the lamp, the phone, the tackable wall—any and everything on my desk that is taller than he is. The best has been this small anatomical mannequin. It looks super creepy when he’s on it, so I snapped a few funny pictures. But he’s not too smart; he keeps climbing even when there is no more “up” and falls off just about every time. A couple of times he’s startled me with a random chirp or by stealthily sneaking up to my mousepad. I don’t think I could do this every day, but at least for one day, I’d say it’s worth doing :) 6 years ago

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