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turn the junky basement into a cool teen hangout


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purplefibermomI've never marked this as "done"

because it isn’t quite there, but it isn’t junky anymore and it is a teen hangout. maybe not so cool though. I think it is good enough though. A place to hang without parents and little brothers. 5 years ago

purplefibermomNext action

finish clearing off shelves 7 years ago

purplefibermomNeed to dejunk the shelves and take them down

as they are getting in the way of the pool cues. 7 years ago

purplefibermomWhat is left to do...

Needs a coat of paint on the walls, some additional dejunking of the closet to make for easier access to games etc.
Saving up for a tv for down here so we can move the xbox out of the family room. We have a table and chairs for cards and other games, a pool table, two loveseats, a bunch of bean bag chairs and a crappy old tv that doesn’t have any of the new inputs but will play some channels.

They have been having fun down here already but it hasn’t reached cool teen hangout nirvana yet ;) 7 years ago

purplefibermomPool table

We picked up a pool table for Christmas and we added a hand me down leather love seat. The room is really shaping up nicely. 7 years ago

purplefibermomlooking at pool tables

for Christmas… 7 years ago

purplefibermomAlmost there!!

My efforts have been pitiful on this goal – I would go down there, putter around, throw away some stuff and get overwhelmed.

My dearest honey – knowing how much the kids wanted this hangout went down today and cleared the whole thing out! We have a table & chair for games/poker. A couch and entertainment center and Shelves filled with games. We want to repaint, get a new tv and maybe a minifridge and some more seating. The kids are so happy! 7 years ago

purplefibermomMade a lot of progress yesterday

And cleared out a bunch of junk for 3 hours straight. Amazing how much space was taken up by nearly empty boxes. Or junk that had no reason for being there. The closet is cleared, and organized. People can actually sit on the couch again! The dart board is accessible (now to find the darts).
Now to attack the mountains of toys that are broken or outgrown or no longer loved. Then, boxes of books to list on amazon. I’m seeing daylight! 8 years ago

purplefibermomwhat is it about basements?

out of sight, out of mind I guess…
I’ve been stashing stuff there to deal with “later”, but when I clunk down the stairs and peer into the abyss I lose my resolve. It is so overwhelming. I need to set the timer for 15 minutes and just do something.

I would really like to make a nice place for my kids and their friends to hang out. I’m placing this as a top priority and enlisting their help as school is out (arrrrgh). 8 years ago

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