Drink 2 litres of water a day for 21 days

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Sometimes i felt a bit waterlogged but overall i feel a lot better and i think it helps me lose weight quicker. Will defintely be keeping this up. 6 years ago

Tishgoing well

ok i am doing really well with this goal. have drunk 2 litres every day since july the 6th! I think i will keep this goal running til the end of the month which is next week and if i have kept it up i will mark it as done! 6 years ago


lol i am so struggling with this! today is the first day in ages that i have drunk my full two litres so i guess the july 7th date doesn’t work. oh well not all goals aren’t easy to achieve 6 years ago

Tishstuffed up

Ok the last few days didn’t go to plan so i am starting again!
so my end date for this goal will be july 7th…. 6 years ago

TishDay 2

Done and done 6 years ago

TishDay 1

Ok its the first day since i changed this goal and yes i did drink my 2Ls! 6 years ago


I changed this goal to make it more specific and measurable so i can actually complete the darn thing! so starting tommorrow 2 litres a day, no less. I want to keep it up for the 21 days as they say that is how long it takes to change a habit. 6 years ago


Well i am defintely am drink more water but not as much as i think i need. Will work on it 6 years ago

TishStill working on it

Ok i def drank more water but i am not sure if i got to two litres every day. So this week i am going to measure it! 6 years ago

TishMy challenge for this week

Ok i am making a mini challenge for this week to drink two litres every day. I have been feeling very dehydrated lately and i think my body is trying to give me the hint! 6 years ago

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