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henna my hair


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Rhoswen 7 months ago

Morgan Rackham 7 months ago

luinel 12 months ago

sea_stormThis is something I've wanted to do for a long time...

... but haven’t been brave enough in case the colour turns out wrong. And I know having henna red hair will draw attention so its not something to be taken lightly. I’ve done a lot of research on this and I don’t want my hair too orange, but at the same time don’t want it to look purple like I’ve seen in some people’s hair. I have medium-dark ash brown hair so I don’t think orange will be too much of an issue. I purchased a block of lush caca marron (they use Persian henna which is meant to be more red and less gingery) but I’m wondering if I should have just gone all out and got caca rouge instead. I’m worried the indigo in the mix will dull my highlights – as my hair (natural colour, never been dyed) pretty much sparkles golden-blonde in the sun and I don’t want to lose that, just turn it red. Thats one of the reasons I’m interested in henna over conventional hair dye. 13 months ago

sea_storm 14 months ago

tabbytutu 22 months ago

applepie 2 years ago



So I decided to mix a little bit more of this up and try and cover my greys again. So I took the corner of one square (maybe an eighth) and mixed it up. This time I microwaved a small bowl of water and vinegar and then added it to the small bowl with the cut up henna in it (added the vinegar and water mixture a little at a time).
I was also determined to find an easier and cleaner way to apply this to my head. And I did! I stirred this all up with a plastic spoon and used the spoon to apply it to my head and it worked! Brilliantly! I only lost a very little bit this time into the sink and managed to cover the front and top of my head. I used the spoon to plop it on my head and then the back of the spoon to smooth it out. Going to leave it on my head as long as I can and Im hoping that this second treatment will cover my grey. Will post more later. 2 years ago

redstar 2 years ago


So at 2 am I awoke and was disgusted with how I felt. Sort of like cracker crumbs in the sheets. I got up and had to wash out my hair. The henna washed out easily, and it didn’t take too long. Oh my was the bed a mess though. The henna went through the sheet I had under my head and through the pillow cases.
This morning, the color was perfect! But my greys were not covered.
Looking into indigo for this.
I may do this again next week, making sure that the past is thinner. I know that part of the problem was that the greys stuck up from the muddy mess on the top of my head. 2 years ago


So its been another hour.
The henna is beginning to dry and crumble off my head. I had heard that this was going to happen, so I covered the couch with an old sheet. I feel like I have sand on the back of my neck, which isnt something I enjoy. Also, my eyes are really dry. That is most likely due to the fact that I have the heat on in the house at 73 because I am wearing a tank top and am freezing (yes, I live in the bay area. It is freakin cold here when everyone else is dying from heat stroke) 2 years ago


So Ive had it on for almost an hour. I dont know how I am going to sleep in this. I have a hard time sitting still, I want to stretch and work on my knitting, but Im so afraid that it will get stained. I am so anxious for tomorrow morning! 2 years ago


I used the noir henna that lush sells. I only used them because they were easy to get to from home and I knew that they didn’t have any metal in the mix. People have complained on review sites that they hated the smell. I kind of liked it. Here are my tips:
1) buy good gloves—the ones Lush gives suck. I ended up with henna all over my hands, which was fine, since I covered them with vaseline before I put the gloves on
2) put vaseline all over the place. I always cover my face, back of my neck, ears, hands, and wrists anyway (when I use regular hair dye) If you stuff under your nails too this will prevent nail staining
3) I did this on a double boiler and it was just too hot. When I went to put it on my head it was so thick. You need to add hot water to it, get it to the temp you want and then start adding it to your hair. When I did mine it was a little too thick and a little hard to work with.
4) Since it was so thick it fell off my head in chunks. So if you put it on thick, then put newspaper down first.

Will post more tomorrow after I rinse my hair out. 2 years ago


Sarah 2 years ago

ampersandcastle 2 years ago

harave_blade 3 years ago

CheatingGravity 2 years ago


crazedhoney 3 years ago


Kitty Katinar




Overall, I’m quite happy with the results. The color’s vibrant and has already started darkening in the 40 hours since the henna was rinsed off. Combined with the lighter streaks the highlighting effect that it has on my hair is amazing.

Problems to watch out for next time…

It took my a while for me to figure out a good way to apply henna to a singular dreadlock. Some of my locks are a bit uneven, with blonder bits showing through at times, especially at the tips where I was holding the strand away from my head. A second going over would fix this, but I’m perfectly capable of living with this so I think I’ll put it off for a few months.

Also, there are places in my hair where you can tell that I dribbled a bit. The end result is that I have a few random dreadlocks that have orange polka dots. :D 3 years ago

Kenys 3 years ago


^ official before picture

Messy, messy, messy!

I mixed up my henna last night and set it beside a vent to heat overnight. The strand test I did came out a violent orange and I really hope everyone who says that hennaed hair calms down after a few days of oxidizing is right.

My hair has been segmented, glopified, wrapped and pinned up in a towel where it will stay for another 3 1/2 hours. My bathroom has been trashed.

Even using gloves I seem to have turned out somewhat orange. Mostly my fingertips and patches of skin where I dribbled henna paste (thankfully not my face or neck). It should have faded out by Saturday next week. 3 years ago

KenysStarting Point

My hair is dark blond, dreadlocked and goes partway down my shoulderblades. Eight months ago I decided it needed to be jazzed up and planned to add a bunch of platinum and red highlights, although I actually only got around to the bleaching part.

I’m going to a family wedding in a week and a half so I figured it’s time to fix up my hair (just so my conservative relatives will be horrified). So tomorrow I’ll be re-bleaching my super blond locks and adding in a dozen or so hennaed streaks.

The henna powder has been measured out and I have industrial strength camomile tea steeping next to me. I also have the severed tip of a lock sitting on my desk that I can run a strand test on, so I think I’m totally set. :) 3 years ago

novembery 3 years ago

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