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get my teeth cleaned

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Elven Path 5 months ago

spaceball 12 months ago

SJ 21 months ago


I have an appointment. I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. It’s not the cleaning I’m worried about, it’s all the other stuff that they will inevitably tell me is wrong. And oh boy is there a lot wrong.

I really just want them to look nice. Can’t we just do the cleaning and ignore all the rest? 14 months ago


Terrified of the dentist. I’ve been putting this off forever, and my teeth really need it. I’m totally afraid of what they’re going to find, which is mostly what is keeping me from going immediately. 21 months ago

ZoreaIt's incredible

that I hadn’t done this before. It was because of the treatment I am with the dentist because I have periodontitis and part of the healing is a cleaning. I never did this before and the look of my teeths are extremely different now. 2 years ago

Zorea 2 years ago

SallyTom 2 years ago

SMARTYMBZ 4 years ago

Bedhead2 2 years ago

kmom2468 2 years ago

ZoreaFor the gums

I need to do this because my gums are beginning to get ill, and I’m a bit afraid of what can happens….. 2 years ago


I have an appointment in a little over an hour. It’s been a long time since I visited the dentist. It was a goal of mine and then I just dropped it. I’m going in for a simple cleaning. I have been taking good care of my teeth…but I’m sure there is at least one cavity. I will hear about it today.
The dentist comes highly recommended and is literally across the street from where I work. I like that. I did everything I could this week & this morning to make my teeth look as good as possible. Lets see what they say! 2 years ago

Speak_Now 2 years ago

S.E. 2 years ago

Todd Schoonover 2 years ago

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