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learn to take criticism

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Handling Criticism

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How To Accept Criticism

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oh look

they have a term for it: RSD6 months ago


I’d like the emotional skills of an adult, not of a child. every time I get criticized I end up crying.

Sunday I was at my sister’s and we had put the potatoes on the stove and while my sister was cleaning the bathroom I went to her room to read. and then she yelled at me for forgetting the potatoes which were now overcooked. I felt terrible and tried to fix my mistake by draining them and suggesting we could still bake them and they’d probably be edible. after a while she agreed and I went back to her room, where I lay down on the couch and cried. my sister went in later and asked what’s wrong, and I said “I’m tired”.

today my housemate AA had to remind me for the second time to transfer money to her bank account, which she did in an insensitive way. so I cried. I know she has mild autism but she should know I have ADD. right? I mean, if I have to take responsibility for the mistakes I make due to ADD, then she too has to take responsibility for her bluntness. But I’m always like “nevermind, she can’t really help it” (all the while she’s angry at me for things I don’t do on purpose either). sigh. I don’t know.

damn my ADD.

oh crap, I’ve got to go clean the dishes before my housemates yell at me. 6 months ago

6 months ago

oltros2 16 months ago

plunderingdesire 16 months ago

user43207 17 months ago

AnnabelleXD 21 months ago

Rosaletta 21 months ago

juhi89 2 years ago

runwimI have

added this goal when I got criticism on one of my comments on 43T and saw how bad I was taking it. My outward response was a (well accepted) apology but inside I was defensive, upset, thought of leaving the site, etc. As if the world would end, or I would attract eternal anger, when I do something that’s not right (or liked).
And that’s a mechanism inside of me that most of the time makes me avoid (the possibility of) confrontation. NAH! Missed opportunities, that’s the result. Better learn that action is the way to go – and if someone doesn’t like what I do realize that that is not the end of the world. 2 years ago

runwim 2 years ago

rosy621 7 years ago


wats the motive of a crticism…wil we ever find out??

sm1’s anger with us, or with themselves maybe. its their opinion and its not mine!
to learn smthing new, its not easy…and we shud give it the importance.

i dont wana go mad trying to correct myslef if i make sm1 else mad. atleast i dont want to be wise for sm other person’s sake :P :P :P 2 years ago

aprilsunshinegal 7 years ago

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