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stop Hateing my father even though I know it won't happen.

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intothebreachThank you Missouri!!!

Hi, in the great state or Missouri you can get away with taking someones SS# and using it to get yourself an appartment. As long as no Monetary damage is done to the person who lost there SS#. Wonderful, just wonderful. So, for anyone with bad credit who can not get into an apartment, don’t worry just steal someones SS# and use that, but make sure you keep up with the bills. 6 years ago

intothebreachSo, was that all I was.....

Hi, a number to you. Was that it? I guess you did not care about me at all, but you could use my information for your own use. This is exactly why I hate you. Because you don’t care about me and all you do is use me. I hope you go to federal prison like you should. 6 years ago

intothebreachThis might be the day.....

Hi, that my grandmother finaly picked a side. And she may have picked my fathers side. I knew this day might come, I hoped it would not, but it may have. I don’t want to lose my grandmother, but this will seperate us. I know she is only defending her child, but that only goes so far. Feb 4, 2008. A day I will morn for the rest of my life if it is true. 6 years ago

wildwolfwomanSelf-made Hell

I don’t really hate my father, i just feel nothing for him or my mum anymore, i more gave up on them than hate them. My mum is trying to make up for leaving me in that house, and letting kevin into our home, but i will never shake those memories from my mind, or the ones being molded in the present. I don’t think she completely understands how much she put me through, but that’s what happens when parents don’t love you. So i’m writing this not to forgive them, but more to forgive myself, i blamed myself for everything that went wrong with my mums life. I won’t make that mistake again. 6 years ago

intothebreachThis might actually be....

Hi, well I still hate him, but I think I need to let go. I have carryed the burden of hate for so long that it is hard to put down. It feels like it is apart of me, not a part I like, but all the same. This might actually be one day; I think I have dropped some of my anger towards him, but I know not all of it. So, in time I pray, that hate will no longer be apart of me. 6 years ago

intothebreachWhat my Father has done.

Hi, I can forgive many things, lies, hits, verbal abuse, even mental abuse. But there is one thing I can NEVER FORGIVE, and that is when someone hurts someone close to me! I could careless if anyone hurts me, but when it comes to the ones I love, that is unforgivable. And that is what my father has done. 6 years ago

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