visit the Louisiana bayous

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Jenny Green

CalHelpful tip from a local

A couple years ago (before Katrina), some friends and I were on a road trip through Louisiana headed to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans. We stopped at a small gas station that was a ways off the Interstate. As we exited the store, an elderly local man sitting on a bench outside asked us “Where y’all from?” He’d overheard us talking and knew we were from out of state. After we all answered, he then asked if we’d spent any time in the bayous at all. Since we hadn’t, he then proceeded to warn us about what to do if we encountered any ‘gators. He said “Don’t try to just run straight away from ‘em, they’ll just come up behind you, grab you and drag you back into the swamp…and that’ll be that.” He then went on to say “You got to remember to run in a zig zag…first go left a ways, then go right and keep doing that…after a couple times of that they’ll give up ‘cause they got short stubby little legs and they can’t run like that.” None of us knew how to respond to that so we thanked him and went along our way. We were later told he was right. 6 years ago

~Lady-of-Shalott~Countess Purrs Like a KittenI will do this

Eventually but for right now I won’t. 6 years ago

now I sleep inSlidale

Had an amazing bayou tour right before Katrinia. I had no idea how incredible the swamp would be. Felt prehistoric. Beautiful trees, fish, birds, gators. Followed by an amazing Cajun pot of crayfish with the corn and potatoes. I feel so blessed to have been there. Thanks to my dad. Now I think its all gone. Breaks my heart. 6 years ago

mg1418Go for an Airboat Ride

Don’t miss taking an airboat ride; you’ll have a blast! It’s an incredible way to become immersed in this unique watery environment. 6 years ago

~Lady-of-Shalott~Countess Purrs Like a KittenI definately think that

Insanity Pending and Jimrin should also be in on this one, because from what I’ve been told the food down in Louisiana and especially the Bayou’s is awesome.

All those combos and Sistah I’m sure they’ll even have chocolate somewhere!!

In the cookies of life…friends are the chocolate chips6 years ago

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