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visit all of the parks in Seattle

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Laurel Fan73 (324 to go)

I haven’t been working on this much, but I randomly stumbled on a park that I haven’t been to.

Maybe it’s time for another park visiting ride. 4 years ago

Laurel Fan72 (325 to go)

Getting some sun on Beacon Hill at:
  • Dr Jose Rizal Park
  • Katie Black’s Garden
  • Beacon Hill Playground

I’m going to have to start marking my park map so I can remember which ones I’ve checked off here…

My phone refuses to send pictures so no more photos. 6 years ago

Laurel Fan69 (328 to go)

A bunch of parks that I haven’t checked off yet that I found hiding in my flickr photos:

  • Counterbalance Park
  • Blanche S Lavizzo Park
  • Spruce Mini Park
  • Cottage Grove Park
  • Greg Davis Park
  • Longfellow Creek Greenspace
  • Burke Gilman Trail
  • Myrtle Edwards Park
  • Thorndyke Park
  • Discovery Park
  • Commodore Park

http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157603750899992 6 years ago

Daniel Spils397 parks in Seattle!

No way I’m going to make it to all of the parks in this city. I’ve probably been at about half of them over the years, but I’m realizing I don’t have the drive to complete this goal. 6 years ago

Laurel Fan58 (339 to go)

I walked through Denny Park on the way to Bumbershoot on Labor Day. 6 years ago

Laurel Fan57 (340 to go)

Nikki and I finished climbing at Stone Gardens just before sunset, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to check out some prime sunset-viewing parks, then make a loop north of Ballard to see some more.

  • NW 60th St Viewpoint
  • Golden Gardens
  • Sunset Hill Park
  • Loyal Heights Community Center and Playground
  • Salmon Bay Park
  • Ballard Corners Park (aka 17th Ave NW and NW 63rd St)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157601834096807/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan51 (346 to go)

Not much park visiting in August since I’ve spent about half of it out of town. But today I was running some errands north of the canal so I headed to Magnuson Park to pick blackberries, and visited 3 others on the way:

- Magnuson Park
- East Montlake Park
- West Montlake Park
- Burke Gilman Park

http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157601794576421/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan47 (350 to go)

Hm, I really didn’t check off Cal Anderson Park yet? It’s probably the one I visit most often, including tonight on the way in to help Ivan upgrade memcached. 6 years ago

Laurel Fan46 (351 to go)

More in the north half of Seattle on a P-Patch tour and Seattle Night and Day . I saw a lot more parks on Night and Day but my phone was getting wet so I put it away.

  • McCurdy Park
  • Licton Springs Park
  • Victory Heights
  • Northacres Park
  • Green Lake
  • Ravenna Park
  • University Playground
  • Linden Orchard 6 years ago

Laurel Fan38 (359 to go)

I saw a lot of parks along Lake Washington Blvd on the way to Columbia City (the direct way, Rainier, isn’t very bike friendly). I didn’t even stop at all of them but I still got 7:

  • Homer Harris Park
  • Sam Smith Park
  • East Portal Viewpoint
  • Colman Park
  • Genessee Park
  • Rainier Playfield
  • Columbia Park

http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600872163844/detail/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan31 (366 to go)

Saw a few more. There were several tiny ones on Madison St that I know I must have passed, but I didn’t see any signs. I’ll have to look closer later.

  • Interlaken Park
  • Madison Park
  • Washington Park Arboretum
  • Japanese Garden
  • Montlake Park
  • B. F. Day
  • Fremont Peak Park
  • Ross Park

http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600846325917/detail/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan23 (374 to go)

I went to the Central District farmer’s market this afternoon, picked up some salmon, cherries, cauliflower, and beans. On the way there and on the way back I stopped at:
  • Miller Park
  • T. T. Minor Playground

http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600806396622 6 years ago

Laurel Fan21 (376 to go)

A few more on the way home from Ballard. It was a really hot day, so I made use of a nice patch of grass at Thyme Park and the water sculpture/playground at Ballard Commons.

  • Ballard Commons
  • Ballard Playground
  • Thyme Patch
  • Peace Park

I’ve noticed that there are a few parks listed on the back of the map that are not marked on the map…

http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600772753642/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan17 (380 to go)

Last week I went to REI to pick up a few last minute things, and visited some of the parks on the west side of Capitol Hill (where I lived for 3 years) on the way:

  • Four Columns
  • Thomas Street Park
  • Tashkent Park

http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600735174109/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan14 (383 to go)

I went to Stone Gardens last night and stopped at all of the parks I saw on the way:
  • Roanoke Park
  • Bagley Viewpoint
  • Sunnyside Boat Ramp
  • Gasworks Park
  • Wallingford Steps
  • A. B. Ernst Park
  • Fremont Canal Park
  • 14th Ave NW Boat Ramp
  • Marvin’s Garden
  • Bagley Place

I also saw a park-like sign that said “Waterway 19”, but that’s not on the website or map so I’m not counting it.

I also circled around in Ballard north of Market looking for some I remembered on the map, but didn’t find them. The Ballard Locks is not a city park (it’s owned by the federal government).

Documentation: http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600545167623/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan4 down, 393 to go

Today before work I visited some of the really close ones. I’ve been to all of them before except for the Cemetery, that one’s in a pretty obscure location.

  • Volunteer Park
  • Louisa Boren Lookout
  • Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery
  • Williams Place

http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157600501036355/ 6 years ago

Laurel Fan397

According to Seattle Parks and Recreation there are 397 parks in Seattle, a little more than one every day for a year. A lot of them are tiny and close together, so it would probably be more practical to visit a handful once a week.

There are some weird names… Bhy Kracke Park? 6 years ago

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