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sitruunapuu 5 months ago

carambolitaBest friends

It is amazing how I can speak to G no more than once every few months, and yet every time we do speak, it feels like I have come home.

I have known her for almost a decade now. For all that we have only ever spent several days together in an offline sense, she is still more a part of me than most people will ever be. 23 months ago

carambolitaFriends of friends

After work today, I ran into one of my closest friends in this city. It was a great catch-up and he seemed far more relaxed and happy than he had been a few months ago.

On top of that, a room is freeing up in his house so he will be keeping it on hold for B (who moves over here in June). I am really, really looking forward to having them both under the same room only five minutes away. Dropping by for a visit will be easy even when I am in my more antisocial moods, and I already know it will be an easy-going, open sort of environment with plenty of musical instruments and dubious humour. The third housemate is more of an acquaintance of mine than a friend but is definitely someone I could get to know better. Cooking, playing music and just hanging out there will be so much fun.

All three of us had joked about this back in the day, but I never actually thought it would happen. Funny how life works. 2 years ago

carambolitaWeek-to-week tracking

I actually kept to myself for most of last week. There were a few brief conversations and exchanges with friends, but I spent a few days cramming for an professional accreditation exam and a few days on a family trip following that exam, and before I knew it, Monday was rolling around again.

This week should be good, though; exams are over, the workload for the week seems almost reasonable, and I have some friends up from interstate so I am looking forward to catching up with them. I need to remember to post Christmas cards tomorrow, too. How time flies… 2 years ago

carambolitaWeek-to-week tracking

Last week, I:
- Had a blast watching the second part of The Sound Of Music with G
- Wrote to friends and got some mailing addresses
- Started writing Christmas cards and sending Christmas presents
- Exchanged a few messages both online and off 2 years ago

carambolitaWeek-to-week tracking

Last week, I:
- Met up with a friend at the mall
- Caught up on some messages
- Asked a few friends for their addresses for Christmas cards / packages
- Discussed a surprise party for a recently-engaged friend
- Watched the first half of The Sound of Music, with G on one side of the chat window and me on the other, and rediscovered just how wonderfully hilarious watching movies (or anything, really) with her can be 2 years ago

carambolitaWeek-to-week tracking

Last week, I:
- Ran into a friend and stopped for a quick bite
- Met up with another friend for dinner
- Exchanged messages with a number of people
- Called a couple of other friends
- Organised a group picnic in early December

That would be a “pass”. :) Onto this week! 2 years ago


Of all my goals, this one is perhaps the least able to be measured and completed – which is partly intentional, because I never want to stop keeping in touch with my close friends.

My new resolution is to do something to keep in contact with them each day, even if it is just through a brief message. I may not record the details here – some parts of friendships are private, after all – but I could track my progress every week nonetheless.

This also means that I should consciously try to blog / journal a little more frequently than I have been doing of late. It is a tricky thing, going home and finding the motivation to write after spending a whole day in front of the computer at work, but the written word is such a cornerstone of so many of my key friendships that the lack of it does affect our ability to connect. I know that NM has been feeling similarly as well.

In the end, there are only a handful of people I count as my close friends, and all except one of them live overseas. B may be moving here next year, but I may never spend much time in the same city as most of the others. While that is the way things have always been and our friendships are not any weaker as a result, I do want to more consciously make sure I help things along.

So, first stop: rewatching The Sound of Music with G one evening next week. I need to make sure I have a copy I can actually watch from my current desktop… 2 years ago

carambolita 2 years ago

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