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Writing My Autobiography

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brownsugarbear01 8 years ago

BecauseReasons 6 months ago

brownsugarbear01One Woman Show

After seeing a few one person shows during the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, I would like to write one myself then publish it as my autobiography. Just an idea. 8 months ago

Ana Belle 16 months ago

laurracarrot 12 months ago

withdrawnI'd like to share my story

I have tried to write my autobiography for so long. Several years, I believe. But every time I start writing on it, I immediately delete what I have written. I’d like to share my story, the story about how I have struggled. Living with three mental conditions was never easy. I have no clue what stops me from writing this. 17 months ago

Rheanna 17 months ago

Dan 18 months ago

NickyChatfield 18 months ago

Hadeer5 19 months ago

Kat 20 months ago

ScarlettMaud 20 months ago

joiyp 22 months ago

GneonPrincess 22 months ago

djchuang 2 years ago

Dancingpuppets 2 years ago

Christina Alchimist 2 years ago

kmom2468Adding Pictures!

I will probably publish this as a password protected PDF file, but that is still a long ways off. Still pretty anecdotal and choppy; however, the words are slowly getting put down on paper. Choppy and chaotic, but down in electronic bits is better than beautiful and elegant and locked up in my head, I think. Anyway, added some scans of drawings that my granddaughter did and some photos from various periods of my life. Slow going, but the project is moving along. 2 years ago

Sammy1951 2 years ago

kmom2468The project is ballooning

I wrote an outline and started some areas. Right now it looks like just a bunch of anecdotes. And every time I look at it, I think of something else I want to add, so the outline is growing faster than the actual writing! At this rate, it will take me several years to complete! Still, it is fun remembering some of the wonderful people and experiences in my life, and it is like therapy to finally lay to rest some of the not so good things. 2 years ago

kmom2468Is it hormones?

Or maybe it’s just that I have time to do this now that I’m done with school for the moment. But I started this while on vacation this week. 2 years ago

kmom2468 2 years ago

cubeofjelly 2 years ago

brownsugarbear01More & More Possible

If I can write 750 words a day, then I can write my autobiography. I’m doing a speech that’ll get me to talk about what it’s like being an actor. I can do this. 2 years ago

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