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RachelMonday, July 28

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • get résumé paper & use devon’s printer. interview prep.
  • job apps (5) – finish gratitude 2 hours ago

RachelSunday, July 27

  • take pills, twice
  • run *went on a hike.
  • house showing 2pm *rescheduled but i still went
  • get résumé paper *hike was reeeeally long
  • job apps *hike.1 day ago

RachelSaturday, July 26

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • work 11-3:30/6 *got sent home early AGAIN. at TWELVE-THIRTY. ugh.
  • job apps (5) *um… i worked on one. really hard.
  • potato2 days ago

RachelFriday, July 25

  • take pills, twice
  • run *so happy to be un-sunburned! or at least healed enough to handle a sports bra possibly rubbing on my back without excruciating pain. gotta break in those new running shoes! i only have two weeks now to return them if they don’t work out.
  • commit bike gears to memory *i think i got it. both levers push down to go into higher gears. front (left) lever only needs to go above halfway to be in smaller gear. back (right) lever also only needs to go slightly above halfway to be in smallest gear. adjust back gear first (because there are more of them) and don’t cross-chain. i wish i had the clicky kind though instead of the levers, because i hate not having set locations and being able to accidently be half-on a gear.
  • eat potatoes and rest of avocado *well, i only ate one of the potatoes, because they took so long to cook and i ate other stuff in the meantime, but i made them both which i guess was the point.
  • job apps. do dog one and see if there are any other set-days PT ones
  • text karissa *she hasn’t answered me yet though3 days ago

RachelThursday, July 24

  • take pills, twice
  • run/bike/whatever
  • JOB. APPS. *not as much as i’d like.
  • eat potatoes and mushroom and rest of avocado *eat ALL the things!
  • call roommate guy *no answer, no voicemail. emailed him again.4 days ago

RachelWednesday, Juy 23

  • take pills, twice
  • run? bike? or otherwise find some way to work out. *running depends heavily on whether or not i can wear a sports bra without aggravating my sunburn. bike is out unless roommate fixes chain.
  • work 12:30-5:15 – ask about paychecks *shit.
  • eat avocado and/or potatoes
  • job apps (GF!!!!! plus dogs. and more.)5 days ago

RachelTuesday, July 22

  • take pills, twice
  • go for a bike ride and see how bad frances’ brakes really are *they’re not bad, but the big issue is the gears. i can’t fucking figure them out. also unsurprisingly i fell off.
  • bank
  • dinner w/karissa *she canceled on me :(
  • make mushrooms *they got crushed in the fridge so my lovely portabellas weren’t so pretty. and then i over-marinated them in basalmic.
  • job apps – finish GF! do some more mundane ones. 6 days ago

RachelMonday, June 21

  • take pills, twice
  • strrretch
  • BGC phone interview 2pm – send thank-you! *that. was. awful.
  • job apps (finish GF!)
  • make cookies
  • get scale? *i meant this more as a “go in person” deal, but i couldn’t think of anywhere nearby to get one. so i figured ordering one off amazon prime would get it here about as fast as me waffling around for a couple days before decided to drag myself out somewhere farther away from the city.1 week ago

RachelSunday, July 20

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • work 1-5:30/8 – decide on what to wear early *y’know, unlike last time when i was almost late because of it. and yet, i still had to hustle a little bit. i guess it takes longer to brush my teeth & put on sunscreen than i think it does.
  • remember to give thomas orca card beforehand
  • finish BMG job app
  • make cookies? 1 week ago

RachelFriday, July 18

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • make shirts (go to store first)
  • job apps *did a bunch of work on one. it’s a big one.
  • make cookies 1 week ago

RachelThursday, July 17

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • job apps *hopefully hand will feel better so that typing doesn’t suck so much
  • get stuff for t-shirts and cut out stencil *not for lack of trying.
  • make cookies?
  • eat last bagel & rest of chinese food 1 week ago

RachelWednesday, July 16

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • mail package
  • get stuff for t-shirts *looked but didn’t find anything suitable. may go to target later with roommate.
  • job apps
  • eat bagels/apple/sprouts
  • laundry
  • cut nails
  • make cookies?
  • practice *burnt myself like the genius that i am. but let’s be real, i wasn’t going to do this snyway.1 week ago

RachelTuesday, July 15

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • work 1-3
  • marc’s at 8
  • mail package
  • job apps 1 week ago

RachelMonday, July 14

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • mail package, return shoes, get stuff for t-shirts *this is the package from hell. i had to go to the library to re-print the label since i accidentally taped over the barcode. then it ended up being too big to fit in the drop box. i hate everything.
  • job apps *one?
  • eat sprouts *the never-ending bag of bean sprouts. this is why i’d rather buy them loose.
  • practice
  • read 2 weeks ago

RachelSunday, July 13

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • marc’s :) *LAME
  • put frances in shed *put her in the house actually. wouldn’t want Old Faithful getting any more rusted than she already is.
  • see if anyone has packing tape
  • FH job app; others
  • make sprouts/corn *new rule: no more buying corn unless you are going to eat it that day.2 weeks ago

RachelSaturday, July 12

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • job apps *worked on one pretty intensely
  • mail package *yeah let’s be real, this is not going to happen until after it stops being 15° above average outside.
  • make sprouts, corn?
  • get bike set up *roommates not around2 weeks ago

RachelFriday, July 11

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • mail package *i just have no desire to leave the house again. it’s so hot.
  • get new running shoes *well, i went to the store anyway. have to order a wider width online.
  • get bike set up
  • make plans with karissa *well, i texted her, which is what i meant, but she already has plans with other people.
  • practice
  • NP job apps 2 weeks ago

RachelThursday, July 10

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • phone interview 8:30am – send thank-you! *i think it went well enough
  • make plans with marc
  • adjust bike settings *have to have yoni look at it first
  • pick up library card – remember ID, conf. #, mail
  • mail shoes back (see if slip needs to be printed before going to library) *got the slip printed
  • get bike helmet? running shoes? pick up prescription? *have to decide on the reasonableness of my errands
  • wash water bottle2 weeks ago

RachelWednesday, July 9

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • prep for interview
  • pick up library card – remember ID, confirmation #, and mail
  • go to bike shop
  • skype with kristin 5pm
  • mail shoes back *in what world did i think it was possible to do all of this today? they’re nowhere near each other!
  • stop at store
  • make brussels sprouts *they weren’t good anymore :( now i really wish i had gotten a banana at the store! my vegetable consumption is atrocious right now.
  • read
  • put laptop on other table before bed2 weeks ago

RachelTuesday, July 8

  • take pills, twice
  • run *”run”
  • see if clare wants to go for a bike ride later *she did and i’m in so much pain now
  • make brussels sprouts
  • soak eye 3x
  • read
  • memorize policies
  • pick up library card? *sooo hooooot. just siesta’d through the day
  • give yoni rent check2 weeks ago

RachelMonday, July 7

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • marc’s at 8 :)
  • eat banana *blergh. it was not still good.
  • practice
  • read (scope out a library maybe?) *signed up online for a library card, but i still have to go pick it up in person.
  • cut nails
  • call in prescription refill
  • call work? and read up on policies *i think i got them mostly down.
  • give yoni rent check *well, i wrote it at least.3 weeks ago

RachelSunday, July 6

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • work 8:30-11 – remember calendar
  • shoes
  • laundry
  • eat banana *aaaagh. i ate the apple though. i think the banana’ll be too far gone tomorrow.
  • read *finished it!3 weeks ago

RachelSaturday, July 5

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • eat banana
  • submit YC app! *i just noticed this place is RIGHT by my house. even more appealing then! (although i’ll be moving in September anyway…)
  • store – QFC
  • shoes? *gonna stop tomorrow after work; probably wasn’t gonna wear them anyway.
  • clean chucks & see if they’re okay for work *not sure about the work thing… maybe not on the first day.
  • make cookies
  • read 3 weeks ago

RachelFriday, July 4

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • submit YC app
  • read (finish book?)
  • store?
  • barbecue etc. *took up a lot more time than i thought it would because we had to clean the grill beforehand. and i took a nap.3 weeks ago

RachelThursday, July 3

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • finish YC app
  • other job apps?
  • mushroom *it turned out okay! i thought i’d burnt it but it was actually perfectly done. and i made muffins!
  • take out trash
  • practice
  • finish reading questlove articles *i’ve had this tab open for days now.3 weeks ago

RachelWednesday, July 2

  • take pills, twice
  • run *i felt sick all night from the korean food =(
  • gap orientation 10-12:30 – remember documents! and maybe bring a notebook or something.
  • lunch w/karissa
  • job apps *kind of having shifting attitudes about this, but i did work on most of one dream job app
  • have mushroom or brussels sprouts
  • make muffins? or freeze berries
  • order stuff online
  • practice
  • read 3 weeks ago

RachelTuesday, July 1

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • lunch with kap noon downtown
  • kohl’s
  • job apps
  • laundry
  • finish reading questlove articles 3 weeks ago

RachelMonday, June 30

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • stuff w/beth in morning
  • marc’s? *he went away for the week and didn’t bother to tell me. aa@ks%jf&@sl$!
  • shopping?
  • job apps 4 weeks ago

RachelSaturday, June 28

  • take pills, twice
  • stretch
  • job apps *four!
  • beth!
  • clean bathroom
  • read
  • practice 4 weeks ago

RachelFriday, June 27

  • take pills, twice
  • run
  • job apps (5) *one?
  • call study people *they have to call me back.
  • shop?
  • mail letter
  • practice
  • read 4 weeks ago

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