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LauralyBeautifulAgain, at long last

the photos I promised, are uploaded to both the computer and to photobucket. (We had 171 photos and 3 videos from KY on our camera. It took me 15 minutes to get them all onto the pc. Don’t ask how long it took to upload these. I’m not even done with the others!)

Doe, a deer

some female deer,
taken inside Mammoth Cave National Park. They were the most chill deer I’ve ever seen, just hanging out at the side of the road, as relaxed as could be.

In the cave 1

In the cave 2

in the cave 3

In the cave 4

In the cave 5

In the cave 6(can you tell I’m not good at captions?)

Part of the ceiling

Another part of the ceiling

Some stalactites

Freaky ceiling!

I think this is my favorite.

I’m not sure if this was looking up or looking down.

Even I had to duck!

This was…?

This reminds me of a gigantic pipe organ. I can’t remember, but I think it might have been called something about that.

More drippings.

The curvy walls of the cave.

This was the ceiling once we went down a huge staircase.


More stalagmites.

The ceiling again, with a bit more perspective of how far above us it was.

“The Drapery Room”

It goes on…

and on…

and on…

and on!

(and on.)

The waterfall.

The falling drops.

I’m not sure what this was… Just a shallow hole in the wall, I guess?

Looking down…I think?

The wall. Exciting, isn’t it? :P

There you have it, the Frozen Niagara Tour of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA. I hope you liked the photos. 4 years ago

LauralyBeautifulAt long last

Finally, finally, finally. Done. 4 years ago

LauralyBeautifulGhost of Floyd Collins

Down in Mammoth Cave…

The above link will take you to the lyrics of a song called “Ghost of Floyd Collins”, the story about a man who fell into a sand cave and died in the 1920’s. The band who recorded it is a Kentucky born and bred group called Black Stone Cherry, mostly from out of Louisville, but the drummer grew up in Tommy’s home town.

I bought their new cd for Tommy for a family holiday this past week and when he heard the final track, he called me over to listen to it. Once for a school trip, on Halloween, his class was taken into Mammoth Cave and when all the lights were turned out, the tour guide told them the story of Floyd Collins.

No wonder the new cd is titled Folklore and Superstition. 5 years ago

L CThe lantern tour...

was the best ever! Always wanted to do the wild cave tour, but could never find anone to go with me…. 5 years ago


In addition to wanting to see Mammoth Cave, I promised a fellow 43T to get him a postcard from lovely Kentucky, but have had a heck of a time trying to find postcards!

We were supposed to go to Mammoth Cave today, and they have a gift shop, but things came up, as they often do.

Maybe next week! 6 years ago

LauralyBeautifulNatural wonder

My husband is from Kentucky, and I’m from Ontario. Neither of us grew up very far from natural wonders—Ontario’s being Niagara Falls. When we are in KY next, I want to see Mammoth Cave. We saw it last time, but only a very short, self guided tour, and I really want to see the stalactites and stalagmites. 6 years ago

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