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Rock that candy shophey, hey, hey, buritto lady

Sorry so long between posts. Life is crazy…but I didn’t want to gloss over the way that God provided for me and really answered my prayer to get me food without money. In addition to the previous list of folks that gave me food there was about 6 others (including my mom, grandpop, my roommate, and my work). The one I wanted to accentuate was the free food I got from a Chipotle that wasn’t even open for business. They were having their grand opening about 2 days from when I ate there. I was walking along the street and asked a fella standing out front if they were open for business. He said they open in 2 days and they were still installing the furniture and stuff but to hold on a second. He ducked inside the restaurant for a second and came back outside and said to me (and my 3 friends) “come inside.” “We’ve been training our servers for a week or so but we need some practice customers so they can get a feel for what business is gonna be like.” So we went in, ordered whatever we wanted from the menu (steak fajita burrito in my case), and they paid for us, drinks and all. God has a special way of making me feel just like the adopted son He calls me in the Bible. He is so amazing! 6 years ago

Rock that candy shopso far...

here is the list of people that have provided a meal to me this week:
Lee – Oatmeal
Doug – Quiznos
Jake – Slice o’ Pizza (Qty 2)
Kat – PB&J Sandwiches
Pat – Bag of Hot Peppers (works well with rice)
Lillie – Chipotle
Tom – Cupcakes

I’m indebted more than you could ever know. To my credit, I found a bag of frozen veggies in my freezer and some salad dressing which, in addition to the bag of peppers that Pat gave me, prove to be a modest adornment to my expected meal of…plain white rice. Attached is pic of Tom puking after he ate one of the really small, orange, hot peppers. One more week of “no food” to go. 6 years ago

Rock that candy shopSometimes being faithful hurts

In fact, it’s kinda guaranteed to hurt (John 16:33). And that’s where I am today. I’ve been completely faithful with my money. In fact I’ve kept arduous records of every cent I’ve spent for the past year or so with Excel. That’s why I’m not worried at the fact that, after paying all my bills this month, I’ve only got $9.81 in my checking account to last me for the next two weeks. I know I have only invested my money in those places where God would have me, and it’s His promise that if I’m faithful with the things He’s entrusted me with, He’ll be faithful with taking care of all of my needs(Matthew 6:31-33). So my prayer today will be that He make good on His offer. I’ve already gotten two PB&J sandwiches which where were left over from my church’s homeless outreach ministry, a free dinner last night (half a burrito that Lillie couldn’t finish from Chipotle), and my mom was insistent that she give me a few bucks for the road yesterday morning. I just wanted to present the circumstances…before God comes through in a big way (like He always does). 6 years ago

Rock that candy shopI know this is after the fact

I’m sorry. I forgot to get here before hand and write it down. I prayed heavily for my best friend that his girlfriend would not be pregnant (bad situation which I suppose needs no explanation) and after peeing on a stick, God answered! Also, I devoted a whole day to praying for my friend Mike who’s going to India as a missionary, that God would use him to do great things. He emailed yesterday and said He’s amazed by the effect they’ve been able to have. He said after 3 days there his team has already given medical treatment to over 1500 people. On the lighter side, I asked God to make something clear to me and I prayed if He wanted something from me, He could let me know by having my roommate greet me in a medieval voice. Almost as soon as I saw him, he randomly broke into quoting the movie Braveheart at me. Now I know God. Thanks 6 years ago

Rock that candy shop$$ (bling bling)

So I had this bill due and, being finals week at school, I kinda put off the real world and immersed myself in myriad of things I owe professors. When I reemerged from my hiatus I realized I owe creditors money. Namely, I thought one bill was due two days ago and I was all grumpy because I was already late on the payment and there was nothing I could do and there was going to be finance charges and late fees and all that rigamarole. I said a quick prayer: “God, take care of this.” As I opened the bill which was tucked somewhere deep in the pile of things to attend to I realized, yes the bill was due two days ago, and no I didn’t owe a cent. Someone paid an extra $218.84 for me last month (not this guy to my best recollection) and it parlayed itself onto this months bill as a credit. God is good. 6 years ago

Rock that candy shopI'm not really sure how to work this goal

I’m certainly not trying to test God here, I’m just holding Him true to His promise: “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Too many times I think people just want enough of God to make them feel like “good” people. I want to let God be God…let Him solve the problems I don’t see a way out of, remove the obstacles that are insurmountable in my own strength, and offer a venue for Him to continue to show Himself faithful. I’ve seen God do enough impossible, that it’s worth recounting. As much as I can I’d like to not have to tell about past stories, but post the prayer, then when He solves the problems that are way bigger than me, I’ll post His amazing solutions. 6 years ago

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