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JessyCould do better here . . .

A month ago, I confessed to two shirts, and I bought another of the same kind. I can’t say I regret it, though. They are such great shirts for weekend movies or casual says at work.

I made a planned purchase of Lancome gift with purchase so I could get the non-stinging eye makeup remover they have.

But I also got a sample of Clean cologne and bought some . . . did not really need but have enjoyed.

Mad shopper that I am, I also bought socks and a flashlight. :) Hardly glam, but needed. 2 weeks ago

JessyI bought two shirts

on sale. They are really perfect in every way, and I had to have them. Recording it here just to keep myself honest. Otherwise, I am doing a great job on this goal. 1 month ago

JessyI bought two shirts

on sale. They are really perfect in every way, and I had to have them. Recording it here just to keep myself honest. Otherwise, I am doing a great job on this goal. 1 month ago

JessyOh, forgot to record Planned Purchase #1

Cushions for my outdoor chairs on sale for $14 each. I bought enough for next year, too, since they now make them without zippered covers, meaning I can’t just throw the covers in the wash and use them the next year. Bah humbug. 2 months ago

JessyPlanned purchase #2

It’s Clinique Bonus Time at Belk here,so I bought two tubes of the lipstick I wear and got the bonus. I have lipstick for the year (and maybe beyond) now.

Doing well on the “spending less” part of this goal. 2 months ago

JessyKeeping myself honest . . .

1. I bought two hand towels on sale. Lame-ass excuse: they have hanging loops!

2. I bought a shirt when I returned some after-Christmas sale purchases. Excellent reason: It was perfect. It was me on a hanger. Lame-ass rationalization. It cost less than the total of the stuff I returned, so it was practically free! 3 months ago

JessyDay 12, doing well.

Still unsubscribing from emails. My habit was to delete, but still, every time I deleted, it had to be a conscious decision of whether to visit the company’s site or not. It’s easier just not to be faced with the decision at all. I realized today that Williams-Sonoma had been sending me 2 emails a day, and it’s not even a place I have ever shopped regularly. 3 months ago

JessyKeeping myself honest . . .

Talbot’s is having its Red Hanger Sale, and I only buy from Talbot’s if it has a sale, because their stuff is generally too pricey for me. I really, really need a black jacket to wear to work, so I ordered three online—I’ll try them on and keep the one that fits/looks best, assuming any of them do. I am calling this a necessary purchase, since it’s a basic work wardrobe piece. 3 months ago

JessyAll good.

I have survived the onslaught of New Year’s sale emails and unsubscribed from many emails. So far, I have shopped only for necessities. Only 359 days to go! 3 months ago

m0n0 3 months ago

JessyI am starting off here by unsubscribing

to the emails I get today from places that want to sell me something. Every time I get an email, I have to decide whether to go to the site and look at whatever they are tempting me with or whether to delete the email. If I never get the email, that’s one less decision and one less temptation. 3 months ago

JessyLast day to spend,

but I don’t think I will. 3 months ago

JessyAnd as I think further . . .

I am sure I’ll need mascara, BB cream, shampoo, and conditioner during the year, but I have at least six months’ worth of shower gel for both me and Nick, again, because I stock up during sales. I have face cleansers of various kinds that I will use up during the year, and I have half a bottle of Shalimar, some Tibetan Mountain Temple, and a couple of Zum sprays that should take me through to the end of the year. So 2014 will also be all about using up the toiletries.

What I will buy:
My favorite Clinique lipstick, which I am currently out of, but only when there is a gift with purchase.
My favorite Lancome eye makeup remover, which I am also currently out of, but again, only when there is a gift with purchase. 3 months ago

JessyI thought about this for a long time last night,

and I have decided what to do. When I think about what Nick and I have in terms of clothes, furniture, and household items, we have plenty, because I am big on buying backups when I find a good price. So I am going to see if I can go a whole year without buying the following:

1. Clothes for me, with the possible exception of socks.
2. Clothes for Nick, with the possible exception of the black workout pants he wears.
3. Towels, bedsheets, and such, with the exception of fitted sheets for the new bed Nick is supposedly getting.
4. Furniture—easy, we won’t need any.
5. Dishes, cookware, glassware, and such—easy again. I don’t cook, and unless the cabinets fall off the wall and dump the dishes and such, I have plenty of those.
6. Jewelry—I have more earrings than I need, more necklaces than I need, and I don’t wear bracelets or rings.
7. Shoes—I have extra pairs waiting in the wings, as does Nick.

Here’s what I will buy:

1. Bedsheets for Nick’s new bed, as noted above.
2. Cushions for the four outdoor chairs in the back yard.

That plan takes care of impulse/sale spending for the entire year. It will save time and money. It’s perfect.

I’ll post updates here to keep myself honest. :) 3 months ago

JessyMy income varies somewhat from year to year,

as does the amount I spend. This year, expenditures have been up and income has been down. I can’t do much about Nick’s expenditures, since they are mostly medical and necessary. His biggest non-medical expense is his personal trainer, and that is totally out of our pocket and not covered at all by insurance. But personal training keeps Nick stronger and more flexible, so we are not doing without that.

So where to cut? Clothes: both of us have plenty and I have the habit of stocking up when I see a sale. I think we are stocked for the year. :) Household items—ditto, I tend to buy things because they are on sale. So. Staying away from online sales is the key.

The question is, do I start now, or do I let myself buy at after-Christmas sales?

Income: Likely down this year, since I am in the last edition-year of both books and since I am spending money for permissions for art and literature. The only thing I could do about that is teach a class in the summer, and I will still be working on my books in the summer, and I’d rather economize than work myself to death. Maybe in summer 2015, when I am presumably not working on books, I could teach a class to bring in a little extra. 3 months ago

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