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horatiokasenThis was hard!

Getting over her is probably one of the harder things to do in life but don’t worry it can be done. Few things to note…

Remember to cut contact, everyone says this but that must mean there’s some truth in it. By cutting contact it helps you to move on.

Talk with friends, it helps to verbalize it all. Also writing in a journal everything your thinking before you sleep is great too!

It can be done! Its not easy though! 4 years ago

MartieK 4 years ago

MartieKdifferent year but the same old thing

Tell me how will I fall in love like that again? 19 months ago

Jun Kit ManReality check

My ex was not who I thought she was – I don’t think that person ever really existed – just an idealized someone I made up in my head. We are all guilty of this – we place too much emphasis on the positive qualities of someone we love thus ignoring the realities of the other person. 21 months ago

1RL 23 months ago

endoffile 2 years ago

endoffileDidn't see her again

Well, we planned to meet, but she forgot about it and helped her flatmate to move out instead. When I offered to meet via SMS some time later, she did not reply. I’ve been disappointed about that and a bit confused, since she asked if I liked to meet before she forgot. Maybe I’m in the category “would be OK to meet, but is not important” for her.

Well, that quite some time ago now. I’m still a somewhat disappointed how things went, but I rarely think or worry about it. So I can think I achieved the goal of getting over her. 2 years ago


fantasyinfatuation 2 years ago

fantasyinfatuationMore of a girl crush..

I have sort of an obsession with this girl I met a year ago. I try to emulate her, and be her, and get into her obsessions. I wish I was as pretty as her and I wish I WAS her. I guess I am a stalker, but not in a dangerous sense. I know where she lives, what schools she goes to and other information I should not know in reality. I have dreams about her and I just feel like the world would be better if I WAS her or if we were friends, but it’s just a fantasy in my head. I just need to let it go. It’s ruining my life. Seeing her just brings back painful memories unrelated to her even. I need to grow comfortable back in my shoes. 2 years ago

Jun Kit Man 4 years ago

endoffileI'll meet with her again soon

I’m curious how that will feel. Also there are some questions I’d like to aks. I’m wondering whether it’ll be appropriate to ask. 2 years ago


I am the type of person that gets over people fairly quickly.For example I was once in a relationship with a girl for a year and 2 months I even lived with her.And I got over her in less than 2 -3 weeks. Then after that I met this beautiful girl named Stephanie. Everything about her is just so great. We broke up like 2 weeks ago.She is the shortest relationship I have ever been in. I was with her for 3 amazing months. I have never felt such sadness in my life. My chest feels heavy all the time and I cant stop thinking about her. I work with her also so I see her at least 2 times a week. Nowadays every time I go to work I get nervous and feel sick. I don’t understand why I cant get over her. I was only with her for a short period of time but she made such a great impact. She wants to be friends. But I honestly cant see that happening anytime soon . I need to get over her first but deep down I really don’t want to get over her. 2 years ago

knickee 2 years ago

endoffileIs it time to be friends?

I haven’t seen her for 2 months and I didn’t have any contact with her for more than a month. While I still would like to be with her, I don’t feel like I need to and I can be happy without her. I also don’t think of her that often and usually only for a quick thought.

We left on friendly terms and wanted to stay friends. So I’m wondering whether it’s time to meet again and be friends. Do you think it’s a good time to do that? 2 years ago

endoffileIt's slowly getting better

(see for previous entries)

There are no sudden changes in my feelings, but every day it hurts a little bit less, I spend a bit less time thinking of her and things seem more normal. I didn’t even think of her until I’ve been awake for more than three hours, which is a new record. 2 years ago

Superdude57 4 years ago


So without going into too much detail we got back together briefly but again there was no real commitment. I eventually started to feel like my gut was telling me I needed to break it off and after procrastinating for several weeks I finally did. It’s only been a few days, but I’m at peace with it right now and I think I made the right choice.

We had a pretty decent connection and it would be nice if we could be friends but I think I would always want more, would be jealous of other guys, and it would likely cause me not to pursue new relationships or focus on improving myself as much as I should. 2 years ago

drunkpoet 2 years ago


Well, it isn’t over yet, turns out. Didn’t see that coming. This goal is on hiatus. To be continued? . . . 2 years ago

Superdude57This has gone on way too long

I think it’s really over for a while now. She wanted to be friends then got all mad at me because I didn’t want to, essentially.

I’m really disappointed its been over a month and this girl still is occupying a great deal of my thoughts. I think it means I’ve got a lot more work to do before I’m really in a confident and secure place personally. I had thought I was doing pretty well before I met her, but I think being with her just superficially boosted my confidence and well-being. 2 years ago


It’s still a bit tough, I have to admit. I think I know it’s really over now, so that should help. 2 years ago

Superdude57New girl

It’s been a week. That should be close to enough time, let’s move on. 2 years ago

samidoGetting Past Your Breakup

I highly recommand this book of Susan J. Elliott !

My breakup turns out to be the best thing that ever happend to me :)

I am now in healthy realtionship with a great woman 2 years ago

Michel 3 years ago

convoswplantsreeling from the pool

it always helps to just take a random girl home from a party. 3 years ago

convoswplants 3 years ago


we just talked on the phone for a first time in a while. she doesnt think about me anymore. i’m glad we broke up because there’s someone else in my life anyways. but i still remember the beautiful things that bloomed between our irises, the butterflies that flittered from our hands when they clenched one another. 3 years ago

convoswplantswhy did i do that

i made the mistake of talking to her again. i got used to her warm presence, her support. it didn’t end well and now i’m coping with loss all over again.

i’ve been looking forward to reuniting with her. it’s been a beacon through the darkest of times, the light towards which i’ve been trekking through unlit landscapes of loneliness. i would’ve had to give up a lot career-wise (and maybe spiritually) to be with her, but i was prepared. now i need to refocus, readjust. i need to bury my dreams of her. 3 years ago

jafryTVasiaTough decision

Well, I did get over her, in the sense that I don’t need her. I do care for her greatly, and would love to be with her all of the time. But, she made a decision, and after some time thinking that over, and letting it sink in … I let her go.

So, whenever it finally ends, as we’re doing a FWB situation at the moment, I will be ok. I’m scouting the field for something else, but I don’t necessarily need any girls at the moment. So, that feels quite good being in control of my heart. 3 years ago

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