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remember that work is just a temporary intrusion into the rest of my life

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MMiller0601Well, after three weeks at the new job...

I have to admit that I’m feeling much better about things. I still say that I wouldn’t have picked this job to apply for myself, but I am content with it overall. Yes, I’d prefer to make more money, but I am hoping that I’ll get a pay raise when they make me permanent. We’ll see about that. Anyway, I think this might just work out after all. 5 years ago

MMiller0601Right now...

I’m really enjoying the fact that everything I do at work is … not earthshattering. There is no urge for me to “take it home”, to worry about anything work related after hours. I LOVE that; I don’t need anything else to worry about in my “free” time. Work is work and the rest of my life is separate. 5 years ago

MMiller0601Got a job

And it isn’t what I had hoped for. However, it does have a paycheck and benefits, and isn’t that the important part?

I’m going to try to focus on the fact that work is just PART of my life, not the entirety of it. I can certainly focus on enjoying the REST Of my time, regardless of my job. 5 years ago

MMiller0601I'm going back to doing something I really dislike...

I think this is an excellent goal for me to keep in mind. Maybe it will help me adjust. I certainly hope so. (I’m going back for financial reasons.) 5 years ago


Since I don’t have a job this should be pretty easy, but since I obsess over not having a job maybe this will be harder that it sounds… 6 years ago

Zanna Campanulagah, i get on my nerves

here i am, lucky enough to be able to pop off to madrid to go to a conference that looks more exciting than … oooooh, many things to talk about commata and corpora all day long in the botanical garden, which is right next to the prado, meaning i can go and visit las meninas in the lunch break—and all i can do is worry about how much work is piling up and castigate myself for being so behind.

experience tells me i’ll forget about anything that ever happened here as soon as i get there, but …. argh, i wish i either (a) was truly productive or (b) truly didn’t giveashitium. or both, both would be really good.

i’ve just spent about 5 hours packing and have enough stuff for 5 weeks. i’m taking all my running stuff, including the next 2 weeks of the podcast. i’m afraid i really do think i have a time machine. in the future ago. 6 years ago

Zanna Campanulaownership

the notion of ownership of texts came up at the bochum conference this summer, and i’ve been returning to it on and off ever since. i wonder if it’s part of what makes things so very difficult for me as a translator/editor—that i’m permanently trying to own texts that will never be mine. 6 years ago

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