finish my studies for this year

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Recent activity

Agpiouskinda done

I took the test yesterday and finished the awful paper.
I still have a test I want to take again and I might ask to improve one of the other papers I handed in, but this is just upgrading. The things I had to do are done so I’m starting to feel free. 6 years ago

Agpiousstudying for the test

I spent a few hours on it yesterday and still need to read lots of stuff today. I have a feeling it’s not going to be an east test and that’s going to get me extra bummed. And I still have that awful paper to finish. This year is endless! 6 years ago


so my test isn’t today, it’s on Wednesday.. at least I’ll have more time to study.
I didn’t finish my paper, big surprise..
and I might have to take one of the test I did again to get a better grade. It’s a few days before the holidays, bummer. 6 years ago


I decided to drop one paper which means dropping the whole course.
I need to hand in another paper today. It’s not ready, but I’m working on it. I hope I have enough to hand in by the end of the day or I’ll have to hand it late.
On the bright side, the test on Monday went alright.

My last test is on the 27th and after it I’ll be FREE! 6 years ago

Agpious2 more papers

one for Tuesday (no, I didn’t work during the weekend..) one for 15/8. I have a test in the middle and I need to play a full time aunt during that time. yikes! 6 years ago

Agpiousnext due date

is on Tuesday.
I’m going to work on it this weekend. really. I mean it! 6 years ago

Agpiouson my way to a vacation

this strike made the year last longer than usual and it’s too hot to study, arrg.

I finished another paper today. Not a good paper, but a done paper, at least.
I have 2 more papers to write and 2 more tests to take. 6 years ago

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