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eat more fruit

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MaryJanesGirl 5 years ago

amandaperlGroceries for now, garden for later

I bought more fruit this weekend, for smoothies and to eat directly. I also bought a fig tree and plan to buy strawberries next weekend, which will generate a little fruit now and hopefully lots more later. 3 weeks ago


Just smashed down a banana, peanut butter and date smoothie (500-600ml) and a giant white peach for breakfast. Delicious! :D 4 weeks ago

sea_stormAbout 7 years ago...

I was the healthiest I’d been in my life and I’ve never been quite the same since. I was exercising a lot and eating heaps of fruit and staying hydrated! This afternoon I had a banana and date smoothie and ate a few extra dates as well and I had so much energy, I didn’t even feel the need for a mid afternoon coffee! Recently I’ve been restricting myself a bit and the result has been that I’ve been craving sweets and bread a lot, so perhaps I need more healthy carbohydrates. So tomorrow after work I am going to stock up on some more delicious bananas and dates and try to eat more than one serving of fruit a day! I may get myself an insulated bottle so I can have smoothies while I’m out and about. 4 weeks ago

sea_storm 4 weeks ago

amandaperlAdventures in smoothieing

I picked up a pitcher at Goodwill – I can blend in it, then it can go in the fridge so I don’t have to find a place for leftover smoothie. I made a peanut butter/banana/blueberry/yogurt/milk smoothie. It was not very exciting. I didn’t want to add extra sugar, and neither bananas nor blueberries have a lot of natural sugar in them. Also, peanut butter is worse than bananas for dominating a smoothie. Still, it got more fruit and protein into me. I just need an improved recipe. 1 month ago


I eat granola every day, so there could be fruit in the granola. And nuts. 1 month ago


I don’t like to buy imported out-of-season fruit, but I’m okay with stuff that stores or is frozen. And I live in a state where spring is really sort of starting.
So to vary my only-apples-all-winter diet, which gets very boring and also apples don’t store so well after February, I would like to explore the world of frozen berries and such.
I am considering upgrading my immersion blender in order to make smoothies more of a thing. Fancy immersion blenders that come apart and go in the dishwasher are expensive, so I may live with what I’ve got and just acquire a larger blending container. 1 month ago

amandaperl 1 month ago

PopcornPrincess 3 months ago

gusimus 3 months ago

Arup Sen 6 years ago

ElizaBen 5 months ago


although it’s almost winter, I’m eating watermelon yummy :)
in general I’m eating apples and citrusfruits but still not on a daily basis, so I’ll have to improve on this point… 4 months ago

Ugungus 9 months ago

Jode_T 11 months ago

Karina 7 years ago

Selenas 13 months ago

SerinaMarie 15 months ago

NB2010 15 months ago

fifibarks 15 months ago


...Another goal that I am doing NOTHING to complete. I didn’t even remember that I have this goal on my list.
HOWEVER, I will not give up. I will go and buy some fruit, and soon. 17 months ago

LuluTea 5 years ago

Miss Villainess 20 months ago

A. Judd 21 months ago

Nadia Fawcett 23 months ago

user14609 2 years ago

isidoraj 8 years ago

JennyMcClure 2 years ago

Iwanttosmile 2 years ago

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