Use canvas bags instead of plastic bags when shopping

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lauramichIt's finally clicked

What made the difference: Moving to a house where I have to haul groceries upstairs to get them from the driveway to the kitchen. Carrying things in canvas bags is more efficient than plastic or paper.

Getting into the habit of packing up my canvas bags before heading out for the weekly shopping trip—and leaving a few in the car at all times for quick stops.

Like just about any habit, it becomes easiest to stick to when it becomes a preference. You have to want to do it. I started out wanting to use canvas bags because they seemed to be a more environmentally-friendly choice than paper or plastic. I stick with it because I genuinely prefer using them.

In fact, I’ve even taking to purchasing canvas bags as souvenirs. For example, when we were in North Carolina for vacation this summer, I bought a canvas bag at Harris-Teeter and a nice, insulated canvas bag from Earth Fare—stores not local to me. Now, whenever I use those bags, it’s a small reminder of a lovely vacation! 3 years ago

Constance MerrittA Small Thing

but the world is made of small things. Canvas bags often come free as a thank-you gift for a charitable donation or as a carry-all at conferences and fairs. They can also be practical inexpensive vacation souveneirs. Grocery stores are alos starting to offer sturdy and capacious canvas shopping bags. At my local Food Lion they sell for 87 cents.

Keep them ready to hand in your car or purse or backpack, so they’re there when you need them. 5 years ago


It makes U more self organized, and I have this good feeling, make World better just in some very easy way like this :) 5 years ago


Done! There is not one carrier bag in in house, so I must be efficient at using my canvas ones!

Although…I’m not sure how I’m going to get my leaky lunchbox to work if not in a plastic bag? Oh…. 5 years ago

lauramichThe biggest obstacle...

... is that I usually forget to have them with me when I know I’m stopping by the store! I need to start just keeping them in the car at all times.

But I did remember them both yesterday and today! I am generally not favorably disposed toward Walmart, but I do like the new canvas bags that they’re offering. They have square bottoms, meaning that they stand up more easily in the back of the car.

And, bonus—five-cent discount for using a canvas bag! 6 years ago

whitehartpantsSuccess and Failure.

I remembered to use them when shopping in Manchester with my smaller sister, all the little stall holders are now one carrier bag up! But then promptly forgot when Christmas Shoppng last night…

I need a reminder somehow, similiar to when you get out the car and you have left your lights on it beeps to remind you to switch them off. As I leave the house to go shopping I need a little voice to tell me…’you dippy girl, you’ve left those bags again, do you have no respect for the planet? Go back and fetch them!’

I think that would do the trick. 6 years ago

whitehartpantsMemory Loss.

So, I popped into my local shop on the way home from work to grab a couple of things, and it was only as I was reaching for a plastic bag that I remembered my stock of canvas ones in the car…I never remember and now it’s getting really annoying!! 6 years ago

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