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arminkashi 10 months ago

Niko975 5 years ago

atrain30000Day 4

Funny story, after I wrote my day 1 entry about being done with weed, I ended up smoking like six hours later. Jesus Christ that was depressing. In my defense, it has all been about pushing it back “One more day” for me as I have done countless times. As depressing and pathetic as my immediate failure was, I am now on my fourth day of sobriety. No weed, booze or cigs. BTW I was on the slippery slope of falling back into being a full-time cigarette smoker. I quit 5 years ago. Didnt have any for years and as of recently, started smoking when I drank. This snow balled in to me smoking 3-8 cigs every day for the last 10 days or so. So I cut that shit out too which has been kind of difficult but honestly not too bad. Starting my fourth day and feeling pretty good. Aside from the usual difficulty sleeping without weed and occasional grumpiness. I must say, I am s much sharper and seem to be enjoying myself more at work and when I’m around people. The tough part will be the next two days that I have off of work. I need to stay strong and do it for the cause. If I don’t quit this time, I’m just going to give up on my fucking dreams and be a stoner. And I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet so it’s time to sack up. 19 months ago

atrain30000Day 1

I’m 30 years old and I’ve been a daily smoker for over 10 years. I have honestly been trying to quit (with minimal effort) for more than 5 years. At one point I managed to go 6 months without weed and I remember telling myself that my quality of life was better over all. However, most times when I quit, I last a day and sometimes up to a week. Never more than that. A lot of my friends still smoke but I am currently living alone and am out of excuses. I think weed is fine for some people and I have nothing against it. But it is not good for me. I use it to numb everything. I smoke until I feel retarded, watch TV, play games on my phone and eat a shit load of food. And when I say a shit load of food, I’m talking about going on the Michael Phelps diet. !2,000 calories and then wake up the next day in a haze feeling tranquilized and beyond full. As much as I love waking up and taking a huge shit and then another monster after my coffee, this madness needs to stop.

The bottom line is, if I don’t stop smoking pot, I will never accomplish what I want to in life. I will never live well as long as I am smoking pot. I will continue to eat like a grizzly bear every day, I will continue to push difficult tasks off until tomorrow and I will remain complacent. I am an intelligent, well-spoken person with a good sense of humor who has a college degree and is a 30 year old bartender. I’ve had enough, I’m done with this. I need to clear my head, I need to quit eating like shit and I need to be clear headed in my free time so I can be productive and get things done rather than wasting away on my couch in a haze.

Today is the day. Stop smoking. Start eating healthier and working out. Start reading. Plan my future and set some goals. And most importantly, stick to my goals, especially the not smoking one. I am confident that if I quit for 6 months I can turn my life around and if nothing else, gain some clarity and direction. 19 months ago

Taro4u 2 years ago

Chronophage 2 years ago

7archer7 5 years ago

7archer7Quit day

now that im living in OKC again its time to qut 5 years ago

Lazy_HazyHas Anyone tried Maritox?

I just bought Maritox has anyone here tried it? 3 years ago

Lazy_Hazy 3 years ago

stilldirrty 3 years ago

dumbeyFight the good fight

Well, I figure I should chime in my experience here as I am hoping that this will help you guys as well as myself. I will forgo my background and just say I smoke like the rest of you from morning to night, I say that as most people that smoke pot occasionally rather enjoy their experience and have no need nor desire to quit. I on the other hand am not that person, when I smoke pot it always starts the same way, couple of hits one day and within a few days im smoking from breakfast through desert. The worst or well one of many negatives to marijuana is the mild come down, you know the first high of the day is always the best, then if you are like me your smoking the rest of the day to relieve the come down and somehow chasing that morning high again, only problem is that state of mind is long gone. I however have held the beast (marijuana) at bay for short periods in the past. Ten years ago I had it for probably 4 years, then another 2 years after that. For the past 18 months I have been trying to quit, at first I made it 3 months, then a death in the family and back on it, then I would make it a month, a day, a week maybe, but always led back to all day every day. You see the beast is an elusive beast, he will hit you one way and the polar opposite you and hit you the other. Like in the beginning stages, one day you are going to be tired as hell, yes you will, then the next day or minute you are going to have so much energy. Quitting the beast is especially difficult at night while you are trying to get rest as you are not going to be able to sleep, nope not at all, you will toss and turn for hours on end at night, this is going to make you exhausted the next day, add to your irritability, O wait I didn’t tell you that quitting the beast, he is going to make you irritable as hell, you are going to yell at people in traffic, scream at your wife and just plain be pissed for no reason, O wait but there is another part to the beast, here is where that deceiving bastard comes back in, he is going to make you emotional as hell as well as the irritability. This is going to lead to strained relations with friends, family and co workers. One minute you are going to be sobbing to your mommy and the next telling her how horrible she was. You are going to be DEPRESSED AS HELL, simple fact you have been getting HIGH for a long time now, the opposite of HIGH is LOW, during the withdrawal you will be very LOW, but trust this will soon past after the first week this normally dissipates. You will have anxiety, maybe even panic or flow blown panic attacks, but these too shall pass. These may sound drastic or dramatic but you will see or have experienced. Next up are the cravings, the beast is going to make you want it back worse then you have ever wanted anything, it is going to make you want it more then your wife or husband has ever turned you on. It will glimmer in the lights and blink and shout for you to come back, shoot the beast may even beg for you to come back. Next he is going to stress you, yes he is going to make you think like crazy about finances, job security, whatever it is you will feel the stress and all the while ol marijuana is telling you take a puff and it will all be better…. This is right where it bargains you, o just a hit at night is no big deal, or everyone is doing it. I remind you this is your own head telling you these things, no one or nothing else. That is when the very best happens, you begin to believe these lies you are telling yourself. But then it happens, if you are strong enough to make it to the point, now the point is different for every one that quits, the point is where it breaks and your free, that is free for now. You see everything stops at some point, one day you start sleeping better, you feel rested during the day, you start eating again and that constant nausea disappears, you feel motivated, free, ou appreciate nature again, you can breath as the tar has cleared your lungs, your cravings disappear and wham you start to realize what you missed out on while stoned and that is LIFE…. One day it all comes together and your better… For now that is, you see as your feeling better old marijuana is just lying there dormant waiting for you to come back and if your unfortunate enough to go back you will be right back to where you were in a matter of days, weeks or months, but you will be back to the desire to quit and unable to do so. So I bid you all best of luck as this battle is for all of us to fight so I wish you, me, them and us good luck..

As A guide that will help you here are my experiences.

Exercise: one of the single best things, but should be careful as exhaustion will lead you right back to marijuana fast…

Walking: Great way to relieve stress, free mind, low level exercise

Eat as healthy as you possibly can, salad, vegetables, V-8 Juice, avoid juice high in sugar as it will be harder for your body to digest.

Reward yourself in a way maybe with food, you have been getting HIGH therefore you are like most people that get high daily, you like or for that fact crave instant gratification. Marijuana is instant, so is a chocolat ice cream or whatever you like, don’t do it to excess but might be useful. I like coffee twice a day, probable bad as it is a drug as well and probably bad.

HOBBY, you are going to need one, I don’t care what it is video games, TV, motorcycles, Cars, boats, horses ANYTHING to keep you busy and having fun. A hobby that requires exercise is always a good thing . Exercise relieves depression, will release natural endorphins, will help body to eliminate the drug from your system faster.

Marijuana is a good one at being the silent killer. I.E. society may accept it or classify it as a low level drug so the user may abuse it and not think they have a problem as it is just pot, or might easily slip back into use. Also marijuana in nature tells you it is not a problem and will hide the negative effects it is causing in your life by numbing your emotions. You may feel overwhelmed upon quitting as you have built up quite a list of things to be done in your life that you procrastinated away with marijuana. Make a daily list of things to do, this will help you stay organized, productive and give you a sense of reward that you will be missing without the marijuana. When you take a hit your body feels a reward sensation, believe it or not but crossing items off a to-do list will give you a reward/accomplishment sensation. Also a goal list may be helpful for you. Or a reward for a year without vacation… Just ideas, everything I write are just ideas and suggestions, nothing is fact.

Vitamins may be helpful.

You are going to need to somehow manage your emotions, see this is my vice, you are going to have to live life on lifes turms like other people say. Basically you have been getting high and it has handled your emotions for you, it has not allowed you to feel the lows or highs. You are going to have a hard time with this. You will have difficulty handling the lows as well as the highs.

You need to look good, you need a hair cut, clean your fingers, shower dailiy or twice, new cloths are good, anything to get you looking and feeling good.

Hot bath will relax you, may help eliminate marijuana from the body faster but all in all just a good form of cleansing and relaxation.

Daily diary may help or a list of reasons to quit and so on can help.

Clean your house, a clean house will give you something to do and a new way of life is a clean house.

You must resist other drugs as they will always lead you back to your love, marijuana. Alcohol will probably lead you back to marijuana as it leads to lack of good judgment and other negative effects.

You are going to loose friends, if you sell drugs you must stop, you will need a daily job and to be productive.

Water, lots and lots of water and fiber cleans will help. Whole body cleans a good idea.

Dandelion root tea will help liver cleans body.

Chamomile tea will help with sleep, avoid all Tylenol pm and other synthetic sleep aids, they will only slow your recovery and without them you will be back to normal sleep in a few weeks to month, using them can greatly extend this period of time.
Get rid of everything, I mean throw all the shiiii away, throw the pipe out, the pot, the papers, even all the lighters, trust me you only have a need for a lighter on a very rare occasion if your not smoking, my newest deal is getting rid of all the art work, like bob marley paintings and so forth, anything that reminds you or glamorizes marijuana. Think about it, high times magazine, why don’t you glamorize a drug some more, shoot could you imagine crack rock times or cocaine daily. Shoot they are all a drug.

Remember do not think your way back into a drink or a smoke, no poor me, or I cant pay rent better toke, or no one else could imagine going through what I am, If they can smoke why cant I. All of these will get you smoking in a hurry, and yes they will happen and yes they will be very powerful, the question is are you stronger then the drug and YES Marijuana is a very powerful drug.

Don’t be afraid if our poop smells like marijuana and is oily, you need to get this out of you. Marijuana bonds to your fat cells and therefore will be digested by your body for days, weeks, months to follow. I have done extensive studying on thc levels in the body and if heavy smoker like I have been in past be prepared to fail a drug test 45-60 days after last use. I however happen to have very little body fat, exercise a lot and therefor can probably pass a test 20 days after quiting, everyone is different, but this is a whole different topic.

With all that said, this is just some advice and experience from some idiot on the internet, remember that it is only meant to help you not discourage you. Remember your problem is not special just to you and there are latterly thousands of people trying to quit marijuana daily. You will need luck, try and voodoo you can and prey for you are half way there by just trying….. You have HOPE, Dreams a will and a desire. You will make mistakes in life, bad decisions, you will have good fortuns and bad as well as heart break and lust but you will have experienced it and all the emotions that go with life.
SO yes im an idiot and have spent two hours on this and just took my very last hit

As a note, you everyone’s experience will be different, some may have extreme effects while others very mild. You may have more difficulty if your life is not well in order when you quit or you have a large amount of emotional stress or things you have not dealt with due to marijuana dealing with them for you.

If you do not share your experience they will be of no use to yourself or others….. 3 years ago

dumbey 3 years ago

tysmith47 3 years ago

ToneDeafMusician 3 years ago

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