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Go 90% vegetarian

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LauralyBeautifulThis isn't as hard as I thought it would be

So far, anyway. I don’t know if I’m actually at the 90% mark, but it’s definitely easier than I thought it would be. Kind of strange, really. There was one time where my mom took me out to Wendy’s, and I said “I want to be vegetarian, remember? I’ll just have an apple.” We were running errands over town and had some groceries, so I just reached in the back seat. My mom is very frugal, so not only is going to eat somewhere a seldom occurrence, but she normally orders the cheapest burger possible, too. This time, what does she do? Order a double patty thing. (I don’t remember what it’s called.) She says “what do you want, Lauraly?” and I insisted, no, I don’t want anything. So she orders two of the double patty things! You know the clich├ęd scenario where someone is on a diet to lose weight and suddenly everybody is baking them brownies and cookies and other sorts of treats? That’s kind of what it felt like.

So even though she ordered me a burger, I didn’t eat it and just had an apple like I said I would. I do notice, too, that I don’t want meat as much after it’s out of my system, so to speak. I’m the same way with sugar, too. It just doesn’t appeal if I haven’t eaten it for awhile.

I was dismayed to find tofu was really expensive at the grocery store. (Before anyone pipes up with “vegetarians eat more than tofu” yes, I know that, lol.) However, I found a different grocery store that sells it much cheaper, so excellent, I have an affordable source of tofu. I’m not sure if it’s like the cowboy proverb about saddles though – cheap saddles ain’t good and good saddles ain’t cheap. Is the same true of tofu? I’ll have to do more research…

Right now, while fresh fruits and vegetables are rampant, this is easy. I’m not so sure how this will go over come winter, but a good start is promising. 3 years ago

LauralyBeautifulTwo years late...

but finally getting around to re-opening this one.

Since I was about 8 I wanted to be a vegetarian, and that’s more or less stayed with me. Meat can be a take it or leave it thing with me, at least in the summer time. Come fall/winter I might have to think about reorganizing my decisions, but I want to try regardless. I have to.

I told Tommy yesterday and he took it better than I thought he would. I told my mom this morning – I thought that would be harder than it was! – but even she was okay with it. She said “well, it’s not like you’re eating all the time with us anyway.” True, but still, I thought she’d raise a fuss about for the times when we have a family get together and meal. I told her I wasn’t going to be a strict vegetarian, but for the most part would be.

So anyway, now that that’s out of the way, we’ll see how this thing goes. 3 years ago


Okay, I am giving up on this one til Spring of ‘08. Winter is on it’s way! 6 years ago

LauralyBeautifulAlready casual vegetarian

I don’t care if I eat meat or not. I would prefer not to, except when needed, such as in the winter, or when pregnant, and in those times, no more than I need to sustain myself. The perks of being vegetarian in addition to less animals being killed are better health, it’s cheaper and less environmental impact.

I’ve always viewed vegan as excessive, and not something I’m interested in, just like strict vegetarianism isn’t for me either. What I dislike about vegetarianism is that if I am a guest at someone’s house (like right now), and I’m a 100% vegetarian, I create a huge problem for whoever I am staying with. I don’t want to do that. Also it’s hard to eat out if we’re at a fast food place.

My sister and her husband are vegetarians, and my mom had a horrible problem trying to come up with tasty dishes that everyone could enjoy when he would be over for supper. Also, when they would cook supper, their recipes were horrible! I don’t understand why either, because I love vegetables, tofu, polenta, etc. It’s like they just made BAD recipes!

My husband, however, is primarily carnivore, and although he supports me in everything I do, I can see this as being an issue just because we’ll run out of ideas on what to eat constantly.

Oh well, where there is a will, there is a way! He needs to eat more vegetation anyway! 6 years ago

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