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have an orgasm so strong I pass out

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fritz51051It was so sexy and romantic...

I’ve never had an orgasm so strong I passed out. But my ex-girfriend did, twice (that I saw). Both times we did relaxation exercises before sex and we used her therapist’s hypnosis sequence to have her concentrate completely on the moment/present. The moment was first my voice, then my touch, then sexual arousel and oral sex and then a series of orgasms one almost right after the other that I told her to go deeper and deeper into. She was really gone/deep into it and then she grunted and let her breath out and went from rigid and orgasming to limp and out. I held her and talked to her but she was out and oblivious but came to in about 15-20 seconds slightly confused for a couple of seconds but fine and excited now in a nonsexual sort of way. I was concerned but tremendously sexually excited. She said it had happened once before without any of the attempt at hypnosis. About a year later it happened again for us in the same way—the only difference was she made little noises when she was out, but was nonresponsive to voice and touch. I was inside her when it happened, but figured I had better stop and make sure she was ok. Each time she said she just lost herself in coming and said she felt like she was going thru a tunnel with a light at the end and the light got smaller and smaller until it disappeared and the next thing she knew she was coming to, realizing what happened. She was also breathing really hard/hyperventilating before she came but she always did this without fainting. 6 years ago

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