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Invite my 43T friends to a Virtual Ice Cream Party Monday 20th August


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Recent activity

Sandy Gabriellitogetherness

I liked the feeling of everyone participating. 6 years ago

RPI sort of

came late and hid out in the kitchen. But everyone seemed to have a grand time! 6 years ago

Nosce te ipsumfor the record

It was Breyer’s PB cup ice cream! 6 years ago

Iron ManI had handcranked ice cream

at the rendezvous in Forest City. We ate it with a piece of lattice crust apple pie baked in a dutch oven. Twas all very delicious. I think Cottonwood has had the opportunity to have this pie at least once, but not sure. If he didn’t try theice cream there he lost out big time. 6 years ago

Kitty Is Backi missed it

where was I?


hope the ice cream was yummy ;) 6 years ago


I thought about ice cream. Does that count? And we’re going to make homemade ice cream this weekend so that should more than make up for it! 6 years ago

Air07Sorry I missed

I hope everyone had a great time! I had forgotten that was the first night of our bowling league and was not able to make the event. I ate an ice cream sandwich later that night! 6 years ago

geekygoddessomgba! ><;;;

gah!! o__o I’m a day late! I had a triple layer chocolate cake that came from the freezer on Monday… does that count? ^^;;; 6 years ago

meliflowerI'm a day late...but not a dollar short...

Homemade amaretto di Saronno ice-cream with marascino cherries and chocolate sauce…yeah, baby! 6 years ago


I forgot… had a big weekend. 6 years ago

joie de vivreMissed the 20th

Sad but true, with my new job, and then chairing a volunteer board meeting that night, I never had the chance to eat ice cream with you all.

Instead, I’m sitting here at my desk, before leaving the office, eating a Haagen Dazs Dark Chocolate Chocolate bar. It’s pleasant enough, but I’m sad I sort of missed the party. 6 years ago

lynnerhad to have a few more scoops.

this time, three twins ice cream. local, organic…think early ben and jerry’s, before they sold out to unilever. i even know these three twins and they are super cool people.

thanks to mindy and gemm for the good old-fashioned ice cream social. 6 years ago

ButtercupsometimesThis was tons of fun!

Should we make it an annual event? 6 years ago

RPI knew that I would be late

and I was right. Too busy driving across the country to get on the internet and eat ice cream :(.

Any leftovers? :D 6 years ago

JadedForeverIce cream-

& friends of course it was worth it!! 6 years ago

SimonParadise is...

...sitting in bed, eating strawberry ice cream, listening to nonsense on the radio, then falling asleep, and dreaming dreams of more ice cream in the days ahead. 6 years ago

Lost WayfarerIt was lovely

I love ice cream and it helped cheer me up a bit as well. I saw so many lovely flavors that I never knew exsisted.

Now, I will have to try to eat some of those newer flavors when I have time. 6 years ago


It has been a bit strange, but I enjoyed it… ;)

ps.: strange even because here in Italy, at the time of the party, it was 1 am 6 years ago

Curlychaos Oohhh! I just realized!

yesterday was my 2 years 43T anniversary too! I celebrated without knowing it then, glad there was an icecream party! ;) 6 years ago

lynneri had haagen daz

pineapple and coconut.
it was yummy6 years ago

Celtic Christiantasty

I made myself an extra thick chocolate milkshake after dinner. 6 years ago

TrishaSmiles... is aHappyHeart<3and can't forget...

rootbeer floats! 6 years ago

Geo58Sorry I came late for the party...

Here I brought some Haagen Daz Vanilla Swiss Almond for everyone…

Häagen-Dazs® Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream is an almond lovers delight. dry roasted almonds, lightly coated with sweet chocolate, are combined with our distinctive vanilla ice cream. simple yet perfect. each spoonful promises a taste of bliss.

6 years ago

TrishaSmiles... is aHappyHeart<3My favorite...

Apple pie ala mode =D 6 years ago

TrishaSmiles... is aHappyHeart<3Nothing Funner than...

Kick the can homemade ice cream 6 years ago

gthornockLunch at Baskin Robbins :)

Between this and various family birthday parties and cousins’ graduations, this has not been a good week for my diet. Well worth taking the break, though! Many thanks to Megan for the invitation! 6 years ago

TrishaSmiles... is aHappyHeart<3oooo I almost forgot...

nothing better than Ice Cream! Yummmy! Yummy! Yummmy! 6 years ago


just finished my snickers ice cream with fudge drizzle on top. i practically licked the bowl. ;P 6 years ago

A Girl in the CurlMmmm

a great idea!
And, it was hot today in San Fran
(maybe, almost 70!) 6 years ago


I was at Moorenko’s enjoying a double scoop – black raspberry chocolate chip and coconut – and reading email on my phone when I saw a posting on this goal.

My only regret is that I didn’t get hot fudge… oh well, next time! 6 years ago

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