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Recent activity

purplefibermomI'm marking this as done

as I did an about face on my previous nonchalant attitude re: cheers. I do have to watch myself so I don’t slide into OCS though. 6 years ago

purplefibermomfor des

in the middle of some cheer bombing – 4444 for an entry about meeting the Hasselhoff ;) 6 years ago

purplefibermomanother aspect of embracing cheering

is that your cheerers tend to find things on your list that you may have been neglecting. Abby is really good at cheering me on those goals ;)

must make list and get something done6 years ago

purplefibermomtrying to catch up....

;) – I fell woefully behind on my cheers the last few weeks, but I’ve been trying to catch back up… now I’m only in a 12 cheer deficit (although I may have picked the wrong starting point when I restarted…) 6 years ago

purplefibermomI used to look upon

cheering as a waste of time. I would occasionally get into cheer bombing someone or do some serendipitous cheering – but I didn’t really see the point. I’ve been on 43T since March of 2005 & I still haven’t reached the 5000 mark. Not that I have cheer envy or anything ;)

Lately though I’ve come to realize that if you get into a regular cheering relationship with someone it helps you to get to know them better. As you have to dig deeper into their entry & commenting past, you really learn some interesting things and re-start some long stilled conversations.

Thanks to all of my new cheering buddies – I’m having fun getting to know you :D 6 years ago

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