survive my first semester of college

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ShesLikeTheWind 2 years ago

ShesLikeTheWindMy Grades..

Well they weren’t as great as I thought they would be..I am VERY grateful that I passed though..EXTREMELY..However, I understand that in college, that isn’t the attitude I need to maintain..If anything,my attitude towards college should always be to do better, and that’s what I intend on doing next semester. I already picked out my classes, which are : Math,Communications 20,English 15,and Music 11. God willingly, I will excel in these classes..Let’s see how I do..I start classes January 30th. Until then, I have the whole month to chill out and prepare for the Spring 2012 semester.Here’s to the Spring semester ;-) 2 years ago


The semester is over! oh yes! I go back to class January 30th! THAT MEANS I HAVE MY BIRTHDAY FREE! YIPPEEE!! I’m so happy and excited.. I’ll put this goal as complete once I get my final grades to see how I did..let’s hope I did okay.. :) 2 years ago

thepulsebeatsI, too, have survived (:

Final grades come in on the 22nd or 23rd.
Very satisfied that my first semester (of many) is officially complete.
God bless you all. 2 years ago

thepulsebeats 2 years ago

somuchlustforlife 2 years ago


is everyone surviving? haha 2 years ago


twitchtwitchtwitchtwitchtwitch should…be…studying….
tomorrow terminates classes of first sem, finals next week.
i’m done a week from now. mind blown. 2 years ago


I have 3 papers to work I go..and they are all due tomorrow! OH GOSH! 2 years ago


I’ve been slacking..NOT GOOD AT ALL >:( 2 years ago

thepulsebeats4 more weeks. 4 more weeks.

Ten classes remaining in SOC, HIS, and BIO.
Even less in PSY 105 and ANT! WOOH! So exciting (: 2 years ago

ShesLikeTheWindMidterm grades!

So I got… a
B- in Psych
A in English
B in Communications
C+ in History
and another
A in my OCD class- which is a class that teaches basic fundamental skills on how to succeed in college :)

The work seems to be getting a little intense with a lot of research papers coming up, but it’s cool- as long as I do it ahead of time and not wait for the last minute, then I should be fine. Hopefully by the end of the semester I don’t have bad grades and I’ll have good ones :) 2 years ago

ShesLikeTheWindI'm realllly hoping

that my GPA doesn’t fall below a 2.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be higher anyway! 2 years ago

forever_sunshine 2 years ago


So I like all of my classes, in a specific order (Communications, Psychology, History and then English) So far I’ve taken some tests and my results visibly represent my studying habits. I’ve gotten 70’s really. Which is really bad. Now that we’re in October (MIDTERMS) I need to study more and come up with better habits. God willingly I will amaze myself, I just need to step it up. Luckily, in all of my classes my teachers drop lowest test grades which is grand for me! 2 years ago



My first day of classes is on Monday, which I’m pretty excited and nervous about at the same time. I mean I guess we’ll see what it’s like. I’m doing community college now, so hopefully when I’m done with it, I can transfer out to a better school,who knows? Let’s see what this goes like :) For now though, I want to survive it and get good grades. 2 years ago

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