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Fit all my books back on the shelves


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Roseviceeechecked my shelves

Actually.. I checked my shelves ..and guess what..
Goal completed!
I only have about 5 books I still want to get rid of (never going to read them I reckon).. but still.. those 5 books dó fit on the shelves.

Great! 4 years ago


I’m getting there.
I have aprox 20 books that need to be sold before I can truly say everything fits on the shelves.
;) 6 years ago


I’m getting there.
I have aprox 20 books that need to be sold before I can truly say everything fits on the shelves.
;) 6 years ago


Now I just need to read them all. 6 years ago

LaikatAfter years of attempting to do this I've realised there is a simple solution:

Get a bigger bookcase. 7 years ago

wooleyduckworking on it

8 shelves are categorized and alphabetized. 7 years ago

wooleyduckparing down

We’ve managed to purge about 19 or 20 more books today. 7 years ago

wooleyducksooooo many books

Hey guess what! It’s time to do this again!


I’ve gotten rid of a bunch the last couple of days and listed a bunch more on a book-swapping site. Now I’m trying to get them all sorted so I can get them back on the shelves and continue to weed some out. 7 years ago

Quest for FollyProgress Followed Quickly by Regress

I moved, and in the process got rid of some books. Enough so that after unpacking and settling in, there were a good three days where 99% of my books were on shelves. (99% is really the maximum, as I always have some by the bed and in my backpack.)

Then entropy… 8 years ago


It’s been a long time since I’ve reminded myself of this site and my 43 things, but have been making progress anyway.

Here are my bookshelves, with about half the amount of books as I had before, and I’ve been visiting the library for my reading instead of the book shop. 8 years ago

wooleyduckfinally complete

This. Is. Done.

There are still books in storage I’m sure but all of the books in the house, including the boxes I discovered, are on shelves. Now to purge some of them… 8 years ago

wooleyduckbuilding a house out of books

Every single time I thought I was almost done we would find more books. No joke. I thought I was done and was celebrating when I discovered a book had fallen into another box and there as no room for it. I was able to rearrange just enough to barely fit that last one in. It was insane.
I’m not done done though, because the books in the bedroom are just thrown on the shelves and not actually arranged. But as soon as that’s done this goal will be complete.

Holy crap we have so many books.

This is not including the books that I know are lurking in storage nor the books my mom has in her bedroom. After she reads those, if I want any of them, I’ll have to make room for them, too. But it’s done for now. It took us building two more cheap bookshelves until we can take the time and money to build the nice big ones that I want but it’s finally, finally nearing completion.
insert BIG sigh of relief here8 years ago


The good news is I got a lot of the books put on the shelves today and the ones that really should go in the bed moved back into there. the bad news is as I was working on all of this I discovered two more boxes full of books.

I need to release a bunch through bookcrossing before I drown in paper. 8 years ago


Well, we got a pretty cool adjustable bookshelf unit a couple of days ago to tide us over until we can build some nice big shelves. I think I should be able to fit all the books back where they go if I make use of the shelves in the bedroom. And maybe also the cubby holes/shelves in the headboard of the bed. I’m going to try to get this done tomorrow but I’m not sure. I do know this as been on my list of goals for too long. 8 years ago

wooleyducka dilemma

I’m wondering if I should give up on this for now. It’s become much harder to complete this goal since we just got rid of most of our shelving. We’re planning to build two new bookcases but until then… Hmm. 8 years ago

wysiwygah, to have a tidy house!

ah, to have a tidy house! 8 years ago

FlashI just realized that this goal will be meaningless in 5 weeks

Because my bookshelves are built into the wall of my apartment. When I move, I will have to buy new bookshelves. Presumably I will purchase shelves that will accomodate all my books. (But not huge ones that will allow me to accumulate more books than I can read in a decade! I’ve been through that already!)

I have about 8 books left to read before everything fits. I could probably do this in 5 weeks, but I don’t feel like having a last book-marathon push. I have more pressing things to think about before my move!

So I guess I will succeed by buying new bookshelves after all. Whatever, as long as they fit!

And if you read my earlier entries, you will see that this was totally worth doing. There were books on every flat surface of my apartment. It was book chaos. Being in this space made my mind buzz with the excitement of all the books to read.

I like my new less cluttered space much better! I feel like I have more space to think, to feel, to be. 9 years ago

FlashDeclaring bankruptcy on the 1-book-in-2-books-out plan

I am so far behind, I’ll never catch up. I haven’t been keeping good track anyway. I don’t want to create more stress! Reading is supposed to be a fun leasure activity, fer goodness sake!

Maybe I’ll still do this, but start with a clean slate at zero, or maybe I’ll think of a better solution. The progress I have made so far has really felt good, and I’d like to continue to move in the direction of all books residing on the bookshelf and only on the bookshelf.

(Don’t you dare suggest buying another bookshelf!) 9 years ago


My book situation isn’t getting any worse, but it isn’t getting any better, either. I have stopped all BookCrossing games where I end up getting books, but people keep offering me RABCKs (random acts of bookcrossing kindness = free books!) that I can’t turn down!

I am now 13 books behind on the “2 books going out for every new one coming in” plan. But I guess I can’t complain if the universe is conspiring to shower me with blessings in the form of free books that I have been wishing for for a long time! 9 years ago

FlashI have been listening to audiobooks in my car

I check them out from the library—the same titles that I have on my shelf waiting to be read. Unabridged only, of course.

This is speeding up this project considerably. Unfortunately, I spend a lot more time driving my car than I spend laying in bed reading. 9 years ago

FlashNo more books on the countertops!

Now it’s just the books on the clothing shelf (there are 16 of them), and this goal is complete! 9 years ago

FlashYay! No more sideways books

There are now no more books laying on top of the other books on the shelves. Next steps: no more books in grocery bags on the floor, no more books in piles on the counters, no more books on the shelf where my clothes used to be (until the books got out of control).

Of course I’m not just doing this wily-nily, I am reading the good ones before I get rid of them. That’s why it’s taking a while! But it feels good just to be making progress. 9 years ago

FlashSorted my reading pile

In this order:

  • The one Bookcrossing book that is in highest demand on that site
  • The one book I want to read most (often something I have just bought or received, something that hasn’t had to wait in the long line of TBRs)
  • The one BookCrossing book (received from another BookCrosser) that I have had on my shelf for the longest time

... and then back to the beginning. 9 years ago

FlashRunning tally since 5/9

Number of books exiting my apartment: 30

Number of books arriving in my apartment: 16

Next thing you know, all the books will fit back in the bookcases! 9 years ago

FlashSo far, no good

Number of books exiting my apartment: 1

Number of books arriving at my apartment: 2

This is going the opposite direction from where I would like it to go! I’d better get busy. 9 years ago

FlashSub goals

  • Read all the Bookcrossing books on my shelf in a timely manner
  • Reduce the total number of books in my (efficiency) apartment by letting go of two books for every new one I acquire, until they all fit into my bookshelf again 9 years ago

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