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sisterbearcub 6 days ago

user1394335597 2 weeks ago

kara2222 2 weeks ago

Lord BearclawThe real truth about "Auras".

Auras are not real.
The human body only generates three quantifiable forms of energy: neurological, electromagnetic, and thermal. None of these three forms can be seen with the human eye, which only picks up light in the visible spectrum.

If there was a certain “special” kind of person who could see such nebulous and heretofore unknown energies while the great majority could not, then it stands to reason such a “gift” would be hereditary and subject to the laws of genetics as modeled by Mendel. This means that out of a current global population of almost 7 billion 25% or 1.7 billion would have the gift to see auras.

It still also does not explain how they could perceive such an energy field in the first place – as I said, the human eye only registers lightwaves in the visible spectrum – it cannot pick up neural, electromagnetic, or thermal energy until thermal generates enough energy to produce visible radiation, like a flame or superheated metal.

What is far more likely is the possibility of visual defects in so-called “aura readers” which cause them to erroneously assume they are “blessed” with a supernatural gift to detect a heretofore unknown, undiscovered, and nebulous energy field of unknown origin and etiology when all scientific observation clearly shows that auras are not real.

Examination by Kirlian photography is inconclusive and non-empirical data at best, as Kirlian measures and records electromagnetic field fluctuations. Every living thing has an EM field, and such fields are in constant flux. Again, the human eye cannot pick up or register EM fields.

Half-baked theories of “etheric doubles” and other such twaddle have absolutely zero basis in fact and in reality are fantastical speculations only. Usually individuals claiming “special” knowledge of such theories are quick to qualify that “science” has no evidence of such things but cannot explain how it is that “they” know these things when scientific observation does not. There are no “true” psychics. Psychic phenomena is completely without any credible evidence to back up its claims, and is usually the purview of the con artist, the scammer, and the egotistical maniac.

I challenge anyone who says these fantasies are real to submit a claim to the James Randi Foundation to prove such paranormal abilities or claims are real. The Foundation is offering a 1 million dollar prize to anyone who can substantiate proof. BTW, no one has ever successfully claimed the money. Good luck. 2 weeks ago

Lord BearclawSpells and "Magic(k)"

Spells do not work. Magick, regardless of spelling, is not real.

No amount of mumbo jumbo, wand-waving, rhyme making, circle casting, incense burning, candle lighting, athame wielding, hocus pocus can so much as alter one single thing in objective reality.

Don’t believe me? Want to prove me wrong? Ok. Set a analog and a digital clock on a table with a yellow #2 pencil. Set both clocks to the exact same second. Now turn on a video recording device and synchronize it with the clocks, setting it to display the timestamp in the video. Mark the pencil with a knife in a unique manner that cannot be easily duplicated.

Now, use your “magic” to change the pencil from yellow to green. Make it bend double. Transmute it into a green bird made from a pencil. Give it two feet and make it hop. On video, without removing any of the items from the table, and no pauses, lookaways, or anything blocking the pencil and clocks from sight for even a second.

Go ahead. Let’s see it. 2 weeks ago

nikki2222 2 weeks ago

XxemiliaxX 4 weeks ago

Brynna13 1 month ago

lalainj 3 months ago

Lord BearclawThe Tuatha deDanaan and the Alfar.

You are all 100% human, born of two 100% human parents, as was their parents before them, and their parents before them, and so on and so forth.

There are no such things as “Fae”. The Fae, Fairies, Fair Folk, Twyleth Teg, Sidhe,Tuatha deDanaan, etc. are all derived from the ancient meeting of disparate and different tribes of humans. Most of the legends come from Ireland, where the settlers moving into the area were fair and tall compared to the natives who were shorter and dark of hair. This has become distorted down through the centuries in the myths of the Tuatha and the Firbolg, who may have actually been the surviving remnant of Neanderthal man. We know from DNA testing that the genetic legacy of Neanderthal man is present in and disseminated throughout modern human lineage, proving that the Neanderthal heritage was recessive compared to the Dominant genetics of HomoSapiens, and thus also proving that we assimilated them through interbreeding.

The Tuatha, or Fair Folk conquered the Firbolg, and over the years assimilated them through warfare and intermarrying, with the genetic code of the newcomers being Dominant. Much later other tribes moved into the area, and the process was repeated, except that the new tribes immortalized the Tuatha as “elves” or the Fair Folk, and even though they were either beaten in warfare or assimilated in interbreeding the newcomers found it to be much more pleasing to pretend in stories that the Fair Folk had retreated into “faerie mounds” or vanished into other worlds.
The legends were also colored by the inclusion of ideas from other Germanic/Norwegian tribes, whose stories of Asgard incorporated tales of short dwarves who lived in underground cavern kingdoms and tall, graceful elves, or Alfar, who lived in the otherwordly realm of Alfheim and were ruled by the god Frey.

Over the centuries Man spread throughout England and Ireland, building roads, villages, farms, cities, etc. and encroaching more and more on the land. The savage and wild corners of the maps were slowly filled in, and as it became apparent that there were no “elf” cities just over the horizon, or deep in the forests, we relegated them to being under the hills, in subterranean realms of wonder. Gradually we shrunk the elves in our tales, and the tall Alfar or Tuatha disappeared from our stories, replaced by tiny pixies, sprites, boggans, etc.

The faeries are nothing more than the watered down, corrupted legends of ancient man, born from a time when the tribes of Man were different enough that each group thought that the other was something supernatural or alien 3 months ago

craftygirl123 3 months ago

Zadalove11 3 months ago

princessbloom435 4 months ago

4N1M3FR34K 4 months ago

Iris_NightphillyBlog About Wicca And Witchcraft

Hello all! I see there’s still some people out there trying to become a fairy, and may want to learn more about the fae and create spells to become one. If you need help learning about the Craft and/or creating a spell, don’t hesitate to message me. I understand if you might doubt my credibility, but I have been checking in on this goal since it started 6 years ago, I’ve been a Wiccan and practiced Witchcraft for the past 5 years, and prefer to make my own spells than use anyone else’s.

If you’d like, you can check out my YouTube channel:

And my Blog:
http://nightphilly.tumblr.com 4 months ago

Meara BrownUntitled


Meara Brown 4 months ago

Icy berry Untitled

I think it has been more than a year that I have come onto this site, and since then I have grown so much. I have discovered who I am and what my purpose and goal is, and I am content:) I have found out that I am in fact an elemental incarnate, which explains why I have always been drawn to anything Fairy/elemental, And pretty much is me down to a T. It explains the way I think, the way I see the world, it explains my childhood and love for anything Celtic. I think that through this site my main goal was to be someone else, who could literally swim/fly away from my problams. But I am now content, I love life and will embrace it to the fullest, and will live it out trying to achieve my goal/the reason why I incarnated to this earth anyway, to save this earth and to regain the balance between man and nature. 4 months ago

Icy berry 2 years ago

Rogue✌ Untitled

(◡‿◡✿) tell me I’m pretty 4 months ago

Eden 幻想Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! It’s raining here and I wasn’t able to do anything, so I just went to school as a shadow hunter, next year though I’m going to go as a fairy probably and hand out candy ;) or help my friend with his little sister ;P how was everyone else’s night?

Also, remember, the veil between the material world and the sprit realm are thinnest tonight! So get any good luck spells or charms in today (but remember protection as well, sea salt and rosemary!) 5 months ago

Eden 幻想Nightmares

Last night, my stepdad, mother and I all had nightmares. I have yet to ask my mother what here was about however.
Basically, (for myself at least) I accidentally and involuntarily astral projected, which led to my ordeal. I’m not going to go into details, but I can’t help but feel a connection between all the nightmares 5 months ago


How is chu all doing??

SOOO In light of this goal becoming dead again, my return (again) and my sight starting to come back… and a few new peeps, I’m writing this post!

RECENTLY any and ALL electronics have been acting up around me. What I mean by that is that my phone won’t work for me, but as soon as someone takes it out of my hands to check it out, it works fine. This has been happening a lot. Even in writing this just now, my lights were flickering even though it’s new bulbs (it also stopped when I looked at them)

Ive decided to cleanse my life if you may. Ive cleared all litter and junk from all the rooms I frequent, etc and have been using lots of scents and perfumes to enhance my life.

MY SIGHT IS STARTING TO COME BACK (yay yay yay!) ANNNND I found out why my mother went all crazy on me as a child banning all magic. She had this book, and I read a bit of it, but since I found out about it, Ive been able to see more things like when I was a kid. Basically, when my mom did what the book told her, she basically removed all spirits, that’s why I stopped seeing them. Soooo yeah, I mean, its not really a good thing having any spirits in your home, but now I know why she went crazy and all that jazz.

Ive discovered more about true magic. Its disappointing to say the least that its not like what you think it is as a child, and you cant really do much with it. Even with ESP and TP etc, you cant really do much. However, Ive run out of things to say…. Ill tell yall more in another post… Until then, welcome newbies! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Oh, Basically what Im talking about with ESP and all that is basically a human with slightly enhanced physic abilities. So for example, when I say sight I mean slightly seeing what an average medium would see. Ive always been able to sense it however, just not see it like I used too. Also, TP (if Im even getting the term right) is just a way to change minor things, for example, bending spoons, guessing cards or dice rolls, etc. This is what Ive been studying in my absence. As cool as it would be to grow wings and fly, I know Im never going to achieve that, and Im content in what I can do. All of us are special in our own ways, and I think that all of us just being on this goal all possess some ESP ability of some sort, and that’s what we called our fairy powers
I still have a hard time trying to remove this goal because I love yall so much, but once again, Im here to answer questions. Eden out for real :) 5 months ago

fantasea 6 months ago

❤ Michaela ☼ ☾ ✩ 2 years ago

❤ Michaela ☼ ☾ ✩My Realization

I’ve found out a lot of things lately and realized a lot too. I’m not doing anything related to magical creatures anymore. At first I was wanting it for all the wrong reasons, I wanted to become a magical creature to get away from my problems. And when I found out I was from the other dimension, it just made me so happy to know there was another place out there that could be like my escape. But it’s not going to be an escape…it’s just like another place where drama and horrible people exist. Then I recently found out that it was all a mistake (sort of) and that I really belong somewhere else. But I’m nothing special, I’m just a normal girl. Not a magical creature, not a princess, just normal me. Just the way I like it. Instead of deleting this goal permanently, I’m going to say I completed it because I want to keep all my previous entries and I feel like I’ve wanted this for so long and now I finally found out what I’m supposed to do in life so I have completed in in a sense. I’ll still be roaming around here to talk to you guys but this is no longer a goal of mine. I can’t believe after over 2 years of being on this goal that this would be the way I stopped it. But I’m happy still. Good luck to everyone! 7 months ago

MinyMisfit 7 months ago

MinyMisfitLittle Mix Wings >,<

OMG ! I was listening to Little Mix’s songs “Wings” for like the whole day ! I got my wings today !!! Their Pink with a dash of Green. They are so pretty ! (Dashing on you hoes --—> 7 months ago

ObsidianWerewolf 8 months ago

Eden 幻想Ummm Hello?

So um yeah, what the hell is going on here .!!!

A) I read through some of the posts and can someone please explain to me what this princess deal is and what the roses or whatever are? I need a full story before I say anything else…

B) SUUUP, been awhile, How is everyone?

C) Leave Michaela alone, if you have anything to say, and pardon my french, but you can shove it up your ass.

D) Whilst I’ve been gone my sensitivity to the “spiritual world” has increased 10 fold. My dreams have been clear and accurate. And my clairvoyance is being amazing. The best part is I’m not even trying, it’s just happening now.

SO YEAH, THAT’S THAT, TALK TO ME PEOPLE. Ask questions if you’d like, I’m here to help :3

p.s if you haven’t read the mortal instruments or the infernal devices, I highly recommend you do, you don’t be disappoint. 8 months ago

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