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get rid of all my clutter

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true_blueDonating clothes, etc.

I have donated a few clothes to the charity, the one where I currently volunteer. I’m also giving away another bag of clothes, shoes and a couple of handbags to family members.

I will be keeping a few clothes that are now too small for me. I want to drop 1 – 2 dress sizes. 6 days ago

GumersindaStuff I don't use anymore

I’ve moved recently to a new apartment, smaller than the old one, and I need to do some changes in my life, get back to basics. This is a great moment to get rid of things I don’t really need.

These last months I’ve donated some clothes and books, but I still have some stuff I don’t use. I will try to sell it or find a new home for these items during next weeks. 1 week ago

Gumersinda 1 week ago


I boxed up some books for scanning and paid. I now just need to wait a few weeks for the scanning appointment. I now have a small selection of books left, the rest are scanned. 4 weeks ago

true_blueMaterialistic tendencies

Gave an old duvet to my mother. The only problem is: as soon as I’ve done that, I spotted another duvet in the supermarket to replace the duvet I just gave away.

I need to add another goal – Stop being so materialistic! 4 weeks ago


The second duvet is sold already! I will be posting it tomorrow.

Attempting to declutter my digital life too. Lots of e-mails! 1 month ago

true_blue1 down...

1 quilt/duvet cover sold! 1 month ago


I have listed the duvet/quilt covers on ebay. Now comes the waiting part! 1 month ago

Paula Kiskaden 8 years ago

MotherNature1962I am doing well! Sold more items on eBay.

Today I listed 9 more items. Even better, I haven’t added anything new to my clutter so the money stays in the bank. Monday I will take some shoes and clothes to the deposit so people can have those for free… 1 month ago


Two duvet sets are waiting to be listed and sold on eBay. 1 month ago

true_blueToo many clothes

My room feels cluttered. I dream of becoming a minimalist, but there are far too many things on my wishlist…

Anyway, I spent most of the day evaluating the things I own. I went through my clothes (my wardrobe is bulging) and removed some of what I don’t really like much, don’t fit well anymore, don’t wear often enough, or not so sure about keeping.

Also, I will be donating or selling a recipe book. 2 months ago

true_blueExercise bike

I sold an exercise bicycle on ebay last month. I never used it. The couple who picked it up were happy to have it. I’m sure they’ll make the most out of it, and much more than I ever did. 2 months ago

MotherNature1962Just sold 5 things!

Another step forward to having less clutter. I just sold 5 things on eBay. More space for me! 2 months ago

teachocolateandbooksto do

Cuttlery drawer
Miscellaneous kitchen items drawer
Crockery cupboard
Paperwork and bits of paper (neverending)
Three drawers in the sideboard

If I do this by the end of the month, that would be pretty good. 2 months ago

Optionally_Mine 2 years ago

Optionally_MineQuite Funny ..

Its almost a year to the day since I hit upon this goal with an entry about needing more storage in the box room that is my bedroom and since starting work again I have been looking for chest of drawers and similar storage options .. either I am too fussy with the whole look or the things I have seen are just not worth the cash for the quality they are lacking in .. in the meantime the clutter is casting magic spells of ever increasing circles leaving me thinking ‘you’ve got to be joking I don’t even like shopping’ before lighting yet another candle I’ve been gifted or opening toiletries sets to get rid of in self indulgence style quite deliciously so ..

Trouble is now I want some new stuff of things I haven’t got or need replacing so its time to be more ruthless as I go through the year of out with the old in with the new I want to see more progress by joining the get rid of one thing every day to become more mindful of hidden clutter as well as those on display and make squares of fluid lines throughout my home .. Goodbye Clutter .. :-) 2 months ago

MotherNature1962 2 months ago

teachocolateandbooksA little more

Got rid of CD and DVD cases and put the CDs into folders: amazing space gain.
Keyboard and mouse given away.
All cardboard boxes in recyclables.
Husband went through all of his things and filled up a big bag of things to get rid of and sell. 3 months ago

OasisOfCalmSold some CDs/DVDs

I had them pretty much ready for awhile. Yesterday I listed them, and today got them sent off. Used the same site as before. 3 months ago

teachocolateandbooksPermanently gone and in the give away box

Actually out: Italian coffee pot, blender.

Into the give away box: gift wrapping supplies, party supplies, lamp shades, pancake frying pan and spatula (brand new, should make someone happy), a few headbands that just don’t suit my face

Into the return box: a bunch of DVDs my coworker lent to me a while ago and were forgotten (oops)

Into the scan boxes: one box of books to send off for OCR scanning, another box for regular scanning. Just need to place the order and wait for the box sending date (there’s usually a two-month waiting list)

Into the take to work bag: a load of paper to shred, some cosmetics, some language books for my lunch break, stationery

Scanned: most of my ephemera collection; two thirds of the way through my stationery collection, then I’ll move onto postcards. Once I’ve scanned everything I’ll be sharing them with friends. I’m really interested in graphic design and illustration so I tend to keep hold of random bits of paper

Organized: tourism leaflets and maps. I’m always looking for things to do (and then not doing them!) so I keep picking up these handouts wherever I go. They’re now put away in a clear file folder, ready for use 3 months ago

ladysaraii 3 months ago

ndnmmm06 5 years ago

sjd109 4 months ago

soozlee 4 months ago

carlaroe 4 years ago


A pair of shoes that are too big, going to a coworker today. 5 months ago

true_blueNeed space

I will be donating a few old clothes tomorrow. 5 months ago

teachocolateandbooks8 bags of clothes

Recycled at H&M. Will buy some socks with a voucher I got in exchange and give away the other vouchers.

Out: cheap, dodgy lamp that looks like a fire hazard. A pair of tatty shoes, a broken photo frame and a very scratched frame, a pair of scissors that I could not sharpen enough no matter how much I tried.

Stacked in the donation box: keyboard, mouse, aquarium stuff, candle holders, books. 5 months ago

teachocolateandbookstaking a break

Just bagged up more clothes for the H&M recycle bin and having a break now before getting stuck back in.

I’ve got SO MUCH to do before my house guest turns up in 11 days, but I’m feeling positive! Really needing some big boxes though. Big blue IKEA bags will have to do in the meantime. 6 months ago

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