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vrogre 1 month ago

Jmie3a 2 months ago


ability to shovel snow 3 months ago

Hellcat13 3 months ago

BrunetteBarbieDoll 3 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~ 9 months ago

dsammour 3 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Xmas Gratitude...

  • Assist to all the party invitations I accepted
  • Take two weeks free of work
  • Start to paint my balcony furniture
  • Have enough money to bought all my Xmas presents
  • Rest
  • Have a wonderful year of learning 3 months ago

NourHaba 3 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~December 17th Gratitude

  • Hershey pie
  • Laugh with my coworkers
  • Pandora (Pink Martini channel)
  • Found the perfect dress… and shoes
  • Have time for spirituality 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~December 16th gratitude

  • Bought part of my Christmas presents
  • A quilt for my bedroom
  • A free night
  • Pinterest
  • A new shirt
  • Enjoy Christmas slowly without a rush of other years 4 months ago

kathleenicholson 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~November 24th gratitude

  • A very fun day with my son
  • Gotcha
  • Exercise
    *. Time to heal 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Noviembre 23th

  • For a music surprise at music’s school
  • For preparation for my next spiritual iniciation
  • For see my kid touched by the orchestra
  • Netflix in my new tv!!!
  • The Secret movie 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~November 22th gratitude

  • End of the week
  • Some beers with a coworker
  • Business plan workshop
  • Go early to sleep 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~November 21th gratitude

God im grateful for:
  • Talk with Mimi and express my feelings
  • Keep going in my business plan
  • Take decisions
  • Try to see the good things where all looks difficult
  • Rain sound 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~November 20th Gratitude

Im very very grateful for:
  • Have my domain (im very active working on my business)
  • See the photos of Saturday activities with my students
  • Keep in control
  • Sleep well 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Im here again!!! November 19th gratitude

Im grateful for:
  • Have quality time with friends
  • Spend time in nature
  • Take time for spirituality
  • Get along with FW
  • Laugh 4 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~October 22th Gratitude

  • For a wonderful friend
  • For the opportunity to flow
  • Flowers
  • A very active day
  • Time to clean 5 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~October 21th gratitude

  • For a good start
  • My students
  • Time to pray and make my spiritual work 5 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Weekend Gratitude

  • Magical Friday
  • Time for rest
  • Install my new tv
  • Time to think in my business
  • People helping me 5 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~October 1st gratitude

Im grateful for:
  • Time to work with my spirits
  • FW’s visit and help
  • Time to visit my parents
  • Deep sleep
  • Magic 6 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 30th gratitude

  • For my kabbalah class
  • For go to bed early an a very deep sleep
  • For a tidy house
  • For a full gas tank
  • For preparations 6 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 29th gratitude

Im grateful for:
  • Very hot day
  • Sweat
  • Bought flowers
  • FW’s visit
  • My son’s kisses and hugs
  • Time to cook
  • Money for groceries
  • Felt very happy and relax 6 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 28th Gratitude

Im grateful for:
  • A full day to my work my spiritual side
  • Recognize my areas to work
  • My godmother’s love
  • FW’s love
  • A free weekend

Thanx! 6 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 11th Gratitude

Im grateful for:

  • My mom’s birthday
  • Be the Criminal Justice student’s menthor
  • Long talk with W in the night
  • Feel someone support me
  • Eat well
  • German Chocolate cake 7 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 9th gratitude

  • Feel real love
  • Patience
  • Realice the important of live in the present
  • Dreams
  • My son
  • Money for groceries
  • Laugh
  • Pandora
  • Very fast breast recovery
  • Kisses
    Thanx!!!!!!!!!! 7 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 8th gratitude

  • For a fast recovery
  • For a clean house
  • For enough power to say NO
  • For music
  • For friends
  • For a free day 7 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 7th gratitude

Im grateful for:
  • a very peaceful day
  • W’s patience
  • go to the salon to do my hair
  • Youtube
  • fast recovery 7 months ago

~Beautifuldwarf~September 6th gratitude

  • for a good surgeon
  • for all the visits from my friends
  • for my parents who takes care of my kid during the surgery
  • for laugh 7 months ago

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