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Emelle 6 years ago

Saraband 9 months ago

amandaperlCoat of Many Colors

I love the song and have been wanting to make a patchwork sweater that looked elegant rather than kitschy and was warm and functional. I copied the pattern of my grey sweater from this post in red cotton and then laid out, cut, pinned and whipstitched (if you call it that when it’s flat) a variety of felted wool sweaters in warm colors. They are different thicknesses, unfortunately; the purple is especially thin. The pieces are joined inside with flannel binding, and the sleeves and collar are lined in flannel to be more cozy (I didn’t have enough to line the whole thing and figured those places are most likely to have bare skin touching them). I put it together with snaps in a Tibetan-style cut. 12 months ago

amandaperl 15 months ago

amandaperlUFO steampunk quilt

(un-finished object, no aliens).
Three years ago I started a steampunk quilt. I made an amazing sketch and found some great steampunk fabrics, but somehow I mostly hated the result. I hung onto it, and carried it across the country with me in bundled up form. Yesterday I finally pulled it out and did some work on it. The center is still awesome, as much of it as I have done. The problem started in the second ring (it’s concentric circles). In my sketch the second ring is a squiggle but in real life I used some purply bricks, and I think that’s where I got into trouble. I was not careful about my color palette, just using any steampunk-ish fabric I could find, and I quickly dropped away from the integrity of my sketch, which I love. So I am returning to the Robert-Downey-Jr.-Sherlock Holmes palette and the sketch, so I am in the market for some paisley fabric.

Colors from the film: Black, white, charcoal, tweedy-brown, gold, dull turquoise, rich leather-brown, dull lime green, burgundy, bright red, silver-grey. I am using some fabrics with silver highlights on top of the greys, a little out of the movie palette but really great fabrics. 14 months ago

amandaperlHorse quilt

So I spent about 4 hours on Sunday trying to baste the stupid thing. I tend to use unconventional batting but this messy scrap-yarn afghan is by far the most challenging batting I’ve used. I finally got it basted roughly smooth on the third try. I opted not to baste it too closely mainly because I was annoyed but it’s also so wibbly I’m not sure it was worth doing it “properly.” Instead I am getting it super-smooth before quilting a section. Also I am NOT popping it out of the hoop as I normally would, but rather am going to leave it in place til the whole area is quilted. I am not big-stitching it this time, I am using regular thread and small stitches, and because of the wibbly-ness I am quilting it pretty closely. I started with the horse applique. It’s not the center of the quilt but it’s the focal point; everything else is strips. I am doing echo quilting. I would like to try improv quilting where you just decide as you go and use no pattern markings but just sew. I trust my eye as the final arbiter on everything, even if the ruler says different. 14 months ago


The wall hanging is totally finished (no label) and up on the wall. The applique horse is completed, now it’s time to lay out and baste the sandwich. 14 months ago


The leaves are all quilted and the edges trimmed. (They are NOT straight, but who cares). So now the innumerable (okay, it’s three)finishing steps are to be gone through: binding, label, and hanging pocket. 14 months ago

amandaperlTurn a sweater into...a sweater?

At the craft swap there were several felted sweaters, and I grabbed one or two. At the end there was still a grey one left, so I though I’d take it. I tossed it in the laundry and when it came out it looked so cozy I thought I’d try it on, see what I might make with it. Well, it was SO cozy (turns out it’s 10% angora rabbit) that what I decided to “make” was a sweater. I got out my sweater shaver and cleaned it up as best I could, and then just wore it. Well, there’re plenty of felted sweaters in my house already for projects. 14 months ago

amandaperlSome updates on ongoing projects

The wall hanging (probably now titled just “Autumn Glory”) is partially quilted. I expect it will be a bit til I start Phase 2 of quilting, because I need to wait for some more leaves to turn. I’m doing one of those complicated things that no one will know but me, but a) this is a project for my home, so I’ll see it all the time, and b) I believe firmly that a design with a lot of thought in it inherently appears richer to a viewer, even a viewer who is unaware of the details. The center part with the applique leaves is quilted – I put in veins on the applique and then added overlapping oak leaves. The other 2/3 of the quilt is patchwork in a variety of fall colors and tones, and I am matching fall leaves by color to each patch (not one for one, there is overlap and some places where one leaf covers multiple patches). I will quilt an outline of each leaf. Again, it will not be obvious but it matters to me. The leaves have not turned most of the really bright reds and yellows yet, so those patches can’t be matched until later. I am debating whether to sew the ones I have yet or not, because they will lose some color. I’m leaning towards not, so I can have a complete layout before stitching and do any cheating make any adjustments necessary.

The throw/strip quilt has been pulled out of the pile today as well. I am working on a single needle-turn applique horse. I had originally planned on multiple iterations of a very stylized horse, as on the blanket I saw on the train that inspired this project, but I got all excited about Lascaux and decided to do a more accurate horse (it’s running) but as that is MUCH more work there will only be one. Incidentally I used the same mottled-orange fabric for my cave-painting horse as I did for one of my oak leaves. I bought and washed some backing fabric for this throw; I hope I don’t have to piece it.

The mermaid goggles finally made some progress! I got stalled out because all my decorations were starting to look too much alike, so I spent a very long time aging/patina-ing a few of them. They took FOREVER but came out great. I ended up with two patina-d seahorses and two rusted bits of filigree. It made a really nice contrast, and I still had two matching filigree pieces that were not rusted so I used both sets. I finally solved an awkward-spacing problem as well, but I need a quick trip to the corner hardware store to execute it. (I was challenging myself to make things with what I had yesterday.) I am still debating about adding bits of chain, either firmly attached or dangling. I’ll see after this last step is completed. This project is a little odd for me. I’m still getting used to the backwards construction of leather goods, where you complete all the decoration before assembly. I tend to think in terms of getting it all together and THEN fussing about decorations, but that’s nearly impossible in leather. It means I have to have more complete design plans than I usually do. Once ALL the decorations to the side part are complete (I have already made the strap, which is usually the last part made) THEN I start on the front part. I figured out the mistake I made on the last pair of lab-style goggles that made them splay out so badly – I didn’t really shape the leather as complexly as the plastic was shaped, so the front of the plastic goggles was essentially too small. That is why I have to complete the outside part first and then I can cut the front piece (and the matching inside piece). 14 months ago

amandaperlFall wall hanging

I have been working on a fall wall hanging; tentatively called “A Blaze of Autumn Glory.” It is two patchwork blocks with an applique oak leaf block in the middle and a narrow double border. The top is pieced; I picked up a piece of an old wool blanket at Scrap for the batting, and the backing is a coarse-woven brown cotton. Last night I basted it together. I am also working on a complicated label for it made of tiny paper-pieced hexagons.

I find that my quilting in particular is very tied to the weather. We are having cool autumn weather at present, so I feel like working on the quilt. If it were to suddenly hop back up to hot summer, I suspect I would lose interest. 15 months ago

a gorigami dragon

At lunch today, I folded an origami dragon from one of the napkins. Well, not really a napkin, but a piece of brown square paper they put under the sandwich. It hadn’t gotten any sandwich-ness on it, so I would’ve felt bad throwing it out, so I gave it to the staff there, to display by the register. Wonder how long it’ll last. 23 months ago

a gMake stuff for LJ friends, promised through a meme (years ago)

I was thinking I’d decorate some eggs via a wax-resist process (write pysanky) for people, but first I need to look up the list of people from that old livejournal entry. Anyhow, something to add to here when I get the space (time). 23 months ago

a gmitp origami bell ornament

This evening I printed and folded the mit press paper ornament, shaped like a bell. Not much, but something for today. 1 year ago

a gsnowflakes

Folded and cut out a paper snowflake on Sunday, while teaching others how, to send to the new school for the kids in CT. 1 year ago

a g 1 year ago

proudauzzie 2 years ago

jacobbaer 2 years ago

proudauzzieThe other day I did...

a few scapbooking pages. a lot of fun. I unfortunately had to stop as I ran out of photos. 2 years ago


Making a story for NaNoWriMo at the moment and having a blast in the process. 2 years ago

proudauzzie25th Oct 2012

A sugar insect. 2 years ago

proudauzzieA couple of things this past week are a...

Felt note book cover and sugar orbs. 2 years ago


plasticine roses. Lots of fun to make. 2 years ago

Karen Quinn FungMaking stuff: better with friends

I’m fortunate: one of my best friends is a seamstress extraordinaire. I have a ton of sewing projects and mending odds-and-ends I want to do, and I’m fortunate to be motivated to actually tackle some of them because I love spending time with her. I’m glad she seems to get a lot out of it, even though it sometimes leads to her tackling the harder parts on my behalf due to my desperate unskilledness.

Moral of the story: making things with friends is a great way to make sure we make things. Next up: shower curtains. I’ve also prompted her to make an iPad case with my old shirts. The challenge is to make time, by being good about finishing what I have to do in the time I give myself, so that I have some left over for the things I want to do. 2 years ago

Karen Quinn Fung 3 years ago

BrittanyHope 3 years ago

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