Decide which course I want to do and which university I want to go to

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So it turns out that this wasn’t really my best idea as I’ve now quit and am much happier. But that’s not to say that I regret going to uni – I’ve made some great friends, met the man I’m going to marry and had some good laughs during the 2 years I was there. (Also spent a lot of money though!!) 3 years ago


Got my results on Thursday obviously, then looked on Ucas to see which unis had spaces as I hadn’t signed up to Ucas and so didn’t have any offers, then I rang up Portsmouth Uni. So in September I shall be taking Computer Science at Portsmouth! :D
I went to look round it today and it’s really nice, and the city’s great too! 5 years ago


I’m never gonna be able to decide on a course! There’s not a subject I like enough to want to study it for around 4 years. If I study just one or two subjects for that long I will just end up hating the subject :-( 6 years ago

ZoeWorld Maritime Day

Took me a while to get round to posting an entry about this, but better late than never (I love cliches :-) )

Anyway, it was quite interesting and the subjects I have are like perfect for some careers to do with the sea. I still haven’t had a look at all the leaflets and things I picked up so I guess I should do that soon.

Then I have to get round to deciding on some unis and courses, visiting some unis, writing my personal statement etc etc all the fun things in life. 6 years ago


There’s a school trip to a boat for the World Maritime Day or sth, but we can find out about careers to do with the sea so I’ll go and see what I think of them careers :-) 6 years ago


I just found out the open days of all the universities I’m interested in that I haven’t visited already. One is tomorrow (I’m working), 2 are on the 6th October (Again, I’m working and also they clash), one is on the 29th September (I have family down from Austria and they’re only here for a weekend) and another isn’t until 2008… There was one which I could make, but it was for a Uni I’m not as interested in, so now I’m kinda stuck really… I don’t want to apply to learn somewhere for 4 years if I don’t like it. 6 years ago


Well I’ve decided that I’m definately taking a course which involves German, but I wont just do German because you can’t really get a job out of that… So I will either do German followed by a Post Grad degree, or I will take something else as well.

I like maths, but AS and A level seem quite pointless to me, I don’t see any use to what we’re doing, and that puts me off a bit… My fav. sub at the mo is English, but I don’t want a job in it. So I’m thinking that a job with computers and German might be best, therefore pointing towards German and Business Studies, or German and computing or something… I’ll need to think about it a bit more.

I looked at a list of all the universities in England and Scotland, and wrote a list of the ones I could look into more, and there were some of them which seem ok – I wasn’t too keen on the ones with about six campuses, I prefer everything to be in the same place. Also, Liverpool seemed quite nice, but it was a city based campus, and I’ve visited a university which was like that and I didn’t like how there were random buildings which were nothing to do with the university in between all the university buildings. So I’ve ruled out Liverpool for now… I don’t have the list with me now as I’m at 6th form, so can’t think about the others and later I have work, but I’ll have another think about it tomorrow or something. 6 years ago

ZoeI have no idea...

Which course to take. I was thinking about maybe doing German and Business Studies… But Robotics sounds interesting too, but Warwick doesn’t have that. There are too many decisions :P

I looked at some Universities this year – Edinburgh, St Andrews, Cambridge and Warwick, and out of all of them I prefer Warwick and I think I will apply to there, but I need to decide which other uni’s to apply to. I might apply to St Andrews. I want to visit Newcastle but it’s £100 to get there which I thought was a bit excessive.. And there are a couple of others I wanna visit. 6 years ago

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