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PancemasterMy acrostic chart of values (sounds nerdy huh)

Okay, yeah, it looks like something a 6th grader would have to do for a homework assignment or something. I’ll admit that.

But these are some of my values and I’d like to share them with y’all.

Perseverance is probably the most important one on my chart. Sometimes things get really difficult and you want to give up, but giving up is giving in. It’s not about how fast you get it done, it’s about doing it despite all the challenges.

Learning is another vital value in my life, along with teaching. To grow as a person and truly enjoy life, you cannot stop learning. Part of learning is also teaching others what you know. If someone around me needs to know something and I know how to teach them about it, I’ll give it a shot. Learning is about taking guidance from those who hold more knowledge than oneself, and teaching is leading others to knowledge.

Creativity is definitely in my inventory of values because I am forever intertwined with art and expression. It is a trait to be valued no matter what a person’s skill or effort. Without creativity, by golly, the world would be a pretty bland place.

Loyalty is something I not only strive to exercise, I also seek it in others and admire it to a point. Knowledgeable loyalty is the best loyalty in comparison to blind loyalty. I’m loyal to people, establishments and ideas, but if their views and actions begin to conflict with my own, I evaluate whether my loyalty to them is as valuable as theirs is to me.

Routine and Order are a couple of values that seem sort of rigid to have or admire, but without some sort of sembalance of a schedule I am lost. Having a couple of regular, scheduled things to do gives my life structure. If I were to live withou order and routine, I would lose myself in chaos.

Privacy and solitude go hand in hand. Privacy is the respect of theoretical boundaries and actual personal space. Solitude is the relish of having time to myself. I value both dearly. I am a person who requires solitude on a semiregular basis to keep sane- if I don’t have time to myself to collect my thoughts and center myself, I go nuts.

Achievement is a value that I would like to put more emphasis on. A lot of the time I don’t give myself enough credit for the achievements in life. Similarly, I don’t give others the respectable recognition of their own achievements. Everyone deserves accolades for their favorable actions.

Self-Expression and Imagination are similar to Creativity. But they go beyond art and writing and things like that. Imagination is the value of thinking up ideas and self-expression is taking those ideas and putting them out there. Which if you think about it, is kind of redundant in light of Creativity…

Kindness is something I’ve lost touch with over time. I don’t know when, but I used to be a very kind person (at least in my eyes). But kindness in others is not a value to be ignored. Kindness can be the difference between a good day and the worst day of your life.

Passion and Spirit are sort of similar too… passion is having genuine enthusiasm for something, and spirit is the drive to do something regardless of whether you like it or not. Doesn’t mean you’re not interested and you do it perfunctly, it just means you put everything you have into doing it. Lately I’ve gotten out of touch with both. Doing things half-assed only makes you feel half-assed.

Empathy and compassion are other interpersonal values that I regularly practice. Sometimes I put myself in another person’s POV and I can’t imagine what kind of life they must be living because it’s so difficult seeming. I’m quite compassionate. I hate to see people suffer and oftentimes try to help out or figure out how to make everything better (whether it actually does, is yet to be seen)

Honesty sometimes seems like an overused, cliche value, but I gotta tell you- life is much less stressful if you just tell the truth or at least be as honest as you can without being mean.

Respect is also one of those values that I think is often overused and vague, but what it comes down to is treating others the way you’d like to be treated.

Trust and Forgiveness are two values that I’m currently working greatly on. For a long time I wasn’t sure what it meant to trust someone or forgive them. I didn’t know how to recognize either until I lost trust from one person and had trouble forgiving another. But the ability to trust someone as well as forgive are probably the most important things to learn and value and foster good relationships.

For my whole life I’ve valued my Integrity and for being able to stick to my values. It was difficult through high school, but because I had my other values- respect for others and honesty about my views on things I was able to get out morally intact.

And… productivity. When things are going efficiently, it’s all good. 21 months ago

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