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carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #27 ~ Your arm is covered in silly bandz by the end of the day...*

I have a pile of them in the top drawer of my jewelry box, because kids love to just “give” them to me. And I like to wear them. I guess I’m still a kid at heart. :-) 4 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #26 ~ Who else has or even wants a...*

six foot, life-sized, stand-up president which has to be stored in your basement?? I am currently on the prowl for a six foot Obama. My Bush is currently covered in dust and his back is ripped out. Don’t know how that happened.

:-) 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #25 ~ You can go into your favorite store...*

and come out empty-handed, having talked yourself out of buying a to-die for purse, clothes, make-up, etc…

Then you be-bop into The Dollar Store and spend every cent you have on a million jibblets for school.

My reasoning on this amazes me every time.

:-) 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #23 ~ Nobody really wants your job...*

I’ve come to the conclusion that finding a substitute without calling twenty people first is about as likely as me discovering the cure for the common cold…

Even the substitutes don’t want to be substitutes. I do remember those days, though. Substituting is tough. It is an extremely hard job. You’re not their real teacher ~ they know it. Their teacher’s gone and they think she’s never coming back again. :-)

And that’s why I don’t like trying to find one ~ they’re on the list, but do they really want to be you for the day?? Um, no.

:-) 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #22 ~ On your rare days off...*

you watch the clock and tell everybody what you “would” be doing if you were at work right now…

“At 10:30, we are just finishing up math and about to start our science lesson.” ~ nobody really cares to hears this.

This should not be noticed or even thought about when I’m supposed to be off from work…

:-( The clock completely dictates my day… 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #21 ~ Your goals have to be "measurable"...*

I have a terrible time writing some of my goals here on 43things, because I treat them like I do objectives in my lesson plan book. If they’re too vague or not measurable in some way, I cannot bring myself to put them down as a life goal. I have to know exactly how and when I’ve completed the goal in order to mark it as “I’m done”...

:-( 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #20 ~ You think you absolutely must talk with your hands in order to be understood...*

I am a big “talk with my hands” kind of person. It is a habit that I’ve gradually aquired over the years. Of course, as a teacher, you are constantly in the spotlight and performing for your students ~ kind of like a daily variety show! :-)

Sometimes I feel like an actress getting up on a stage or something and performing before a live audience with no dress rehearsal.

Any time that I have ever been nervous, my Mom has told me to “just act”. She’s a K-4 kindergarten teacher, so she really has to keep things interesting!

My older sis teaches college professionals and professors communication skills, and she “talks with her hands”, too. So, I guess this applies to all people and age groups!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #19 ~ You can't turn down anything that's free...*

even if it’s dumb, lame, or pointless and taking up space…

How many times have I asked myself the questions, “Now what could I turn this into?”, “What could I use this for?”, etc. etc. etc.

This also goes for things that are drastically on sale, such as the 200 Power Ranger books that I bought last year for $2.00. I don’t even think they’re around any more…

Of course, the bad thing with this clue is the storage that’s involved and necessary for housing all of the stuff. Well, at least I’ll be prepared if there’s ever a shortage of junk.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #19 ~ Not a plain band-aid in sight...*

A few days ago I had a little cut on my ankle that needed a band-aid…

When I went looking through my medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinet, all I could find were Garfield band-aids. No regular, run-of-the-mill band-aids could be found. This has been a problem before ~ my hubby refuses to deal with character infested band-aids and I’m not crazy about actually wearing them myself (being that I am 34 years old). Don’t get me wrong ~ they’re cute and fun but so easy to forget about…

I ended up having the Garfield emblazoned band-aid on my bare ankle at church before I remembered what I had done….

There’s no such thing as band-aids without Barbie, Hello Kitty, Garfield, Spiderman, etc. if you’re a teacher! (I’m sure this also holds true for moms!)

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #18 ~ 5 cent notebooks and 15 cent Carebear folders...*

are a big deal…

I just loaded fourty-five notebooks and fifty folders into my vehicle :-)

Unfortunately, I will have to store these in my upstairs office for the next month :-(

However, these are the things that make me smile at what I do (who else but a teacher would want that many cheap notebooks??) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #17 ~ You are an expert at walking backwards...*

How else could I possibly keep up with twenty or more bouncy, energetic, bubbly third graders?! :-)

I have to walk backwards quite alot when we’re walking in a line ~ making sure they are all still with me and safe. And of course, making sure they’re not half killing each other :-)

I’ve had to do this even more this summer with much younger children in a busy zoo.

I guess this is just a talent that I have developed over the years ;-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #16 ~ You're bored by the end of the first week of summer...*

As a teacher, I do long for those lazy summer days when I have less to do (no paperwork, no early mornings, etc.). But it never fails that by the end of the first week of summer, I’m bored and starting to think and plan for the next school year. I’m so used to having too much to do, that it’s hard to get used to having an excess of free time on my hands!

Hence, the summer job (at the zoo) ~ not only have I always wanted to do it, but it keeps me busy and gives me alot of experiences to bring into my classroom.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #15 ~ Dealing with creatures on a daily basis...*

The “animals” I’ve had to come into contact with, eliminate, or tend to in the last two days alone…

~ Rats
~ Gerbil
~ Hermit crab
~ Flies
~ Gnats
~ Ants
~ Roaches
~ and God help me, maggots

I think I’m ready for the zoo now…

;-0 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #14 ~ Ritualistic Behavior....*

I have my rituals as a teacher, and I absolutely cannot give them up! :-)

SAT time is looming and my “ritual” every morning is to have milk, peanut butter, and crackers waiting for my students as they come in. One of the three cardinal rules for testing is to have a good breakfast that day, so I make sure they have something in their tummies ~ some kids do not even eat breakfast at all so this ensures they’re not hungry. Peanut butter is also very good for stimulating thinking.

I’ve been doing this for about nine years now, and the children that come to my class think this is awesome and a big deal that they get to eat peanut butter crackers with milk before the SAT!

Another ritual ~ a pack of Smarties while they’re testing!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #13!*

You definately know you’re a teacher when you are out and about and someone needs a pair of scissors and you instantly whip out a boo-boo pair of fiskar scissors that are sharper than knife blades, that just happened to be in your purse. People back off with a look, leaving you looking like a mad woman about to stage an attack…

The scissor thing can be a problem. I have to constantly remind myself that most normal people don’t carry around a full pair of them in their handbag. However, I use them for so many things that I don’t think twice about throwing them in there.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #12!*

Your workspace smells like a zoo, because your class pets keep the atmosphere questionable….

But, you’ve got to love them ~ they’re just so cute! Our gerbil (aka “Princess”) and our hermit crab (aka “Superman”) are quite the entertainers and keep us on our toes. When things get too quiet, they just do some misbehaving in their cages and cause a little mischief and voila! We have a little action to spice up our mornings when we’re still yawning and trying to wake up! It would not be the same without them…

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #11*

When you cannot answer the question, “If I’m not a teacher, what am I?” I have been asking myself this question the past few weeks, as my school has been going through a time of extreme financial hardship.

I love my school so much ~ my Mother and another woman helped start it over thirty years ago. I went to school with my mother when I was two years old while she set up her classroom. I was in her four year old kindergarten class. I went there through grade school and part of junior high, but had to leave due to not having a ninth grade. My sister and nephew graduated there, and my niece is in the 11th grade there now. My sister’s little girl starts three year old kindergarten in the fall. There has not been a day in my life that I can remember that my heart and mind has not been with that school. I have faced alot of hardships just to be where I am, and when I thought that was going to slip away ~ well, it literally took my breath away.

I found out Monday night that all is well and God is in control. I love my school, and if I had to be the last one to walk out the doors then that’s what I’d do. I would stay until the very end. Some things are simply worth fighting for….. 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #10 ~ Rubber bands can be evil...*

You know you’re a teacher if you can list the many “uses” of a rubber band….

Never leave one in random places around the classroom ~ you will ultimately be sorry!

Of course, rubber bands can be dangerous in my hands, as well. I was just trying to band some papers together today when pow one went soaring across the room, hitting someone in the shoulder (luckily he had on his fleece jacket at the time)! Everyone also thought it was funny, so we had a good laugh. Rubber bands do not get better with age ~ they just simply fall apart and hurt people…

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #9 ~ That Feeling You Get When You Know "They've Got It"...*

There’s nothing in the world like the feeling you get when you know that a child will no longer have to struggle with something…that they finally “have it”! Math is my absolute favorite subject to teach, and alot of third graders tend to think they will never be able to learn all of those times tables or do those looooong division problems. I know how this feels, because I felt this way when I was little. I was unfortunately looked over in the classroom and did not get what I needed in the third grade. I was very quiet and unsure of myself. I definately did not push myself. My teachers didn’t have high expectations for me, therefore I did not have high expectations for myself. I vowed to never be like that when I became a teacher. Some days are difficult beyond belief. But, it all comes down to the children. They are what I am there for. I must never give up on them simply because they are struggling. I am a firm believer that every child can “get it”. You simply must stay with them through that journey of discovering that they really can do it. I love it when that finally happens ~ they’re never the same after that. They have more confidence to tackle other things.

Wether I stick with them or not can literally make or break their confidence. That is scary as an educator, but it should also be challenging. This is something I always need to remind myself of. Being a teacher is more than just grading papers and doing lesson plans ~ that’s the least important parts. It is more about bringing out the best in them. And I love that part.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #8 ~ You Get Excited Over Inclement Weather...*

Inclement weather should not be exciting, but teachers know why it is….and students, too!

You get to go home ~ whoo-hoo!!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #7 ~ Paper is the bane of your existence...*

I absolutely detest paper and would drown in it if it was up to me….

When I still lived at home, my Dad hated it when I would routinely “go through” the mounds of paper that would collect in my bedroom and then dump 90 percent of it in his trash can (the trash bag would then weigh a good 50 pounds)...

Now that I’m on my own, the paper has found a new home in my “office” area upstairs. I just went through some of the motherload and emptied it in the trash can for my husband to deal with.

He’s going to be sad… 7 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #6!*

Warning: Strange Occupational hazards may include:

Multiple paper cuts
*Staple punctures in the strangest of places (I’ve even found some staples in my hair)
*Bulletin board border that turns into a snake-like monster while you’re trying to put it on the board
*Pencils (sharp ones, at that) that may get slung across the classroom at any minute while someone innocently raises their hand
*Classroom pets ~ gerbil on the loose! (Or stinky crab cage)
*Chairs ~ either you don’t see them pulled back from their desk, or you stand in one and try to hang something from the ceiling and begin to get dizzy (Even though you’re only a foot off the floor)
*Crushed feet and stepped-on heels, because you “have” to be at the front of the line

Who would think that teaching could be so dangerous?

:-) 7 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #5!*

The clock can be your friend or your enemy on a minute-by-minute basis!

*Do I have time to squeeze this activity in or does it need to be bumped to tomorrow?
*Ok ~ now I have extra time! What to do…..pull out the trusty flashcards!
*We’ve GOT to get this done today, so this other will just have to wait.
*Long division was tough today ~ got to reteach tomorrow ~ what can I cut back on?
*Yeah! Pep rally just cost us our reading lesson….double up tomorrow or just let it be??

Ahhh! Decisions, decisions, decisions! But, alas, I am a teacher and wouldn’t have it any other way!

:-) 7 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #4!*

Highlights for the day inlcude:

*Ravioli on the lunch menu
*Sitting down and having an adult conversation with your partner teacher

:-) Exciting! 7 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #3!*

You absolutely cannot for the life of you keep a good pair of shoes ~ they either get stepped on, crushed, pulled out from under you (sending it flying across the parking lot), a wide array of lovely things get spilled on them, etc.!

However, there is an upside to this problem ~ at least it gives you an excuse to go shopping for new shoes! (And who isn’t always searching for one of those?!) 7 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #2!*

You return home looking as if you have been to battle ~ your hands are covered in red food coloring due to a disastrous science experiment, black marker from writing on the overhead, or better yet…..

You think you are ever so smart to put a red bottle of paint under your Sasha the monkey puppet on the reading shelf (so she’ll stand up nice and cute), and when your students go to centers one of them picks up the unsuspecting monkey and what do you know? You turn around and there’s red stuff all over the carpet, your shoes, dress, and yup even some on the ceiling tile! It takes you a few minutes to even identify what you’re looking at ~ you’re hoping it’s not blood! To top it off, Parent’s Night is that evening!

That little girl is now in the seventh grade and still comes to see me all the time and check out the mark she left behind. We laugh about it to this day!

So, I guess clue #2 is ~ leaving school looking like you just left the battlefield! 7 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Clue #1!*

After leaving school today and heading to Subway for a quick snack, I realized that I had a rubber band on . . . . .in place of an actual bracelet. Not only did it appear that this was my choice in accessories for the day, I was actually wearing a school supply!

So, I guess this is clue #1 ~ You come home from work wearing school supplies as jewelry! 7 years ago

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