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get my septum pierced

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lliel 3 months ago

llielcalling for appointment

Tomorrow! For Friday :) 3 months ago

khaosinkinemaget my septum pierced : part 1

Hello!! :)

I currently “only” have four piercings (I count my lobes in; apart from them, I have a nostril piercing and a tragus one.), and REALLY want to get my septum pierced. I have been researching good piercers in my area, too, since I moved recently, and going to my former piercer would be difficult since the studio’s approximately 500 kilometers from here ;).

I hope I will be able to mark this one as done fairly soon. TBH I am really fond of piercings (And apart from the septum one, there are some others on my to-get list, too!) and especially the feeling during getting/after having gotten the piercing.

And this one just looks really pretty. Have a nice day!! 3 months ago

khaosinkinema 3 months ago

Lanaaaa 6 months ago

meowmotherfluffer 6 months ago

brokenbones 7 months ago


Done :D 9 months ago

spikewhatever 16 months ago

Yorkik 16 months ago

courtneywilliamss 11 months ago

Celestial_Fox 2 years ago

SMLicht 13 months ago

Hugo Torres 2 years ago

Sarah Crossley 17 months ago

NickiminajloverrrGet my septum pierced in march

Need to get this done in march! So excited 17 months ago

Nickiminajloverrr 17 months ago

aliveisverypoetic 17 months ago

Katie_T 18 months ago

milliemoo96 22 months ago

OmmManiPadmeHum 3 years ago

deepdowninside 2 years ago

Caroline Oustonthe septum.

Right, so I decided finally to get my septum pierced. I went to a tattoo parlour and he told me to not get my hopes up as my nose has something that might mean it cannot get pierced. Luckily, after the second attempt, he managed to pierce it through the “sweet spot” (by this time my eyes were watering like crazy). I don’t regret getting it done and if you’re thinking about getting it done, GET IT! I’m also 16 so I was legal to get it peirced and although my family seem to dislike the “metal bogies” my friends and I love it.

It’s also easy to hide as you can flip it inside your nose which is personally a bonus as it means I will still have a job! 2 years ago

Caroline Ouston 2 years ago

Hidan Foxx 2 years ago

missmorrissey 2 years ago

intoxicant 2 years ago

hollysaywordDONT DO It!

2 years ago

Celestial_FoxJust waiting!

I don’t live with my parents and live away from home at university. I’m not 18 and have to have their permission to get a new piercing, which is a bit of a hassle and difficult in convincing. I’ve decided to wait until my 18th birthday in October to get it. Until then, I’m just being patient. :) 2 years ago

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