Breastfeed past one year

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LauralyBeautifulThey say time flies and that is so true!

I cannot believe it was one full year on May the 12th. Gabriel has been breastfed this entire time, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Is this worth doing? Yes, yes, YES! 5 years ago

LauralyBeautifulHurray for Boobs

The Boobie Bungie

This strategic manouver involves me lying on the bed while Gabriel nurses, usually burying his face in the breast (sometimes blowing raspberries, too… lol) and then catapulting himself off of me, and generally off of the bed… WHILE holding on with his mouth.


Most recently he has engaged in picking, pinching and twiddling all of which are pretty self-explanatory.

There is also paranoid behaviors such as “don’t let Daddy have ‘em” which involved happily nursing until Tommy comes near. Then he clamps his hand over the “spare” and watches him until he leaves. Once he’s out of reach, Gabriel relaxes.

THEN there was the time I thought I’d try to pump a bit to freeze for future use. Ohhhhhh boy…

I was in the living room, pumping, and he crawls over to me, stares in horror, and breaks out crying. He was SO upset at what I was doing. 6 years ago

LauralyBeautifulBiting, nipping and similar perils of being a milk bar

Gabriel has two beautiful pearly white teeth on his bottom jaw. He had gotten them both within four days of each other, and it’s almost a month that he’s had those teeth.

Unfortunately he’s learning how to nip when he nurses. I tell him no and take away his milk supply, but that is usually greeted by a HUGE smile and an innocent giggle. I’ve heard of other mothers who stop at a year because of biting, but Gabriel got teeth in early, so at a year, I don’t know how many more teeth he may have.

I’m not too worried… yet.6 years ago


I’d love to nurse until Gabriel weans himself, regardless of what age that is. But for now I’m aiming for beyond one year as a milestone, and then I can set my sights higher.

(And isn’t this baby just so sweet? Lots more hair than my little one!) 6 years ago

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