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Keep my room clean

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sfoad 2 hours ago

nidhissinghBut of course!

My room/ house is always clean now! thank god! I think it just come naturally to me to tidy up, before i can relax . 1 month ago

nidhissingh 4 years ago


I’m trying!! There’s just not enough room for my fat winter sweaters. J kind of gave up too…we have a sort-of system, at least; we have our important things away, and we just leave out our work things, his in one spot, mine in another, and then the hamper. I hate when he has friends over in our room to ply or hang out, b/c there’s clothing everywhere! But they all say they don’t mind, and probably they really don’t, b/c I’ve seen their rooms, and also they realize we’re trying to shove 10 lbs of stuff into a 5 lb room, but it still bothers me!! At least it’s organized, and not dirty and no food laying about.
And I’ve been making a HUGE improvement in the rest of the house (except for the kitchen; I’m never going to win in there) so I don’t feel so bad. 1 month ago

chardandkale 5 years ago

who is who 4 years ago


bethcouto 3 months ago

Alexis_Romanick1998 3 months ago

bethcoutoI CLEANED MY ROOM!!

I just cleaned my room, well kinda. It still needs some organizing and vaccuming but its an improvement! Im creating a schedule to clean and tidy up my room this way i can maintain an organized area! Id also like to set a goal to ACTUALLY make my bed in the morning !! 3 months ago

HannahBananaBandana 3 months ago

ellieg96x 3 months ago

Katiee 4 months ago

Jelysa15 5 months ago

HeatherAlmost there.

So it has barely been a month since I cleaned my room, but I have managed to keep to a Wednesday, Sunday cleaning schedule. Wed. being a bit more moderate cleaning and Sunday being more thorough. My room is so beautiful now, I just always want it to look nice. 5 months ago

Archivist 5 months ago

selfloveselfcare 6 months ago

jessicajewell 6 months ago

bleenbubbles 6 months ago

smschmidt 6 months ago

SJMondragon 6 months ago

EL206 6 months ago

Christin3Well, now that it's my and his room...

it’s been both harder and easirr. Harder b/c it’s both of our stuff everywhere and a tiny room for 2 people to fit in and the house is so damn cluttered and cramped that it drives me crazy!! But easier b/c I realized at least, that I’ll gladly give up use and sight of my things for a while if that means more time to be with him and our friends. So mostly after a month of crazy organizing snd cleaning (UGH!!!) it’s just clothing and papers to tske care of about the room, which is pretty damn good, I’d say! 7 months ago

Lcee09Seriously Need to Organize

I thought that by moving into a new house, I would have a fresh start to put things away neatly and keep them there, but that hasn’t been the case! I need to do a serious de-cluttering session and organize my things better so that I can actually keep my room clean. 7 months ago


Carmier 8 months ago

kater1na 9 months ago

freesugar 9 months ago

ulikeaples 7 years ago

Christin3Heck no!

It’s got wedding stuff and work stuff and boxes everywhere! I’m working on it – promise! 9 months ago

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