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jazzfanaticSo glad I saw this!

Seeing Mulder and Scully on the big screen again was just an X-Phile’s dream come true. Yes, it was different than what I expected, but this movie had such big shoes to fill. And even though it was not what I thought it would be, it was wonderful. I wish all true fans saw the movie the way I did. Thank you to all involved for this gift.

Still holding out hope for a mytharc movie before 2012! :) 5 years ago

mushheadNo more XF movies please!


Especially if they’re going to be as bad as this one. I went into the cinema without any explicit expectations other than the movie would involve the two main X Files leads and would have nothing to do with the mytharc. Still it disappointed me because it wasn’t even equal to a decent XF episode.

The premise isn’t bad but the plot was heavily diluted by the fact that Scully’s storyline is independent of and irrelevant to the MOTW. There’s no time to get to know/understand the major new character (played by Amanda Peet). I couldn’t have cared less about the FBI manhunt or the boy with Sandhof’s.

Billy Connolly is the most interesting character as a psychic paedophile priest (those writers like allieration don’t they?), but all mention of him disappears in the last half hour.

Skinner makes a token appearance. There’s no suspense or mystery. The plot doesn’t “wrap up”.

There are some cute in-jokes for fans. Chris Carter makes a cameo. But these things do not a good movie make. Audiences were right to opt for “The Dark Knight” instead. 5 years ago


Hmmm…Because it’s X-Files and I so miss seeing it on the television, I liked it.

Content and such…well…I’ll agree with daphnethegold. It was somewhat of a disappointment. See my full review on my Multiply page at http://moniraq.multiply.com/reviews/item/8.

I do encourage all X-philes to go see it if you can because I did read an interview with GA and she said if there was a good response to the film, they might do another one in 4-5 years. 5 years ago

daphnethegoldfishSaw it. ***SPOILER ALERT!!!***

Sadly I thought it was a big disappointment. It just didn’t seem that anyone’s heart was in it. Not DD’s or GA’s, not the writers – no one. GA did have some good moments but it was like their characters’ relationship with each other at that point in time was unclear to the actors. It was a monster of the week, which I did know ahead of time, but an X-Files movie without aliens or conspiracies just falls short. Remember the series finale? All those unanswered questions that the final episode was supposed tie up but didn’t? Well this was CC’s chance to redeem himself and he blew it. And I am sure that many shipper fans would have loved a flashback to the moment that Mulder and Scully finally gave into each other and said all the unsaid things which led to them shacking up. Well you won’t see it in this movie. There is a kiss but by this point in time it is anti-climactic. In fact – I barely remember it. And the worst part of all – to throw in 3 minutes of Skinner at the end using a cheap plot device and for no aparrent reason other than to make everyone in the theater clap.

If you are not a hard core X-Files fan but just looking for a good movie – this will do. But if you are looking for “the answer to everything in the X-Files TV series” then XF2 wil not fit the bill. And sadly I doubt there will ever be an XF3.

And I wanted to believe… 5 years ago

deedeelady99Still looking

I made a trip to a theater that was supposed to be showing this, and when we got there we found out the theater was told to pull the movie due to poor response. So since we were there, we watched The Dark Knight. But I still want to see X-Files. 5 years ago

NekoNext Saturday

Hurray! :) 5 years ago


i want to see it! 5 years ago

B~OrchidSaw it!

I thought it was really good. But it made me really sad that that’s all I get. I miss that show so much! 5 years ago

cluricauneIt's getting closer :)

The world premiere has happened ! 5 years ago


I have totally missed that the movie is ready and it’s coming out in Finland August!! I just heard about this at work today.

I knew I shouldn’t have taken this off my list… 5 years ago


so much secrecyyyyyyy 5 years ago


s 6 years ago

NekoI miss them!

But guess what!!

I wish it would be sooner :( 6 years ago

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