Bake something once a week, and then remember to give it all away so I don't eat it!!

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SugarVixenBaking and pastry class

So I will baking at least once a week this semester because I just signed up for a baking and pastry class!! and each week we will have lab and be making something!!!! so I just need to remember not to eat it all myself, that’s the hard part!!! 6 years ago

SugarVixenBaking Society

My best friend and I were baking once a week but I don’t know if that can continue because my car died and I don’t know how I’ll get there. She also lives with her in-laws and it’s hard to bake there sometimes. I can’t really do too much baking right now at my house because I live with 3 roommates and our kitchen isn’t set up very well for baking, I would bring my own dishes and equipment but everything either gets lost or broken in that kitchen. & we can’t really move yet. I need a kitchen of my own!!! Errrrrrr…... 6 years ago


I baked an apple cake and only had a small piece, gave the rest away!!! 6 years ago

SugarVixenSo I baked with my best friend this week..

And I was good and didn’t eat it that day, but the next night I ate some that I brought home for my boyfriend!!!! I think the problem is that I brought way too many cookies home for him, I need to bring just enough for him to enjoy them so there isn’t a giant bag of cookies staring at me every time I open the pantry. (or not make so many.) 6 years ago

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