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GenerationALiber Primus / Liber Secundus

As of last week my friend who I co-own the Redbook and I finished reading “Liber Primus” and embarked on “Liber Secundus”. Transformational stuff, so densely packed with arechtypal imagery! Completely inspiring, I look forward to continuing to work our way through the Red Book, and hope to start in on the Bollingen series again, once we’re done. 3 years ago

GenerationAVol 9,i: The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

I’ve been on this one for a while now – just about 9 months! It’s been an amazing read. During the last few essays looking at Inviduation and mandala work, I had some rather amazing dreams: amazing not just because of their surface content, but because of how much easier they’ve been to interpret at deep levels thanks to the reading so far.

The next book is quite brief. I’m looking forward to starting “Aion” some time soon, but will be taking a break from the Collected Works to dive into the Red Book – and a bit of fiction! 4 years ago

GenerationAThe Red Book

While I’m still working my way through “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious”, I FINALLY purchased the copy of the newly published “The Red Book” or “Liber Novus” that I’ve been wanting since it was released. I’ve only had a chance to begin reading it and familiarizing myself with the images, but it’s already having a profound impact, both on my understanding of Jung, and on my own Personal Work. As I’m now traveling, I’ll have to wait 2 weeks before I can continue in it, but look forward to continuing the journey. In the meantime, 4 pieces are left in “The Archetypes….”, all of which sound fascinating, so I hope to finish it off by my return home. 4 years ago

GenerationAJungian Biblical Criticism

Well, it looks like my interest in Jung is beginning to have some fun fruit.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the good fortune to meet with a brilliant post-grad working on psychological interpretation of the Tree of Life in Genesis, with am emphasis on Jungian archetypes and ideas around Self and individuation. Deeply cool stuff.

It’s been incredibly fun to get to discuss the implications of Jung’s work, and I look forward to seeing where it leads! 4 years ago

GenerationAVol 8: The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche

This one took a while to get through, as there was lots to digest!

First a model for treating psychic processes energetically, paralleling the function of energy in physics.

Then a fascinating couple of pieces on the Transcendent Function (fairly central to Jung’s approach to individuation) and a review of the Complex Theory.

Then a look at human behaviour, then structure and nature of the psyche.

A couple of pieces on Dream analysis which were great, and then roaming into the esoteric realm with an exploration of the belief in spirits.

Some basic Analytical Psychology stuff, then an amazing look at the stages of life (and death) from a psychological point of view. Finally, a major work on Synchronicity, which blew my mind (particularly the first part).

Now… on to “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious”, a collection of shorter essays on the topic, which the end of Vol 8 leaves one eager to look into (he makes some interesting assertions around the interrelation of Archetypes and Synchronicity). 5 years ago

GenerationAVolume 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

I think I needed the months away from Jung, but coming back to him now, I’m finding it extraordinary. This book’s discussion of the psychologies of Freud and Adler and Jung’s attempt to find an overarching model was delightful, and his discussion of the Persona, the Collective Unconscious, and the process of Individuation gripping.

Admittedly I skimmed over the Appendices, as they were essentially more primitive versions of the texts presented in the main body. Extremely inspiring, and it looks like Volume 8 is going to be no less interesting. 5 years ago

GenerationAOn to Volume 7

I finished Vol 6: “Psychological Types” two days ago (though I’m still going through it with some friends), and am just beginning Vol 7: “Two Essays in Analytical Psychology”.

Vol 6 was amazing. The shorter papers included after the main book were great recaps/overviews of the material covered, and reading through them helped solidify things. I’ll definitely be reading that again in the future.

I think one of the most valuable things in the short term that I’m taking from reading it is the detailed discussion of the workings of specific types both in and out of balance. Specifically, getting a view of the ways in which my own type tends to unbalance, and comparing it with where I’m at in my life has helped me realize a few places where I want to become more well rounded again, and has helped me identify and name a few negative patterns in my life that I can now work on better, with an understanding of the dynamics behind them.

Vol 7 looks like it will be fascinating as well. It looks like it will include the first somewhat involved discussion on the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypes, which I’m fascinated by. 6 years ago

GenerationARecording the talks

Had our second discussion on Jung this week, and recorded all 1.43 hours of it! Now I’m hoping to turn selected portions of that into a few YouTube videos, with appropriate imagery to the topics discussed. Great fun. 6 years ago

GenerationAJung Discussions

After watching Zeitgeist last night, had an awesome conversation with a good friend about Jung, personality types, mythology, dreams, alchemy, the nature of symbols, and individuation yesterday! I think we’re going to pick one of the volumes and read through a bit of it together, which’ll be a blast (I love reading it on my own, but it’s always fun to discuss). 6 years ago

GenerationABack to the Books!

I’d taken a several month break from Jung, but as of a couple of days ago picked him up again, and am finding the “Psychological Types” volume incredibly engaging. The degree to which it relates to work I want to do in the world, and resonates with a lot of the thinking and reading I’ve done in my life is awesome.

As someone who’s been fascinated by psychometrics (from Astrological typing to the Enneagram to the MBTI), it’s fascinating to read one of the major seminal works in the field. 6 years ago

GenerationAVolume 6: Psychological Types

Volume 5 ended well, wrapped things up nicely, and gave the complete Miller diaries (which were the basis of the book) in an appendix.

On to Volume 6: Psychological Types.
I gather that this has been one of his works with the largest mainstream influence. I’m looking forward to diving in! 6 years ago

GenerationAVolume 5

Halfway through Volume 5 now (Symbols of Transformation)... I was zipping along until this one, then lost steam, and am just picking it up again. The writings are everything I would’ve hoped for, and I think I just sort of hit a wall – I find reading his stuff shines a pretty big spotlight on my own issues, and I was resisting that a fair amount. But now I’m back on the case, and trying to make sure to get at least 20 pages a day read…. it feels like I’m going to be on another reading kick soon.

I’ve also started trying to correspond with a friend who’s interested in his writings – sending my thoughts on what I’ve read and getting her ideas, bouncing them around… 6 years ago

GenerationAJung's Works

For years I’ve been fascinated by Jung’s writing, and have wanted to get the full Bollingen collection of his writings. Recently I ordered them from Princeton, and am now working my way through the 21 volume set. I’m mid-way through volume 2, and hope to get through the whole set in reasonable time. 7 years ago

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