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josjourney 2 weeks ago

kirstyleebi 3 months ago

Andrew JohnsonSadwrn siarad

Went to the Sadwrn siarad in Penybont in November 3 months ago

Andrew JohnsonMynediad

Started the Mynediad course in September 2013 3 months ago

Andrew Johnson 3 months ago

amandaperl 2 years ago

Gilly Goode 5 months ago

oroniel 5 months ago

BraveNerd 6 months ago

amandaperlThanks again, Secret Santa

One of the barriers to practicing Welsh was that the Big Welsh Challenge program I was using required a lot of paying attention to the computer, because the sessions are short and often it pauses a video and wants you to push a button to continue. This is a reasonable choice for some people but I tend to use the laptop like background noise or an audio book when I’m home – I do projects, wander around, and only occasionally want to check back. Say Something in Welsh, the program my Secret Santa found for me, has 30 minute mp3 files that you can just leave running and practice. It is specifically designed to be audio only, no worries about looking at anything, writing anything down, or pushing computer buttons. So I’ve actually been working on Welsh lately. I always do like learning from multiple sources; I feel I get a more robust picture of the knowledge that way. For example, the Big Welsh Challenge uses “hoffi” for “to like.” Say Something in Welsh mentions “hoffi” as an old-fashioned word and uses “likio” instead. So now I have learned both. 6 months ago

cruel_ennui 8 months ago

tehjess 9 months ago

ljones59 9 months ago

amandaperlReally this month it's been Arabic

One of the residents at work speaks mainly Arabic so I am trying to learn a few words from her. She speaks a little English and is willing to teach, but there are so many forms of Arabic that when I try to look up a word she often has no idea what I mean. I do better learning the words from her directly. I don’t know much, but I can say “Hi, how are you?,” good morning, thank you, I love you, hug, and water. That’s pretty much it. But I have learned that people are tremendously happier with you if you even learn to just say good morning in their native language (which is why I can say good morning in eleven languages now – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Estonian, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Japanese.) Oh, that seems to be 12. Well, Estonian is the latest addition but I suspect I don’t usually count Italian because it doesn’t come up much. Oh, actually it’s 14; I can sign good morning in ASL and say it in Welsh, not that THAT will be much use, but it’s relevant to THIS goal. 11 months ago

tangerine_nowFor no other reason

that it’s just too weird to be true. :) 14 months ago

tangerine_now 14 months ago

WelshBumbel 15 months ago

CrowNestJunction 15 months ago

amandaperlInspiration from Secret Santa

“Who knows, maybe you can find a book on speaking Welsh. To get you started though in case the weather is just too dreary to venture outdoors…. your first gift will be Welsh lessons online.”
Santa’s link: http://www.saysomethinginwelsh.com/home/
What I use: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/learnwelsh/bigwelshchallenge/ 16 months ago

erichaddleton 16 months ago

Sazberry1 16 months ago

amandaperlDid a bit this morning

Felt pretty good. Repeated a “Practice with tutor” video and remembered some words from last time that are not in the storyline videos.
I want to learn the rest of the story! I’m really working at Unit 4, and my Welsh isn’t good enough to follow past Unit 10, and it goes to 16. I don’t really want to just watch with subtitles. 17 months ago

amandaperlI actually worked on this

last night I put on the videos and practiced. I still know the vocabulary from the little stories but the extras from the “practice with tutor” I had mostly forgotten. 17 months ago

Rebecca Ryan 19 months ago

KeelanRosa 19 months ago

Natalie 19 months ago

user30795 20 months ago

amandaperlWords are sticky

I get words or phrases stuck in my head just like many people get songs stuck. Sometimes they are not in English, and I’ll go around for half an hour trying to remember what eira means (snow). The Big Welsh Challenge stuff really helps, because there’s a context: I remember the brother saying he likes that kind of weather while wearing a knitted hat and demanding a ski vacation. 23 months ago

zindabad 1 year ago

sylvermyst 2 years ago

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