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buy a new dishwasher

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Lisa Barkerno washer required

Decided no needing to do this after we had to move anyway and the landlord said he was going to take it out. 3 years ago

Lisa Barkerour dishwasher

The dishwasher has been broken since September but the landlord won’t replace it because he didn’t fit it in the house and not responsible for it.
Once you have had one it’s a pain to use a tiny draining board.
Look likes will have to save up for a new one and take it with us when we leave. 4 years ago



I hate this thing! It was late and I didn’t rinse ONE plate last night. Now, there is phad thai grime in everything, my wine glasses, coffee cups, even inside the super awesome re-sealable beer bottle.

Something must be blocked in the filter system. I’m going to try to fix it today (I hate the yucky drain-side of plumbing projects). 4 years ago


It seems to be working again. I still don’t trust it, so won’t be leaving it on overnight anymore, but the urgency is decreased. This hopefully can be done at the same time as the floor. (Just as soon as I get paid for October.) 5 years ago


I really wish I didn’t have to do this.
Trying to prioritize this with the new kitchen floor (which is destroyed due to this lemon dishwasher) is making my budget explode.
Which is more important? I don’t know? 5 years ago

NikitaI saw a commercial on tv

last night for appliances and it made me laugh. I think it was for washer and dryers – maybe LG was the brand. Anyway, it cracked me up because the woman in the commercial was fanticizing about getting a new washer and dryer and about the demise of her older washer and dryer either by dropping from very high altitude or, rolling over it with a steamroller or dropping off a pier or something like that. That is how I feel about my dishwasher. It washes so poorly now that I really should just stop using it and start washing my dishes by hand until I can afford to get a new one. 6 years ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency1.5 Yrs

About 1.5 yrs ago, I finally broke down and bought a new dishwasher. It’s a really nice one compared to what I used to have that was nearly 30 yrs old. It was the original that came with the house. It was so loud. This one cleans the dishes really well and is fairly quiet. I love it. 6 years ago

NikitaThis is something I will

need to do very soon. My old dishwasher does a horrible job. It’s on it’s last leg. I will be looking into an energy efficient model. I have considered one with 2 drawers so I can do small loads when I want to but they are so expensive. I really don’t want to spend more then $500. Time to start my research. 6 years ago


I’m getting a good-sized tax return this year, so this is high on my list. 8 years ago


I want to re-do the entire kitchen. To do this, I have changed my savings plan so that I set aside some money for the remodel. 8 years ago


I was pricing them again today. I think I found the model that I actually want to buy. I think I shall get it in bisque and worry about remodeling my entire kitchen some other time. I really would like a dishwasher. 8 years ago


Hopefully I’ll be able to buy one soon. I was thinking of waiting to redo my entire kitchen, but frankly, I want one in the next 2 months. 8 years ago

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