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Organize an Atlanta area 43 meetup around Thanksgiving...


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Recent activity

BookmonkeyOh Well

I went out of state Thursday and Friday. Then I had to work Saturday…So it just wasne’t in the card at this time. But I’d like to in a 43 meet up soon. 6 years ago

FaustusI had

the privilege to meet Bookish and Sara in person, and I’m really happy that I got to know them better. We chatted about different “things” around a little table in JavaMonkey (sadly, no high-chair for me), tried to recruit new 43Ters from the people on the table next to us… just talking and laughing (no, I won’t share any of the secrets; you had to be there :)).

I had a good time, and I hope Bookish and Sara did too. :) 6 years ago

thatgirlsabSorry I missed y'all :(

I ended up having some stuff I couldn’t get out of today. How was it?? 6 years ago

FaustusTentative plan...

Date: Saturday, November 24, 2007
Time: 2:30PM – ???
Location: JavaMonkey @ Decatur

Did I miss anything? Does this sound fine to everybody? 6 years ago

bookishso... can people meet in the Decatur area at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday the 24th?

(i’ll be there for a wedding in the morning, and a reception in the evening, so it might be easiest for me to stay in the area…)

would that work for folks? 6 years ago

bookishpossible change in plans?

Sorry folks… it turns out I waited too long to buy my plane ticket, so I had to accept the times the airline gave me, which has me leaving Atlanta fairly early on Sunday morning (10ish)

so…. there are two options.

1. Since Sunday afternoon is good for most of you, you all should meet up then anyway, and know that y’all have my virtual hugs…

2. meet up around 2ish or 3ish in the afternoon on Saturday the 24th of November (that will be in-between the wedding and reception festivities…) 6 years ago

bookishoh no!

it looks like i’ll have to leave Atlanta fairly early on the 25th in order to get anything close to a decent deal on my ticket!


What to do? 6 years ago

bookishmeeting place in Atlanta?

suggestions from locals, please?


By the way, I found out about a few good brunch places on Yelp

any favorites? 6 years ago

bookishSunday late morning/noonish on Nov 25th

how’s that looking for folks? 6 years ago

bookishis anyone else planning to be in the Atlanta area

around T’giving time?

let me know if you want an invite! :) 6 years ago

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