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Come up with 100 euphemisms for "penis."


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Todd SchoonoverEuphemisms

So Uncle Enore invited me to do this goal but I was lazy and didn’t get my contributions in before they hit the 100 mark. In fact they’ve got 391 already. So here’s 9 more to make it an even 400.

1) The little engine that could
2) One-eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Meater
3) Dangling Chad
4) I-Pud
5) Turtle
6) Helmet Head
7) Darth Vader (Luke, I am your father.)
8) Richard and the Twins
9) Pebbles and Bam Bam 7 years ago

~*Serenity*~Fuck that Reading the threads and comments

That turned out to be NOT so fun.

So I am not doing it, Sue me.
I’ve looked through all the main lists and I read all the threads at the start of this all. We have the list all finished anyway.
If someone is still talking on those threads I don’t want to read it.

Names for cock is on it’s way.

SMILES BIG. 7 years ago

~*Serenity*~The MASTER List is Done.

What I am doing now is going over it for mistakes. you all know how I am with the Tinaisms.

Then I will go through all the post again and the threads and see if there is something I have not gotten. So before tomorrow it will be complete and on it’s way for Uncle and his approval.

We are NOW closing the list… so if you want to add anything now is your chance. I’ll give a total count when I am finished.

All I’ve done is copy what was written, I did not change any spelling or censor anyone’s words. 7 years ago

~*Serenity*~NOTE: to Self

Self, when you have finished your document and it’s all alphabetized. Remember to click save {before turning off your computer}


I feel better now. 7 years ago

Styx is stux under a big poofy penguin Get off me, would ya?I'm late as usual, so I dunno what the "Offical Tally" is... or do I have to come up with 100 of MY OWN?

This is just some “Penini Bread”

Made one up of my own…

1. Ace in the hole
2. Acorn Andy
3. Adam Halfpint
4. Admiral Winky
5. African black snake
6. AIDS baster
7. AIDS grenade, The
8. Alabama blacksnake
9. Albino cave dweller
10. All-day sucker
11. Anaconda
12. Anal impaler
13. Anal intruder
14. Anal Spear
15. Ankle spanker
16. Apple-headed monster
17. Ass blaster
18. Auger-headed gut wrench
19. Ba-donk-a-donk
20. Baby maker
21. Baby’s arm holding an apple
22. Baby’s arm in a boxing glove
23. Bacon bazooker
24. Bacon rod
25. Badboy
26. Bagpipe
27. Bald Avenger, The
28. Bald butler
29. Bald-headed beauty
30. Bald-headed giggle stick
31. Bald-headed hermit
32. Bald-headed yogurt slinger
33. Baldy-headed spunk-juice dispenser
34. Ball buddy
35. Baloney pony
36. Banana
37. Bat and balls
38. Battering ram
39. Bayonet
40. Bavarian Beefstick
41. Bean stalk
42. Beard splitter
43. Bearded burglar
44. Beastus maximus
45. Beaver buster
46. Beaver Cleaver
47. Bed snake
48. Beef baton
49. Beef bayonet
50. Beef belt buckle
51. Beef bugle
52. Beef bus
53. Beef missile
54. Beef soldier
55. Beef stick
56. Beefy McManstick
57. Bell rope
58. Belly stick
59. Best leg of three
60. Big Dick & the twins
69. Big Dickus
70. Big Jake the ene-eyed snake
71. Big Jim and the Twins
72. Big red
73. Big rod
74. Big Uncle
75. Biggus Dickus
76. Bilbo Baggins
77. Bishop, The
78. Bishop with his nice red hat
79. Bitch blaster
80. Bitch stick
81. Bits and pieces
82. Blind butler
83. Blind snake
84. Blood blunt
85. Blood engorged mayonnaise cannon
86. Blood slug
87. Blood sword
88. Blow pop
89. Blowtorch
90. Blue steel
91. Blue-veined jackhammer
92. Blue-veined junket pumper
93. Blue-veined puss chucker
94. Bone phone
95. Boneless beef
96. Boney cannelloni
97. Bow-legged swamp donkey
98. Boom stick
98. Bulbulous big-knob
99. Bumtickler
100. Bush beater

There’s 100! Didn’t even have to go into the C’s…
Of course I cheated, what did ya expect… I’ve been busy

This goal is a done deal! ;P 7 years ago

A Girl in the CurlMy surf bro says

or “Hangy downy thingie”
It’s so stupid, I bet no one else has said those!7 years ago

Uncle EnoreSerenity is working on the total...

...but I think she either got blown up by a marauding band of peace-loving muslims attempting to convert her and force her to wear one of those fucking bee keeper outfits they’re so goddamned fond of…or her internet server (Roadrunner) went down again.

She’ll have her stuff done tomorrow…I think. 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Thanks Unc

This was fun, I haven’t laughed like that in a while. :D 7 years ago

37nfallinguncle encore

I do this only for you!

Mind you, the girls and I have sat around the kitchen table and played this game before, but we played with the word pussy too! 7 years ago

37nfallinghere is fifty!!!

1. mighty python of love
2. wood
3. rod
4. hot dog
5. love shaft
6. pecker
7. dinky
8. gun
9. sex toy
10. rocket of lust
11. fun stick
12. one eyed monster
13. driver
14. pumping iron
15. thrusting machine
16. pipe
17. pedro
18. one eyed willy
19. pedacle
20. twig
21. lincoln
22. carrot
23. hose
24. leaning tower
25. weiner
26. sausage
27. tube steak
28. meat
29. corn dog
30. log
31. wet willy
32. shlong
33. jimmy dean
34. noodle
35. johnson
36. pussy pounder
37. reamer
38. mac truck
39. cock
40. dick
41. tuna can
42. third leg
43. stumpy
44. spit shooter
45. tootsie roll
46. wang
47. mr. happy
48. one eyed wonder worm
49. dip stick
50. tally wacker

that will have to do. 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Untitled

Ace in the hole
kielbasa 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Now that is a name for a hose

Fireman Ed 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Untitled

El Capitan

Elmer the glue shooter

Engine cranker 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Untitled

Dr. Feelgood
Eight inches of throbbing pink Jesus – here is one for Sundays Unc!! 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Did we get this one too?

Ding-dong 7 years ago

Kitty Is Backdid we forget

woody? 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

MINE. 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

pogo stick…
poka her hontas 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

family jewels 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

porksickle 7 years ago

Kitty Is Backspeaking of vibrators

the magic wand 7 years ago

Kitty Is Backwhere's my boyfriend?

kitty’s getting a twitch in her whiskers. 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

pocket rocket. I have a vibrator named the pocket rocket. 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

sex pistol

serpent 7 years ago

Kitty Is Backhe became his own euphamism

pee wee herman 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Untitled

Purple turkey baster
Spurt Reynolds
Sour cream rifle 7 years ago


Some of you are good at this!

I’m much better at names for female genetalia ;) 7 years ago

~ Julie ~Hate to use this one...

Stubby 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

oh…sweet meat.

I hate that one. 7 years ago

Kitty Is BackUntitled

tent pole 7 years ago

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