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urmykryp2nite1D 4 months ago

JannikeWent to a green smothie retreat for a week

A week on green smoothies with the Boutenko Family was a really good investment in my health. I felt refreshed, light and optimistic and made new friends. 5 months ago

DesertSpring 17 months ago

Lion71 6 months ago


So no short cuts today. All wax everything haha I know too much info. Did my hair which took three hours. I decided to give it another two months and see if it reaches my waist then hair cut! Pedi and mani, got me spoiled :p
Tomorrow, facials planned :) 7 months ago

chester19552014 update

It will be June in a few weeks time and we will be half way through the year. I am very pleased with how things are going, although I know I need to improve and gain more balance in some other areas.
I have enrolled in the Diploma of Life Coaching and have completed the 14 modules of the Coaching Course. Now I am doing my prac sessions. It has been wonderful so far. Easy as this is what I have been doing all my life one way or another.
I am focused and well paced with the course and should graduated in 12 months. I am pleased with my progress.
My health is fantastic. I have kept the weight off and my muscle mass is now brilliant. I have a toned and athletic body and I aim to keep it that way. I am now a size 12!! It was this time last year that I started the 12WBT that has made all the difference to my shape. Winter is coming and I literally found I had no clothes, so the past 2 pays have been spent getting a new winter wardrobe together. I LOVE the way clothes look on me now. I told someone that I have become a good coat hanger LOL. What I mean by that is that my clothes look good on me now. I have bought some wonderful things at the mid season sales and I now have a stunning wardrobe for the winter.
I am also building a more PROFESSIONAL wardrobe because of my new role as a Life Coach. Walk the talk, as they say.
My friendship circle is still a little stunted. I am working on finding YOUNGER friends. I have outgrown my peers. They are all sitting around counting pills and aches and pains and I just want to go rock climbing, kayaking, bush walking and have fun. I have found a social group that has regular events and most of the people seem about 10-20 years younger than me, which is what I need.
It has been a big revelation to me that most of my friends are allowing their lives to contract while I am making a conscious effort to EXPAND mine.
I guess there comes a time when you have to move on. Not that I would ever ditch my friends, it’s just that I realise that they are not the type of people I can ask to come with me on a 30km bush walk.
Right now, life is good. Things are falling into place and I am looking forward to whatever the next few years bring and whatever I choose to create for myself. 7 months ago

krystlSelf-Care & Ambition

Eczema, asthma, allergies, and mental health require my daily care. I often neglect them: I want to write well, read well, say meaningful things, and learn many languages in which to communicate ideas. I am inwardly impatient with the time spent cooking 2-3 healthy meals, taking long baths, practicing mindfulness/yoga, reading self-help books, journaling, etc. I feel bound by the exacting routine of how to bathe, how to moisturize, when to take meds, how much attention I must pay to mental state just to stay sane…

As I write these words, I realize how foolish and ungrateful I’ve been. These are not difficult, but they are time-consuming. Is it because I want everything “now,” because I am so fearful of not being good enough that I feel that if I am not spending every minute of everyday educating myself and practicing my craft, I won’t become a (consistently-published, well-regarded) writer?

The fact is, though I feel bound by the unrelenting demands of my physical body and my mental illness, I am clearer, more efficient, and more effective when I am healthy: when I don’t spend days in bed, depressed, when I’m not destroying relationships with people I love, when I’m not paralyzed by scratching, wheezing, and angina. Despite the time it takes…I will simply need to learn to balance self-care and ambition. 7 months ago

krystl 7 months ago

Lindzey02 7 months ago

varda101 8 months ago

Kinjal Ramaiya 8 months ago

MiyaScealsy 9 months ago

Jolly_Chika 19 months ago

Sr1 10 months ago

Ayanadnb <3being so gentle!~

i have been pretty hard on myself lately.. with my recent weight gain due to the pregnancy, my poor diet, and NO exercise… then I remembered… I AM PREGNANT. seriously. I was stressing out over gaining 6 pounds… makes sense when I woke up and got honest about how I have been so sick, unable to exercise, unable to eat healthy as I can’t keep most things down…. and then I noticed all of the pretty pregnant ladies who are famous, and reminded myself that they have makeup artists and clothing people who help them dress! of course they look fabulous… I am tired of beating myself up… so instead of mooing at myself and my recent weight gain, I am telling myself that I am a beautiful SKINNY pregnant lady… and that is just it. my words got manifested, and already today I had the energy to work out a little, put on some makeup (which I havent been able to do for weeks!) AND just start being cool with myself…

Bringing a baby into the world aint the most glamorous thing, but baby its miraculous! 10 months ago

Schnickelfritz 10 months ago

Ayanadnb <3grateful for my job

... now that I am pregnant, I am SO nauseous and so I have to get up constantly, and try to soothe my stomach, and I am so fortunate to work in an office that allows me the freedom to move around and take care of myself as I see fit. in fact, they just keep telling me to just work from home! working from home is not the best option for me though, as I need the discipline of the office to stay on track :) 11 months ago


Not quite sure I want to call this a new year’s resolution. More than anything it’s just something I’ve been trying to work on for a very long time—however, I feel proud of today and I’m sure I won’t have this much momentum every day but I feel SO good when I do little things to put myself first and to nourish my mind, body, spirit that I want it as a goal on here.

Today, I took care of myself by going to zumba in the morning, eating leftovers that I took the time to cook last night, watched a really awesome video on improving my reading time, cleaned my kitchen and took ALLLL the trash out of my car, took my vitamins and drank water (not enough yet).

All in all, a much less lazy, much better feeling Sunday than I could have had. 11 months ago

Nattielu 11 months ago

chester1955Happy New Year

There has been so much happening in 2013. I have achieved my goal of getting into the “Normal” range of the BMI, I have developed and stuck to an exercise routine and ensured I schedule at least 1 hour a day to go to the gym or at least ‘just move.’
I am so very pleased with how my health has come along and the amazing gains I have made.
I aim to start the New Year off with getting my cholesterol levels and blood work done. My last entry said I was going to get this done, but to be honest I can’t remember if I did or not. A quick phone call will soon sort that out.
At any rate, I am still on track with my health. I am not actively trying to lose any more weight, however if it happens it will be a bonus.
This year I am also taking care of my mind by doing a Diploma of Life Coaching. I have wanted to return to study and change direction for some time and now is a great time to get this started. 2014 is my year for gaining qualifications.
I have also decided to extend my friendship network this year. I lost a lot of ‘friends’ when my partner left me in 2012 and it has been slow going finding ways of meeting new people. I will make a bigger effort this year and try to increase my ‘friends’ network by at least 2 people.
2014 is going to be a good year for me. I hereby pledge to continue taking care of myself. Infinite love and gratitude in spades from me – to me :-) 11 months ago

cigilExercise bike

20min and shower 11 months ago

Ayanadnb <3recognizing my limits

this pregnancy has made me feel tired and nauseous, and so i have had to be honest and cancel several appointments made with friends, but they were okay with it, and I got to rest… one of my issues is I way overbook myself, and then feel committed to go, so I am learning to say no and rest when I need it. 11 months ago

cigil 11 months ago

Abrat 13 months ago

chester1955It must be time for some tests

I’ve always had what is referred to as a ‘strong constitution’ and seldom go to the doctor outside of my yearly check up. It seems like ages since I had my blood work done so it must be time to check the old cholesterol, blood sugar, iron and other levels. 13 months ago

chester1955Not like my peers.

I spent last weekend with 2 friends. We had a girl’s night in and a sleep over. On the Saturday evening the conversation turned to health. I sat for 4 hours and listened to my 2 friends talk disease and sickness and drugs. The icing on the cake was when they brought out their ‘drug cases’ which were the size of an overnight bag and compared the drugs they are taking!!

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who went out to lunch that I could not get to. She was telling me about this group of friends I used to have close contact with. 3 have diabetes and she herself is morbidly obese. One of the people in the group has ignored her pre-diabetic condition for the past 5 years and now has type 2 diabetes and has to take her blood glucose level 2 hours before a meal and 2 hours afterwards as the doctor works to adjust her medication. My friend was relating how this has had a devastating effect on friend #2 and how friend #2 was so depressed about having diabetes.

I was incredulous and commented “She was told 5 years ago she was pre-diabetic, has ignored her condition all that time and now is upset and depressed because she has type 2 diabetes? She ignored her condition for 5 years, did nothing to change her life style, got on the bus heading towards diabetes and now she’s upset because she’s arrived at her destination?”

I am so not like my peers. 13 months ago

Ayanadnb <3Doing something for me

Tonight I am going to attend a tea an tarot group, which is something that highly interests me, and that I am doing just for myself :)

We will be learning new tarot spreads and talking about different decks. 13 months ago

palomapaloma 13 months ago

Ayanadnb <3sllloooowwwwww doowwwwnnnn

right now I am rushing, going, helping others… but i just need to slow the heck down. focusing on that right now, still helping others, but not at the expense of myself… giving up my need to control today, which is something I do to my own detriment. when i control it makes me angry, resentful, and have expectations that always end up in letdowns… working hard to stop controlling.

working on ME! 14 months ago

Ayanadnb <3Crashing and burning has been rough. I had a situation glaring at me… I will spare the details. I realized I spend all my time caring for others I’ve forgot about me. Hurting right now. 14 months ago

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