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Develop habits to reduce my Real Age to 5 years less than my actual age

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Right now I’m 5.6 years below my actual age. I need to floss more regularly and eat more veggies and fruit. (As a vegetarian, this is a bit concerning.) 4 years ago

LunacyBleedingre took the test

with more info about my supplements & now my real age is….
21.7 for the overall real age test
for the nutrition only test – 20.3

Yay, I’m doing better than I thought. Now to find out my blood pressure & put some recommendations into action. 5 years ago


I am 25 but my “real age” according to the test is 22.5 so I am half way there. There are definitely things that I can work on to improve this so I will elaborate further asap! 5 years ago

NicoleFinally Under!

My Real Age is now 34.1 (I’m 36.7 in calendar years). Yay!! Not bad considering I’m still grossly overweight. But, I’m eating right and EXERCISING, so that helps a great deal. 6 years ago

NicoleOn the Right Track

I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight, but it reduced my real age to 36.9. I’m on the right track! :) 6 years ago

NicoleAll Right...

I got it down to 37.0 even by increasing my daily amount of vitamin E. Honestly, I’m more than 100 pounds overweight, so the fact that my real age is 37.0 is pretty damn good. I’m working on the losing weight part, but I also need to exercise. REALLY need to exercise! 6 years ago


I actually went UP a month. shakes head I have GOT to start exercising. Oh, and I need to take a Vitamin E supplement, apparently. 6 years ago

NicoleLast time

The last time I took this test, about nine months ago, I was 37.2 years old. In reality, I’m 36.4. Ugh! I’m going to retake it now, because I’ve made some healthy lifestyle changes. I’ll update soon. 6 years ago

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